Dealing with Death & Understanding Hades

Dealing with Grief caused by Death & all other relating topics concerning the End & Hades–

Death is the biggest unknown today. And there is reason for that. Today we live in a day & age where the imagination of humanity is seen as separate & false compared to logic. And this thinking is false within itself. In ancient times the distinction wasn’t so. There are downfalls for both. What humanity has yet to discover is that you must take the bad with the good. Bless our hearts we try. But without a balance between logic and imagination, without a clear outline definition of what Death is, the afterlife, and so on… We will always grieve, out of balance, because death inherently makes us focus on our mortality and questions that–modern society says you cannot answer. Because if you believe in a soul, afterlife, reincarnation or anything outside the scope of hard Christianity or hold a judgmental lack of belief–we find freedom that the government doesn’t care for. Why? Because if we bring back elements of the ancient past and mix it with current concepts we will then find a liberation & answers we’ve been subconsciously looking for and ultimately the lack of this liberation is what boosts our depression & grief 100 times!

So, having said that we must accept our grief & depression by taking it into our own hands. Accepting responsibility in finding the appropriate healing. There is a reason why modern mental health medicine & psychology doesn’t work. They provide drugs in order to make money & their counsel tact’s teach to be obsessive over our problems instead of looking for solution.

If we can first understand that we have won the battle by a large 50%! The next thing would be to be honest with yourself about your feelings. The good, the bad, the ugly. Was it a healthy relationship? Were you happy? What did this person teach you? Were they happy?

Many times i believe we can miss aspects of the relationship more so when someone dies or leaves our life than the actual person. It makes us forget the actual harshness or bad aspects of the situation. Therefore we become blind. However I am not saying that even if the relationship or person wasn’t healthy or didn’t treat us kind that there was no purpose or that you shouldn’t have loved them or shouldn’t miss them. I’m not saying to do anything in particular just be honest about your feelings.

Look at what you’re experiencing as a lesson, an opportunity to gain wisdom instead of something you really need to be relieved from. Seeing it from that perspective will empower you to face it instead of running.

Pain, in this day in age is exaggerated because we are denying aspects of truth. But if we flip things over, ans instead look at our obstacles in a different way than is accepted that will aid us in our journey.

Know that the spirit of whom passed is still “alive”. Their essence is behind this message I’m sending you. They want you to be real with yourself. Admit your feelings fully, and take your independence & general happiness back. You hold the power in finding purpose in your life again. And they are guiding you to it. The dead are asking you to have faith in yourself & their spirit, for if anything, our of respect for what you both went through together, for better and worse.




Some things to know about the soul & the Underworld (Hades), Karma, spiritual repercussion, temporary hell, etc–

Passed on loved ones aren’t generally allowed to spend every moment with their living relatives because they spend some time in different areas of Hades in order to work with, own up to, and receive the energies that they put out & took in their prior life. They also have a choice in how much time is spent after they’ve completed these things in order to have closure with their prior lives because obviously they cannot move on or reincarnate until these things are completed to a certain degree so that they may move onto their next phase in their evolution. But a piece of them will always stay with you because most of the time we do chose to let go of a small percent of our soul those we loved the most, to always guide & look after that person. But the majority of their soul has things to do. Those times when a medium channels their energy, it is usually guided by angelic beings or Hekate–and larger part of them will come and tell the medium what they wish the living relative to know. This is what I’ve gathered in my channeling the dead sessions. There are many people who tend to look at the dead as if they failed because they died therefore they have nothing new to offer the living. But that isn’t true. Death should rarely be seen as a mistake because this perpetuates the idea that we have total and complete control over our destiny.

The truth is sometimes we have control over what happens… sometimes we don’t. Sometimes what may seem as mistakes or things that shouldn’t be… are exactly what needed to be in order to learn a lesson, because of the stage the soul was at & what would help them to comprehend something. Some things are agreements, some things are sacrifices. (But some things, for example abuse or rape, these situations in life that happen, the lesson is different for each person involved. And to believe that any situation no matter your hate, hurt, or judgement or those things, there is a percentage of it that needed to happen or it wouldn’t have. That is not to say anyone deserved or didn’t deserve something. That is to say that what goes around does come around, sometimes our soul does make sacrifices or set up certain contracts with other souls in order to influence the consciousness of humanity in order to become who you’re meant to be. This isn’t fear mongering, this isn’t narcissistic, it isn’t supporting abuse, I’ve been abused. But there is something better to chose to explain these things instead of being hurt, traumatized, or angry for the rest of your life simply because someone hurt you. Sometimes it is what it is. Simply put. 

Finding perfection or reaching a state of perfection isn’t the goal; this notion doesn’t truly exist. But there is an overall goal that encompasses everyone. I would rather call this reaching harmony with all that is. And there is different levels of this. All that is required to reincarnate is a willingness to let of all the good & bad of the prior life & there is an Oath to keep learning. However many souls seem to reject the Oath & chose corruption when they are in their new body & old enough to chose and form their individuality. They will receive many signs & urges from the Universe. They may even accomplish other goals they set out to accomplish but many do chose to forget the Oath but this is explained by the fact that the hypnotism of society in humanity of the physical is very very strong. It takes a very clear & willful person to remember this Oath & to follow through without getting blinded by the physical. The point of this existence is to find the truth of who we are as well as to find harmony with that.

IF the soul chooses a break between the Underworld & regeneration (reincarnation) then they are, depending on the situation and how much they have accepted in the spiritual world as true at this point, they may visit the Heavens for a time. But this must be earned by putting in the work to do so. Which can be many things. Helping the living. Serving Hades with tasks that go on there. Serving the Earth in some way or some Deity or Spirit. ETC. This puts in spiritual time & focus by your soul and adds to your likeliness to remember your purpose when you reincarnate. 

More on this in a future Article!


Tips on how to heal from the grief of a lost loved one-

Most people struggle with solitude after the death of a loved one. I must share with all of you that I if anyone knows what this is like, even though I am married, and thus far, we both are still alive!. lol But all of my family members that I was close to & had a big hand in raising me and/or helping me out through out my life are passed away. I am in contact with only three of my family members but I am not super close with them.

The family members whom have passed away are. 

My Dad-Died in a car accident in 2004.

My Mom-Died after being in a coma for 3 weeks. (I helped her cross over. That story can be read here. She had pneumonia, kidney failure.)

My Aunt Nina (the least closest relative who passed away)-Died in 2013. Unknown causes.

My Aunt Dana (closest Aunt & was my Moms best friend for many years but had a falling out & never made up)-Unknown Causes but suspected Overdose. Died in 2013. 

Grandfather (My favorite Grandfather. Helped my Mom raise me on & off from my birth til I was 10 years old.)–Died from Heart problems in 2014. 

My Uncle Steve (Close on & off through out my life)–Murdered in 2015. 

Grandmother (my mom & and I lived with her many times while I was growing up. She even helped me with a place to stay many times in my early adult-hood. I was also her care-taker for a short time a couple years before she died.)–Natural causes. Died in 2015. 

Know that there isn’t a day that goes by where I dont hear from one of them. And you can do this too once youre ready.

So you see, I have had my fair share of dealing with Death, I have had personal experience. I wouldn’t have such strong views if I hadn’t. It is extremely strange to not have anyone in my family that I trust, or feel comfortable with to call up and speak to. Every last one of them that I felt that way with are gone physically. The only family I have is my Husband & my in laws. And most of his family do not care for me simply because I’m not traditional in the way that they think is normal. But whatever. lol 

Anyways, my point in sharing that information is to show that you all AREN’T alone. Everyone deals with Death of someone, eventually. And we all need to come to terms with our own mortality at some point. Either people are afraid of it or welcome it because they think or hope that its the end. It chaps my ass sometimes when people make fun of others because they believe in a balanced concept of the Afterlife. And they are accused of being afraid or we think we are special. Or we don’t want to die. Well for starters i dont think any of us really want to die. But the ones who commit suicide or welcome death–are thinking that death is the end and it must be better than what is going on here.


Truth is, it is better, but it isn’t the end. The worst reality of this world is life. Because this is where the tests are. This is where it matters most. This is the point. Being here today & now is the point. But thats the thing, if we are immortal then it is ALWAYS here and now. But there are different stages of reality. The physical cannot be physical without layers, stages, different realms that are seperate but aren’t independent of the physical until it learns how to do so. It is possible to be independent of the physical. But we must learn how to do that. 

This means that no God, no spirit, no human is perfect. we all are evolving. The only difference between us, our guides, and gods is the fact that they remember the truth while we dont, they see the bigger picture, our vision is limited. But it doesn’t have to be. We can chose to see more. But that is our choose alone. They will continue to try until they do and will give up. They wont allow the souls whom have sacrificed and done their work and have stayed strong through out all of this nastiness of corruption to have their efforts all be for nothing. Those souls will be protected & remembered. 

Without a higher power, without goals, without the use of our imagination, emotions, and it being contoured with logic, without guidance from the planets whether or not you see them as Gods, then that makes this world extremely less than what it is. This world isn’t nothing. Some aspects of it are nothing, just like some aspects of it are spectacular and extremely important. There can’t just be one of the two, people. This world isn’t here by one definitely. It is here by many definitions. 

Wake up! 

So, how do we get through the grief?? First we realize the truth, what I said in the beginning of this article. The history, the repression of humanity, the condemnation of belief. Those people aren’t better than us. Those people just don’t know what to believe so they are fanatics about what Science tells them. Its truly no different than a confused Christian. Science doesn’t answer these questions and for a reason. Realize all of this and thats half the battle. 

Repeat it as affirmations. Read about History. The beginning of a healing journey is the realization of truth. 

Then admit your feelings to yourself as I said. 

If you have a hard time with this. Remember that imagination & emotion are symbolic for the Divine Feminine aka Venus. And the rejection of Earth Based religions & the oppression or suppression of women happened at the same time. It makes me wonder.. what did Venus do? Not to say it her fault… but she had to have done something that scared the shit out of humans for them to react in such a way and want a life without guidance….Just saying. 

Admitting your feelings to yourself will be hard. There will be overwhelming times of rage, sadness, and it will be challenging. It takes time for your subconscious mind, and emotional realm to believe the truth. The key to healing is reprogramming your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind knows everything that has happened. The past, present and future. It lacks contour though because of where we are in our evolution. So while it’s aware of both truth and illusion. It still signals the body of pain. So you cry or react emotionally even if it’s not logical, it’s true that you’re in pain. Even if the reasons don’t add to to the truth that you know. If you can understand that and allow this part of yourself to feel what it’s feeling yet simultaneously hold on to the truth with your logical conscious mind. Then this will give you the bravery to allow your emotional mind to purge itself. Unfortunately there is no easy or quick fix. You have to let things run its course or else you’re not repressing the truth of your emotions. Even if they aren’t based in truth. Its true that’s what you FEEL. Your emotional mind is symbolic for the Divine feminine. She can be emotionally intense and rebel against truth because its how she feels. There is no use in arguing with her. Let her (you) feel what she feels. But hold your logic (Divine masculine) which is also your intention foe healing. And eventually she will see the light and truth and your emotions will transform. Earth is bound by the limits of time. Respect the time this part of you needs. See it like a child who refuses the truth. You can’t argue someone who refuses the truth. You have to wait for them to come around. We have to do this with out emotions sometimes. But if we stay focused. Or stay in tuned with our logic during the process. Your will not fail in healing. Be patient with your feelings. But know the truth.



In the meantime try to do things that will enable your feelings to be expressed in creation ways that will make her feel good. Our emotions need to feel its okay to be expressive. So do what you love. Like write a story that is symbolic or relates to what you’re going through. And hold the intention youre doing it to heal not to deny. Write, or create something, pick up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Use your time wisely during the process.



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Angels and/or Gods that can help with the grieving process–Hekate, Archangel Azrael, Hades, Lucifer, Belial, The Morrigan


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