Cursing & Healing

There are many things that I would say MOST people need to understand about cursing, particularly those of a right hand path. (remember I am of both right & left yet I am of neither.) But for starters, one must truly understand what positive & negative are. Because honestly? Most of us don’t even know what that is! You don’t even have to be brought up as Christian to be confused about this! Because this is something that is corrupted in our society as it is without the obvious influence of Christianity. However I am certain that is where it stemmed from. 

The war between Archangel Michael & Lucifer. God & Leviathan. Etc. This is where it stems from. This whole villain & hero concept. I am not going to sit here & preach about how we need to get rid of this story, no no! I am here to preach, we need to look at this story in a different way! For one, this story was written to control the people by those that didn’t even believe in it! That is what I think! But that is a topic for another day! 

Secondly, lets take Archangel Michael & Lucifer for the example here. Just because Lucifer said he wasn’t going along with this God doesn’t make him EVIL. It made him rebellious. Lets get the facts straight. Since when does it make someone EVIL if they don’t believe in your God, my God, or Susie Q’s God down the street? That isn’t what makes someone evil nor negative. But that is where this polarity was birthed. In my opinion.

These stories are also where the whole concept of dark entities, demons, versus angels & light beings. Or light & dark Gods/Goddesses or referring to the old Deities as demons altogether! So all of you light-workers whom are still spreading this so called “knowledge” that there are dark entities afoot & people need to protect themselves and that they are putting in implants into our energies & light bodies, and “lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!” SERIOUSLY STOP THIS!! 

This ISN’T TRUE!! 

And yes I said your truth isn’t true!! Come at me bro! Want to know why I can say that? Because I’m a medium. I’ve been sensing, seeing, & talking to spirits my whole entire life! You can read about my first ghost experience here. And read about one of my first memories which was of my dameon here

Never have I ever once experienced a malevolent spirit! That doesn’t mean I am saying that spirits cannot become malevolent!! This means that spirits in general aren’t ill intentioned unless for logical reason! I’m saying that the dark entities that most people speak of that they tend to believe are just meandering around causing issues & harm for no fucking reason & they feed on fear, this or that. And thats all that they do & there isn’t a rhyme or reason for it? 

First of all, this is extremely rare to run into this type of spirit. Most people haven’t. Secondly, if you have, there is STILL a reason for it. Do not assume that the reason is the very reason that you saw in the movie Insidious or the Conjuring or from someone else whom gave a reason for malevolent spirits form a video, etc. Always first assume a logical reason. If we approach a spirit that obviously is attempting to spook us or has even attacked us, and again, this is very very rare, then we need to approach this with LOGIC first. OR else we will run screaming * then according to everyone that means that the spirit one because they all say that fear is what they are looking for, yes? 

But I’m not going to go too deeply into this topic as I said you can read about this in both of my provided links above!So in closing this topic in order to move on I will say In my path, Hekatean Satanism, it is believed that all spirits, ghosts, demons, and angels are instructed by Hekate. So if youre face to face with one? There is a reason for it. It should be approached as a lesson! All of these so called dark entities are of the human mind and if one has manifested themselves outside of our bodies you are being taught to reign it back into yourself once you accept, understand, and integrate that issue within yourself. That is the reason they “get lose” sometimes.

So again, dark entities? Not at all what most of you lightworkers think they are! I am speaking of this lightly because it is attached to our negaitive & positive view of things. Onto other entities that may cause a fuss? The Fae, or nature spirits. They have been known to play a prank from time to time on ahuman & are once again within the domain of Hekate or another Goddessthat you may associate them with. But either way it is a Goddess that they are associated with. (Note–that all of these uber scary things are associated with the Goddess. Which backs up my point I had made in a short note I wrote on instagram which I may add onto this post at the bottom!)  

Why ever would the Fae cause issues? Well why not? If you were a tree spirit, or a flower spirit, or a spirit of the air, or even the animated spirit of nature, wouldn’t you have a bone to pick with humanity? Humans are just utterly ignorant & arrogant! If you deny this then you deny the darkness within yourself! And in my path as a Hekatean Satanist, I do not believe in self deceit. Even if its hard to accept. I will mull around any idea to see if its true. And this is. Since the divorce with nature occurred which I am guessing happened when Judaism, & other like religions came around—as well as the oppression of women aka the rejection of the Goddess etec etc–humanity took on this rebellious nature & thought that they could do much better than how the ancient Gods & Goddesses were doing. Even though I tend to believe something more happened, like the Goddess scared the ever loving piss out of humanity & it knocked many of us all the way into the side of logic & it made many of them not hear or see her or even God anymore. And they felt suddenly free. You know how sometimes something scary can happen & we become numb from the trauma? I tend to believe something like that happened… but it didn’t happen to everyone… but eventually these people rose to gaining more and more power. Slowly & surely ended up taking over the world & began to take on this God Complex. 

Found Gold, and then Viola! Slavery came into the picture. Then I believe this is when Jesus was born & yes I truly believe in Jesus. But I believe that Jesus was the reincarnated Dionysus, I believe he awakened to this fact & many other facts relating magick, and earth based religion, the old gods etc… and he began to build a resistance ot this new world and it got him killed. But then the humans whom were over taken by their power & clear mind free from imagination. But ultimately it was trauma but they took advantage of it. It made them very corrupted because they weren’t thinking from their hearts anymore only their logical more cold side. I believe they took the story of Jesus & twisted into a more horrific tale into to control the people. 

One thing led to another and here we are today. It is rather strange that there are many different types of religions that mirror Judaism & they all took over the old ways. Huh? 

Anyways, back to the Fae world! Lol I know I went way out there but I had to. You dont have to believe any of that, just my own hypothesis. But lets just say that happened, since we all dont know truly what the fuck happened, but something did. And the Earth & planets saw all of this including the Fae, and I am sure that the Fae had to fight their own wars with the humans as well. IN fact when I awakened I had a vision that I was a tree & a human refused to show me the respect, honor, nor ask permission to cut me down as they had used to. There was a big fight between me (as the tree) and this person who said baiscally, “I dont have to ask you for permission. YOu can’t move, you can’t come get me for cutting you down. You can’t do shit. so I”m going to do what I want” And then I was cut down with an ax and I felt every swing & cut of that ax. I felt other things too but I wont go into all of that in this post! lol But you get the point! 

The Fae remembers just like the Earth remembers. Just like the Guardians remmbers, and the watchers, and the planets. They all know the truth that we don’t. We all may have pieces & fragments of it. But because of christianity & other like religions we are so full of corruption we are having such a hard time waking up. And I’m being asked to remind everyone to truly see ourselves & all else with a more balanced, practical way but also remember that imagination. KNow that we still have a long way to go. And the war isn’t against dark forces of the UNiverse. However it could progress to another alient race if humanity conitnues to push away the old Gods. And forces that may seem dark but are needed because they are primal & strong! 

Like the forces of the Underworld? They all may seem uber scary but that is just the tale of Hell that scares you! And yes, the entities beneath Hades or in FALLEN Atlantis may seem frightening but if you want to defend our planet and our race then these beings need to be integrated into your reality! Or they will not give two shits when or if this planet is attacked by another alient race! 

This is why its so important to understand this isn’t about light versus dark. This is about ignorance & knowledge! This is about knowing ourselves & our enviromnemtnt! Its about knowing the truth of all things. All possibilities. Becing able to hold that paradox within our minds. Knowing that we need the power of destruction as much as creation or else we are weakened! Destruction isn’t a bad thing if its done for the true & right reasons which permeate everyone and the planets! We are responsible for everyone. Which means we are meant to sometimes be nice but sometimes to not be so nice if it is just. 

And if we would silent our minds we would know what is just. Our minds that arent balanced with selfish & selfless do not know what is right because that mind is only full of one way. IN order to know our minds need to be full of all ways. Hekate told me once, a mind that can hold paradox & opposition is a mind of God. 

Humanity can become Gods. But in order to become Gods & become immortal then there must be rules & a process. Or else we would be like little baby infant Gods. Lets the ancient ones show you the way! Because if we are honest with ourselves we don’t know anything! 

We are faced with what we are told. What humanity tells us, with the face of our neightbor, our mom, our significant other, the news person, our higher self, our spirit guides, and the gods. HOwever you want to see it. The voice of divinity & truth is included & I know its hard to hear but its there! In order to hear it you need to become comfortable with the chaos, with the pain, with the negaitive. Realitze that its here to stay until we accept it and begin to use it as a tool to learn & rise above. 

There is no running away from anything. There is no protection other than personal experience! You must know your enemey. You must know the so called light & dark side. You must know its the the other face of the same coin. And whether you accept it or not… you do it anyway! 

But if you want do act with awareness, and know what youre doing, and because to have a choice in how you react then you need to understand human nature, even the scary parts of it. The only enemy is OURSELVES. Even if an uber scary alien race took over, the enemy would still be ourselves because… we allowed our envionment to become weakened & vulnerable due to our ignorance and lack of belief in ourselves, and our technology & divine forces to  have supported & protected us. 

The divine can only do so much. Our free will, even if we don’t know what we are doing, must be respected. They can’t even try to over power it. It is our responsibility to awaken and stop thinking about things in corrupted false ways! This is the UNIVERSE! We live on a dirt ball in the middle of darkness! 

The possibilities should be limitless & we should use our imagination to prepare & learn about all of those possibilities. But also leave room for the utter mundane activities too! lol Be a mere little human sometimes. KNow that you can’t help but to be that sometimes, youre going to make mistakes, youre going to show your ass, youre going to be total butthead sometimes, and other times youre going to be utterly amazing & a miracle to someone or even to yourself! 

Have the mind that can withhold all & everything! If you can do that then nothing will ever surprise you and you will always be open to any lesson that approaches you. And fear will become a lessened emotion of your reality. But only if the Goddess domain is integrated! 

In closing, we destroy and we don’t even know it. Think of all the insects you kill by walking on the grass? What does that mean? Are you going to stop walking on the grass? Come on. Everyone times comes when the end must be met. But that also means that what goes around comes around. So while karma is real. She is here to teach us to tread lightly & take responsibility. But she also is saying that innocence commits crime as does ignorance & what many of us would be prone to call evil. Is it really evil? Or is it ignorance or innoence? And what is the difference? 

What is it that drives a person to cause destruction on purpose? OR without feeling? We kill or injure many creations without feeling when we walk on the grass, or kill a spider (which I refuse to do so but many pepole do it anyway yet they will go on and on if a human is killed or if abortion is commited.) There are too many hypocrites. And that truly needs to stop. 

Karma is here to continue on until we wake up. We will either destroy ourselves or save ourselves. The choice is ours. So know what youre saying. Do your research. Speak to divinity or the Gods, or whatever. If youre going to curse know that there isn’t difference between that and/or thinking negaitively about someone. One doesn’t need to spill blood or do a ritual in order for a curse to be active. Many times its a dagger stabbing glance or a “bitch” thought under our breathe. 

And I’m not saying to curse or not to curse. I”m saying wake up and realize that if you don’t curse? You aren’t better nor more positive than those that do. You are simply in denial about the times that you do but do not realize it. Many times cursing is necessary in order to strengthen concentration & awareness of destruction energy. 

Many times its healthy for the emotional realm to have a place & space where indulging in negative thoughts is needed & accepted. The soul is taught to repress these feelings out of fear. Its okay to hate, its okay to curse, you do it anyways whether youre aware of it or not, no human van ever be 100% positive. 

If we are allowed to devote a time to release our negative energy then that means we have an opportunity in truly transmuting it then in turn we can then truly learn how to heal! We cause destruction no matter if we curse in a magickal way or not. People truly need to hear that & understand it. Whether you call someone an asshole or get into a fight & say a bunch of insulting things or even if you don’t say those thing & you think it. Remember there are no secrets. We are taught to believe that psychic phenomena doesn’t exist… therefore nobody will try it. We’ve gone so long without trying it that we are severely out of practice. Or if it happens for us its seen as coincidence or whatever. Sometimes healing is to express darkness, direct it at where it needs to go, let go of the attachment. If its meant to cause harm it will. Does it mean harm will return to us? Harm will always make its way back & forth to & from us. This isn’t about escaping harm or negativity. This is about rising above the war between these two sides that are going to be here reagrdless of what we think about them. If we don’t put this war to rest it will be the death of us when we truly have the power to do much great things! Which is to KNOW things. Negative and positive are weapons & experience. 

Hekate teaches me that all is dark. We start off as ignorance. We start off as primal. Because that is where the cosmic soul is at the moment. It has nothing to do with purity. It is primal & dark. Because that is the seeds that are planted within the soil of Hades is made up of at the moment. In order to change those seeds? We need to dive into Hades & learn all that we can because that is where all of the corruption begins to manifest. As we work our way through Hades we will then find ourselves moving deeper & deeper until we are relocated into the Heavens…. then that is truly when everything will shift. We will see the true polarity of our world & how things are working within the Cosmic soul that makes up everything including the planets. Once we travel these worlds & understand more & more. A pact should be made with these intelligent beings. And then what sort of difference is it that you want to make should be considered. 

That is if you feel yourself to be a light worker or someone who is called to make such a pact. IN order to understand ourselves we need to understand our souls, the soul of all else,, and our environment. But without the Goddess we cannot do that! 

We need to learn how to become aligned with the Goddess!! 

This is why I’m here! 


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Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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