My contribution to Spiritual/Theistic Satanism & the People (revised)

I know that some people aren’t going to resonate with my ideas, and more people aren’t going to understand my ideas, stance, nor how I can mix such opposites into my path. That is because people are conditioned to think that they have to chose one or the other. This limits you. That is just my opinion. But from my perspective, just like with anything else that we are taught, we are limited! Nearly everything is corrupted, telling half truths, leaving important information out, even though right now we are living in the day and age of information. We are blinded by this… wanna know why? Because the government for much much longer than you think has been planning about 80% of everything we have ever been through and are going through now. You don’t think they can see far into the future? Do you really believe that they wouldn’t be corrupted or creating nearly every single one of your problems? 

Come on! Wake the fuck up!

How can a Satanist be a Lightworker? 

A light worker is someone who spreads knowledge. Its not someone who spreads love. Light equals to knowledge. Light & dark is knowledge & ignorance. And people need to understand this. 

I am misunderstood by a large amount of people but the people who do understand much of what I speak out about, or at least my methods in aiding people a pathway in order to find a way back to themselves, or they FEEL that they resonate with me on some level so it sparks a level of curiosity that they can’t turn away from. They are the ones im meant to work with. If you are someone who wants to change me, insult me, or argue with me. Move on. Obviously we aren’t meant to work together. I do not need your prayers, your posivitity. I can do this on my own and for my own benefit if I see I am in need..

But before I get carried way in a rant that I admittedly would divulge in lets get to the point! lol 

How is it that I contribute to this “branch” of Satanism & Spirituality as a whole? And how do I help the people? What are my goals? What is my  vision? I admit, to the untrained eye–I may seem like one big huge contradiction & yes, that is something that should be. It challenges me & others to think & wonder. The bad side to that is that the people who never learned to think or ask questions they will automatically judge on whatever level their perspective knows how which is different for each person. 

Satanism, The Satanic Bible, written by Anton LaVey, I resonate fully with the purpose & intention behind the reason it was written & manifested within Lavey’s mind. I believe Anton is a person that is also heavily misunderstood even by most of his followers. It is so blatantly obvious! But I love the outline of it. It shows he understood the energy’s of each aspects. Earth-Belial, Fire-Satan, Air-Lucifer, Water-Leviathan. And how his own mind & perspective worked with each element was expressed, contoured perfectly for who he was. He was very clear. And while he was atheistic, mostly, He was open to the energies of the entities he worked with in ritual. And while most swear up and down he didn’t believe in those Gods, Goddesses—I must make clear that it doesn’t matter if you believe in them. What matters is your intention, if these beings agree with you intention, they will boost your magic whether you believe its psychological or permeates the universe, or however, IT TRULY DOESN’T MATTER & shouldn’t be argued!! Because OBVIOUSLY the power is real if it WORKS! That is all that matters. 

 I believe in the literal as well as metaphorical, spiritual, and symbolic existence of Deities, Nature spirits, Astrology, Afterlife, IN between life, Reincarnation, I am a medium so spirits have been approaching me my whole life even when I didn’t believe. That says something to me. And no dear, it isn’t that I’m crazy. Go elsewhere if you believe that because you’re insulting. I have personal experience in nearly every aspect that which modern society claims there are no answers for & that if you look for those answers or if you have those answers then you’re corrupted, lying, crazy, or self righteous. But other people can go around preaching the very very simple, standard & basic knowledge that are the infamous facts of Science that truly only reveals the mechanics of how things work.

I do not throw away the facts of Science!

But, by any other name–the flower is still a fucking flower. The words you use to describe the flower or how or why it grows doesn’t make it ultimately true or false. It simply describes it in a practical way so people can understand it. 

I believe that the Imagination & creative side to scientific work is judged harshly & ignored without given it a valid true or false. People have decided that all religion or spiritual work should be thrown out & not given the proper consideration! Not all religions were created for the same reason. And if you’re not careful, you can be controlled by putting your full faith in Science–not in the information youre given per se, but the fact that you believe its the only way to learn or understand something. Then you will begin to fight other people over the ability to learn or understand something in more than one way. Before you know it youre controlled by Government all over again. 

If you dont think the information isn’t approved or disproved by someone or group of people in order to be released to the common people then you’re naive.

The Goddess domain is what I am contributing to Satanism & the people regardless of their paths. A union of both so called dark and light and/or the right and left hand path thinking is what I am offering everyone who is interested. In order for evolution to continue then all of us regardless of your path needs to become open minded! 

The Imagination is of the Goddess domain. And if you think about it, Judaism & other like religions as well as the oppression of women seems as if it came around at the same time. I do not believe that women have always been looked at nor treated the way that they have & still tend to be treated even to this day. I tend to believe both of these ways of being came along around the same time. There are too many coincidences to ignore.  

The Goddess is revealing herself to much of humanity more & more, well all of us really, making us pay attention to aspects of our emotional realm & our imagination on some level or another. But because we all perceive things at different levels! This is a matter of maturation & evolution! And denying parts of yourself or your experience as untrue… that isn’t mature nor evolved. What is mature & evolved is learning to discern. Learning about human nature. Not by what someone else said that is more corrupted than you. We are all corrupted on some level or another. 

I am here to lead people OUT of corruption & shine a light onto the path to find their way back to their true selves!! I will never tell you that you have to believe what I believe. But I will tell you the facts. The facts of history. The facts of what I have experienced, etc. It isn’t my job to prove anything to anyone. Because proof isn’t the point. Drop fucking proof unless you are trying to prove someone to be guilty of something.

The Goddess doesn’t need to prove anything. As I said the Goddess domain is of Imagination, dreams, sensitivity, emotional realm, etc. All things that which cannot be seen. But felt within the heart & soul. She gives you a choice to put forth faith in what you FEEL. She asks you to put the things she influences you to feel to the test. And only then will you see. But respect her power. If you do not experience her realm well then you cannot judge it & say it doesn’t exist.

Imagination is full of chaos.. logic doesn’t come in to disprove… logic comes in to contour. Logic also knows that many things cannot be explained to its fullest extent until logic itself can comprehend. Logic isn’t judgement—logic is a movement that enables understanding by contouring chaos, breaking it down into components in order to explain. But the heart can understand things that haven’t been explained because the Heart is of the goddess domain. Unknown is of the Goddess. Logic, clarity is of the God Domain. A healthy balance of both is what I am encouraging & contributing!

The times have come to the point where I have my people that I love but to hell with the rest of them. My problem isn’t with any particular topic, I don’t place blame OUTSIDE of humanity. I place blame right directly onto humanity! We reap what we fucking sow. We are suffering because of what we’ve done. We pretend to take responsibility but we don’t.  We run around with blindfolds on looking like our upper lip stinks when we look at another but then pretend to “love thy neighbor”. Well, I hereby say I hate most of humanity but those I love, I fucking love until the end! 

So to those that promise themselves self love, self knowledge, liberation, and the like–I will help them. I will give them information, tips, how to connect to the Earth, share certain secrets, magick, and the like. But the rest of them can just go away. 

I have a healthy balance of love and hate. One cannot truly love if you cannot truly hate. Hate should be a personal thing. And not felt out of ignorance but for legit reason. 

If you do not understand this & you are put off by my truthful confession then you are in denial of the state of humanity right now. We are in desperate need of change! And sometimes we need a swift kick in the ass or a heaping spoonful of truth in order to get motivated for that change!

I am here to show you that you can believe anything you fucking want to if you have personal experience that says contrary

I am here to guide people in all areas of Religions, the Occult & Spirituality that are often denied or misunderstood!

Also I see myself as a Feminist but I also feel that Feminism is viewed in a very flawed way. And I am here to redefine those views! And for anyone whom resonates I am here to help all of you specific individuals! 

If you do not resonate, I am not speaking to all of you, instead I am your adversary, I am your enemy.  Because you’ve made it so.


I wish to connect -those whom are interested- with the magick that is all around them, to reinstall hope & to help influence an awakening to the memory of this fact–Faith in needed to accomplish anything in this life! Archangel Michael told me that one of my biggest roles aside from medium-ship, is to also help evolve mythology. To evolve the way humanity sees, magick, the Gods, themselves, etc. To gain a healthy balance between logic & imagination and then share my findings! 

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