My version of the Tree of knowledge (Rough Draft)

Violet’s Tree of knowledge







Beial-King of the Earth God’s & Goddesses.
His Power-Manifestation, Stability, confidence, Protection for those whom are protecters & teachers of Earth’s Secrets & magick.
Lesson-Disclipline, honor, following your word.
Element-Earth, Air, & fire.
God/Goddess-Dionysus & Persephone
Animal- Bird and/or frog
Tree-Oak Tree

This sphere inspired us to feel pulled towards paths, guides, etc that seem to mysteriously resonate on a level that we are unsure of but then quickly we are able to experience our deeper or higher selves. And that is just the beginning.

Hekate-Queen of the Deities/spirits of the Moon.
Her Power-Manipulation of dreams &influencing your emotions or magnifying them to bring it to your attention. Necromancy, sorcery.
Protection from nightmares or the cause of nightmares. Shape-shifting.
Lesson-Trust in yourself, the unknown, and open mindedness.
Element-Water, Air.
God & Goddess-Selene, Anubis.
Animal-Wolf, Dog, firely.
Tree-Willow Tree

This sphere inspired the Vision of the Machinery of the Universe. Basically this means you learn about the mechanics of how the Universe works. You find parts of yourself you thought were lost. You remember things. You awaken to astral travel & dream working. You learn magick from beginners to adept quickly. Divination skills increase. You see more of the past, present and future. You learn how to see in the dark.

The Morrigan
Queen of the Messengers/Angels.
Powers-Influence of the mental realm, the ego, language, intellect, numbers, messages, guidance, the original bridge between the old God’s & humanity. The Death Goddess. Crow Goddess. Prophecy & Death are her domains.
Lessons-Learning in general, learning when to listen & when to speak. Protectress of human Messengers & teachers. A guide for humans whom were magickal and/or soldiers in war. Words of power.
Element-Air, Earth
Animals-Crow, Raven, Jackal, Fox, Cow

This sphere inspired us to feel unity through diversity. Shows what one must beable to hold within the mibd & make peace with that. This sphere makes us feel hungry for more & more knowledge. And we find that we are thirsty for truth and will not settle for less.

Lucifer- An independent God of the planet Venus.
Powers- Causes fear in those whom refuse to see him clearly. Inspires art, music, and self love. Rules over relationships as all relationships are a mirror of ourselves.
Lesson-Responsibility for oneself, particularly emotionally. Selfishness & selflessness. Philosophy. Improving our artistic talents. Learning to feel with more depth. Empathy.
Goddess-Aphrodite & Freya
Elements-Air, water, earth.
Animals-Sea animals, snakes, cranes.

This sphere we are inspired to explore the artistic areas in life in order to find our passions. This energy causes us to better relationship to one another yet to keep grounded in whom we are. Because the more we know ourselves, the better our relationships with the be. Lucifer speaks to us through relationships, art, music, introspective thought, inquesitive in order to inspire evolution.

Michael-king of the God’s & Goddesses of the sun.
Powers- warrior. Sword of truth. Protector of clarity. Healer. Inspires awakening according to yoir own individual path. Will enlist you many guides & helpers.
Lesson-Astral travel of higher dimensions. Integrity, Dedication to youre purpose. Instills faith as he gives a reason.
God & Goddess-Brighid, Ra.

This sphere inspires one to feel aligned between their ego & heaven. You are able to reach astrally into the heavens aka stars. This inspires harmony between you & the cosmos. It also calls for sacrifice. Whether you need to let go of something or someone or some situation or it will be taken.

Lilith-Queen of the Gods & Goddesses of Mars.
Powers-Action, Passion,Sexuality, War & Defense. Strength, might. justice. Divine will. Equality.
Lessons-power, Divine will, balance attack & defense. Learn to act for the behalf of all. Couragous behavior. Boldness. True self.
God & Goddess-Ares, sekhmet

This sphere will teach you the vision of power. Unlocking the power to manifest your Divine will. Not necessarily your personal will.

Zeus-King of the Heavens
Powers-Manipulation of weather. Influences government. Transformation. Spiritual teacher.
Lessons-Humility, Divine unconditional love, evolution, overcoming self righteousness.
God & goddess-Thor & Brahma

This sphere inspires us to know perfect love and perfect trust. Divine sovereign. We find humility.

Queen of Fallen atlantean Vampires & Hades. Mother of Shades, lost souls, the corrupted, and the damned.
Powers-punishing the corrupted in order to ascend herself. Beauty, wealth, glamour.
Lessons-shadow work, disintregation of false self, end of corruption, death
Element-water, earth

This sphere inspires us to take the reigns of our own darkness & demons in order to gain mastery. The goal is to cross through the abyss without added and less to none corruption.

Satan-Divine feminine.
Powers-Goddess of time. Mother of humanity. Current of individuality. The black flame within us all.
Lessons-compassion, understanding, attentive to self & others. Exposing truth. Awakening to the truth of the state of the world. Vision of sorrow. Rebirth.
Elements-fire, air

This sphere inspires us to look at the world with our new pure eyes. Feel yhe sorrow of the corruption & move forward with change! Allow your flame to guide you to trailblaze a new world for yourself, others,and the God’s.

Thoth-King of the God’s. Divine father.

Powers-Rebellious against the old. Creating change, evolution, intelligent, architech, rebuilding.
Lessons-visions of the gods. Experiencing God, yourself.

This sphere aids you in the rebuilding of yourself & the new world so long as you keep the faith and keep ascending up, find your crown in kether!

Tiamat-Mother of all God’s.
Powers-Had the largest domain. Required faith. Dwells within fallen Atlantis.
Lessons-bring all elements within yourself & keep balance. not reject this highest power. If you make it this far successfully then you will know what to do. And you’re purity will count in reversing the fall deep within the Ocean. Tiamat will make a difference if you do!
Element-Water,Earth, air, fire.
Animal-Elemental dragon elements.

This sphere is where you move beyond all obstacles and find your way to full enlightenment, Nirvana, or become one with the magick you’ve been working at. No matter the obstacle or the darkness you may face. You’ve found equilibrium & you have love in your heart to do as you promised. You have your crown & your throne. There is perfection in the imperfection.

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