Possession (Daemons)


Are you all prepared for another rant? lol Because I have another one for you. I was on youtube & I just so happen to see a video of a lightworker. The type that denies about 90% of darkness in her life. Which that is is everyday. Most of them do that. It isn’t the smartest idea in the world, because for one, you are perpetuating oppression when we need to stop doing that! What we need to do is experience both negative & positive emotions without fear of both, learn how to express the negative in healthier & clearer ways. As well as learn how to pay attention to our emotions so that they wont run all psycho on you 80% of the time which is what makes people fear them like the plague! 

Oppression isn’t the answer. Stop it! Right now! 


Not only that but then she began speaking of “low form” entities & dark entities, without ANY experience whatsoever to back up her claim, mind you! But she advise everyone to stay away from them. To not even be curious about them. She proceeded to speak about the people who do work with them as if she even understands even the slightest of the words she is speaking… she said that people who practice dark magick or work with dark entities are doing it because they think its cool or taboo, and they don’t know what they are doing!! 

What the fuck?!?!

Granted some people do get into dark magick from that perspective. But that very perspective usually leads to a not so good time because that’s NOT how you approach these entities! And I am not saying that because they are dangerous. They are actually NOT dangerous… but they can be… just like any other entity… if provoked. Aside from say some angels… nearly all spirits, Gods, Goddesses, Dark entities, whatever will show their darkside if they feel provoked, and if they feel they should. 

First of all, humanity should hold a small percentage of fear or caution in their hearts about all spirits. Not because they are evil or bad. But because all spirits deserve respect if you’re going to work with them. And even if youre not working with them. Why the fuck talk trash about them??? 

It makes literally zero sense! And it pisses me off. 

I could understand if she had personal experience… then okay there’s something with substance she can base it off of. But zero experience? Yet you’re talking about something you have no idea about? 

I’ve noticed that too many fucking people do this. 

Stop it! It makes you look ignorant. Pay attention! \

Seriously all of you “lightworkers’ first point please learn for real what a lightworker is. It is a person whom spreads KNOWLEDGE!! It has nothing to do with love. Light isn’t synonymous with love or good! Light is synonymous with KNOWLEDGE, CLARITY, KNOWING! ETC!

All a lightworker does is bring knowledge to the people. Its okay if a lot of it is your opinion. But at least back up your opinions with facts that come from personal experience. Or if you don’t  know and you’re giving your opinion or assumption then have a disclaimer! If you notice I have a disclaimer even if I am confident about what I”m saying. Because this shit is serious. It affects people. I truly care about the people who I am able to help. I can about making sense… as much as possible! lol Clarity is important. Personal experience is important. Don’t run your mouth about something as truth when you basically were taught to believe it blindly! 

That really just chaps my ass! lmao

I digress. Back to the story, so anyways, she went onto talking about dark entities saying that they feed on people, etc etc. No, no, no, no dear. just… NO!


/The only spirits whom feed off of human beings, from MY experience, are entities that were created either consciously or unconsciously by humans. Humanity is the darkest “entity” upon this planet! That is the truth. There is no more darker entity, creature, spirit than human beings. We are the worst ones! 

The entities that are created from humans whom are troubled by they were created unconsciously? These spirits usually stay around their creator.. until they become old enough & conscious enough they because to develop their own will & then will venture out to explore. But all they do is cause the same emotional issues in another. Which is usually depression, or obsession, etc… but it is easier to influence someone who is on the verge of already becoming depressed or they are already but it is hidden from themselves and others. 

This is why it may seem as though dark entities effect people whom are normally happy. Well, we don’t know how the person actually truly feel underneath it all. If we would take into account that many people are fake. Or ashamed to talk about their feelings. Or specific reasons to why they feel the way they do. Many people have very deep & dark secrets. 

IF a person becomes possessed unwillingly.. this is a two-way street. There is a reason for it for both the spirit & the human. But that entity was more than likely created by the said human or by another human either consciously but most likely unconsciously. 

As far as Daemons or Demons or Dark Gods & Goddesses? Not a chance! Do you really think they have the time to spend hours or their day on some human whom has a shitty attitude or is narcissistic with no desire to learn or better anything about themselves? And have no desire to correct their false thinking? 

Think again! 



Dark entities that someone like I work with have zero interest in humans whom don’t believe in them or see them incorrectly. Now they may watch you. They may play harmless pranks on you but it’s rarely ever serious. LIke possession or actually causing you problems emotionally or in your life… 

The only way that could be a possibility is if you piss them off. LIke promise to do something for them, or make a pact & not hold up your end of the deal? Something like that may inspire them to cause a little havoc in your life. But again, there is usually a logical reason. 

These beings are much more on the serious side. And if humans would actually take the time to realize how behind on the times they are and approach these beings with respect and a least a little bit of knowledge & a willingness to learn? They would consider helping you.

These “dark entities” are teachers. Just like angels, just like the gods. They are just from a different realm than what is accepted by the mainstream. They are from the Void. Which is in my opinion the most purest place & is closest to the “beginning” or the place where our rawest most magickal part of our soul was created… it is the darkness. But the darkness isn’t evil. It isn’t bad. It is actually very hopeful, loving, and has alot of potential. 

But these beings have honor, they take pacts, promises, and so on very seriously. And they should! They aren’t like Archangel Michael, however Michael isn’t some push over either!! But they aren’t here to accept you as you are. That isn’t their role here. They ignore you if you have nothing to offer. 

Thats real. 100%. 

So I would stop talking shit or they will fuck with those people if they have nothing else better to do. Humans need a swift kick in the ass sometimes. And nobody else is gonna do it here because its far too oppressed & everyone is afraid or paying too much attention to what the government wants them to pay attention to or fight over. 

Take your power back people & stop repeating things you’ve heard & speak of like it’s the highest truth ever!! That is so fucking wrong you have no idea!!! 

If you don’t know, don’t talk about it or clearly state its a opinoin! 

I”ve had a dark entity watch over me my whole life, he is my very first memory ever at 5 years old. He taught me everything when I was growing up. He was also my guard and still is. He also taught me about willful possession. 

Which I will go into now…



The first time I experienced my, what I call, my Daemon, now that I’ve gotten past my nuisance with the word itself… lol  I was sitting in my room, in the middle of the floor. I was five years old. It was during the day, I even remember the Sun rays beaming through the blinds of my window. I was playing with my Barbie dolls. lol Suddenly I felt this force coming… best way to put it. It was enormous! 

I felt it literally float my way. The closer it got the more it filled my entire room & myself! So I somehow knew on some level that this entity was not only an entity but it felt like a place that he carried with him. Strange… I don’t know if that’s correct but thats how it felt. The energy felt dark, black, thick but also kinda liquidy, and he slowly filled the entire room and within myself. 

I wasn’t scared at all. I was curious & watching, and feeling. The energy felt masculine. Anyways as soon as he filled me & the room completely I felt him peer out through my eyes and then down at my Barbie Dolls, and I heard him smirk/chuckle. It felt like it was out of endearment because I had made my dolls kiss prior to him showing up i believe. Anyways, he didn’t say anything to me directly, and it truly felt normal to me. I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t intimidated, I was curious and a bit like “hm.. this is cool”. lol Anyways, his energy felt like he was just checking on me so to speak. He then began to float out of my body & out of my room. 

And he came to me like that, sometimes with his large extra space sometimes it was just him–several times through out my life. And he would always move within me. I could always feel him within me and around me. But he wouldn’t ever completely take over my mind or my body. He would just peer out through my eyes & spend time with me like this. He became a counselor. I never asked him who he was. Not once. Because it felt so natural & I never felt like I was in danger. He would listen to my problems, he would teach me about myself, he would teach me about men, and other things. I began to fall in love with the way that he felt whenever he was inside of my body. I then began to identity myself as genderfluid. Because even if he wasn’t there or taking full control over my body… I could always feel his essence within me. And it would come and go. Sometimes I felt male sometimes I felt female. It took me some time before I came out. It actually wasn’t until around 2011 when I fully came out as genderfluid because I never knew there was a name for feeling something like that… well, minus the spirit or possession part of it. But on a subtle level that is what it was and still is. 

Shortly after I then opened up to my feelings towards women. Which I, myself, don’t see myself as gay, but he is attracted to women. And since I came out as genderfluid, I began letting him move deeper within my soul and/or psyche until I finally allowed him to posses me fully several times. 

But when it first started it was solely to learn, practice, & to protect me from the narcissistic friend that I had for 20 years that I’ve written about here. Which I”m not done. I still need to finish that story. 

maxresdefault (1)


I’ve learned a lot from my dark guide. I”ve experienced alot of spiritual & occult matters with him. He was there for me from the beginning and literally one of my first memories ever! And this is what you would call a Daemon. He never gave me his name but I have a name that I call him but I wont divulge in that here. But he taught me how to allow willful possession, what it feels like, how I should always be the one in control of how far I go, etc. 

Possession is actually not scary whatsoever. It is the most amazing experience one could ever experience to be honest, and it can be addicting as well. But it can protect you, it can teach you so many things about your own mind, your own soul, how the spirit’s aid you while being in your mind or soul, ect. It should never be a negative experience unless you’re doing heavy shadow work & you’ve been warned that it could be uncomfortable. 

Otherwise, it should always be to aid you in some way. Or even if you can’t face something going on in your life… these beings will take care of it for you. It takes trust and a willingness to let go. 

So please… if you talk smack about Daemons, or dark entities, stop it unless you have a bad experience. And even if you do… do not assume that you understand it. In order to understand these beings is to get to know them.

You mustn’t have fear in the unknown or seemingly scary or intimidating. If you fear something its a opportunity. Know that human beings are the problem on Earth not anyone else.. no spirit, no god, no ghost, no dark entity. Not to say the spiritual world is perfect… but we are much more ignorant than any other being here! If we had it all figured out then we wouldn’t still be here. 

fullsizeoutput_68f0Now that i’ve said that its unlikely for unwilling possession or to run into a malevolent spirit but.. in case you do! Here are some ideas & tips! I do not reject the idea that it CAN happen.. but the difference is that we need to be educated on why or how and what to do!! 

One other way to become unwillingly possessed is ghosts… however I’ve never experienced it unwillingly. I tend to believe that the dead are contained by Hecate so something like this isn’t common but when/if it does happen it is because there is a reason for it. Normally, as far as Hekate tells me, it is because the living persona and the dead person resonate on a level that sometimes it can happen by accident. Sorta like how we can run into people without paying attention? Same thing can happen with the dead & living. Especially since we can’t see them & sometimes they can’t see us either. Then suddenly bam… and it seems like they attack you but you ran into them now they are scared out of their minds and attacking you. Or sometimes you are drawn to them or they are drawn to you so the two of you get close either subconsciously or in dreams.. or consciously then they attack themselves to you. That is the most common thing that happens… possession is very very rare. So to all of you people who worry about it, you’re wasting your time, or youre drawing it closer to you so that one day it may just happen. If youre truly scare of this… then call upon Hekate for protection. It is her domain. Or Hades even. But I would suggest diving into the matter & educating yourself. Face your fear and learn! That is really what the fear is asking you to do, as well as whatever haunting you may or may not be dealing with! 

The poltergeist idea has some truth to it but the movie exaggerate it but I do not doubt that stuff like this can happen. Because the energy of a girl who is close to going through puberty or just in the transition between little girl and starting puberty, it sends off very chaotic energy & it can attract spirits whom are of a sexual nature which would be considered a Daemon. But generally these spirits aren’t malevolent. They may feel dark or intimidating or sexual.. but usually they aren’t. Its attracted to the child because of the energy that is emanating from her.. and 9 time out of 10 it is there to help guide her through that chaos she will be facing soon. Dark entities or Daemons can be very very helpful.. you’ve just gotta get rid of that conditioning that tells you to fear them. Unless it is obvious and straight forward that you or your family are being haunted or harmed… I would instead confront the spirits. Do not do what many tell you to do which is ignore. I’ve heard so many mediums tell people to not fear them but then they say to ignore them or walk into another room, etc…. this is obviously showing the entity that youre afraid…


My advice? If your face to face with a malevolent spirit? Face them. Talk to them. With confidence & a basic level of respect. Make conversation. Be a step ahead of the spirit. Ask it what it is doing there. How it is doing? HOw is it feeling? Get to know the spirit instead of running away and being afraid. Because that is what it wants. It wants tension. Instead bother it! Talk its fucking spirit ears off!! lol 

Another possible way for unwilling possession… This is can happen also.Sometimes, since many humans are in denial about fear, guilt, or another feelings particularly brought on because of the corruption that is in religion, especially if your brought up as a catholic or christian, many times, your fear will manifest outside of you. And it will literally seem as if youre being haunted by a demon. But this is your fear calling you to pay attention to it and speak to it. Heal it. If you need help with  something like this please contact me! 


Free Consultation!




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