Doreen Virtue Conversion

Before I begin I would like to apologize for the poor grammer & typos. The overall disorganized writing in this post but it is what it is!

I would like to take the time to speak about Doreen Virtue. This spiritual teacher was important to me during my early seeker days of exploring all paths, right & left hand of spirituality & religion! She was the first spiritual teacher whom combined communication with Angelic beings & Deities of Celtic & Greek Mythology. I credit this spiritual teacher for much of my realizations over the years of my early years in trying to find my place with all of this.

As I am a very different sort of breed. So I required a bit of every path but teachers whom were also trail blazers of their own kind!

And she definitely was! She was into a bit of everything as well but much more stationed within the realm of right hand spirituality. She wasn’t religious per se but very white light tradition spirituality.

As I dont see a defining line between right or left. Only true and false. But I am not here to tell you exactly what the “truth” is. Because I recognize that I can never be 100% correct about well anything! None of us can! We have the things we are right about & the things we are still working on towards getting right! If more people would see things along this way of things coupled with the fact that truth can be expressed in a varied way but ultimately there can only be one truth.

We would be better off! But this is my opinion!

The reason the truth seems so chaotic or obscure or in many different directions is the level of comprehension, the plan of the soul, karma, and all sorts of other things that are taken into account. But after all, we all see rings around Saturn & Uranus. We all see a yellow firey sun. We see green grass. And even these facts can vary if someone is color blind or even blind altogether! They will see, nothing. They will not know what grass looks like nor the sun but wil experience the entities in another way! That those of us whom rely on sight perhaps may be taking for granted.

So truth can vary but even so, no matter what words you chose to explain the truth of the Sun… the point will always remain the same. Truth never changes.

Back to the point! Many of you know I was drawn to the extremities of left & right hand paths of spirituality & religion during my seeker days. I gained much from teetering back and forth! However I couldn’t tell you what I gained until recently.

Which is, I gained what I resonated with, incorporated that as fact, definitions however depended on what I was able to bring to the table that the other teachers couldn’t give a perspective rooted in personal experience (most often than not), I loved Doreen Virtue until she began to say things like “Archangel Lucifer & Azazel are bad news, stay away from them” yet claim that angelics were nondenominational.

This struck me as being extremely odd for someone claiming spiritual evolution even they had christian tendencies I could look past it so long as it was practical tendencies and not outright confusion or lies passed down from generation to generation.

This turned me off of her for a while. Then came in complaints I began to run into from many practitioners saying that following the practices & oracle card layouts by Doreen Virtue was causing demonic possession??!!

LIke what in the hell is happening? hahahaha

I do not mean offense towards anyone whom has experienced this. But there is a logical explanation. Simply read this essay for just that!

This rumor or these experiences that were claimed relating to the teachings of Dorren Virtue had to have been some of what influenced her choice. And honestly? I feel extremely sad for her. I even wish I could have at least 20 minutes to speak with her. She helped me during detrimental times. And we don’t, and didn’t share the exact same path & we never will.

Thats okay.

But to run towards the Bible & claim it to be trustworthy & a piece of true history???

No, I”m sorry but it isnt.

That isn’t to say that I hate Christianity! I dislike the forefathers of Christianity. It is blatantly obvious what went on there!

Christians say that they are the most hated. That isn’t necessarily true. They are the openly accepted to hate. There is a difference. But do you know who is the most hated. Both on public level but even more so on a very low key level?

Witchcraft of all kinds.

Satanism, all branches.

Paganism, all branches.

Mythology that isn’t Judaism or the like.

Witches are feared, mocked, laughed at, Earth Worshippers, protecters, animal protesters, plant life protesters, and the like are mocked everyday. I can’t even chose pagan, nor wiccan, witch, and probably not satanist as my religion on the death bed in the hospital! But Christians can & so can 30 other religions!!!

Thats an issue! That is obviously more than an insult. That is stealing a religion… and doing something with it. Either keeping it or twisting it into something else then pretending as if it was never truly as it was or came after christianity & became the fallen angels, demons, antichristianity of the fucking world!

I’m not sorry but I will never ever trust the bible. And yes its a piece of history. a reminder of what was done in order to make humanity GOD instead of the planets & their spirits & consciousness!

People who go around preaching this as truth & hate on other paths without valid reason? You are all wrong and are paying for karma as you chose that lifestyle & are wracking up even more karma! You are keeping the entire human race stagnant!

Stop it!

There is a recent video published by Doreen Virtue. As I’m sure everyone has gathered thus far that she converted from a New Age path with Christian Science leanings to full fledged Bible preaching Christian. And whatever, right? But how can you have valid experiences of Gods & goddesses, angelic beings, and the like, have personal experience that Christianity isn’t correct but run right back to it solely because you have one vision of Jesus & he didn’t even specific speak to you?

Guess what? I’ve had vivid & profound experiences of Jesus & I’m a Satanist. More of a Satanist then ever before since my deepening of my own comprehension of Jesus! Because guess what? I fully believe he existed. But I believe he came to humanity at a dark transition within the mental evolution of humanity. He came to remind of us our true nature that we fight to forget & deny, reject, devalue, and claim it to not be important which is what keeps us stagnant as well!

But his word was twisted into what the people who wanted or felt they needed obedience from humanity at the time. So they crucified him. Stole his word twisted it to fit their own purpose. And now everyone is paying for it.

Karma is a bitch.

The only way out of this is to see the truth of this & fucking stop it.


The recent video by Doreen Virtue is one saying that there are spirits going around impersonating Jesus & there are dark spirits fighting for the souls of humanity. This is true on some level but, hate to break it to you people, Christians aren’t on the right side. You all are being fooled for the karma you owe. Every devout Christian had something to do with the killing of Christ. Just my opinion.

Everyone who believes there to be a spiritusl war between light and dark forces?? stop. The war is between humanity & their true nature!

Ignorance of the human ego& divinity. Which both have pros and cons!

The only thing you need protection is the darkness of humanity that runs unconsciously! The false that replays itself again & again.

Doreen said that all she saw was a large vision of Jesus within the church she was in. And she saw a fierceness within him she hadnt seen before.

Well, duh! He was crucified thr his message was stolen & corrupted. So you sensed his reactipn to that coupled eith his love for humanity you felt his shadow self. That wasn’t a hint for you to run to the Bible. You piss him off further & now you’re talking to these false spirits which are human made spirits. Yet preaching to others about how they are speaking to false spirits. No, dear. Always assume that what you are accusing– you are guilty of.

Jesus is famous for being a mirror of humanitys darkness & mistakes. But it’s diguised as a reminder to look deeper. Remember the shadow of everyone. Without that shadow the choice to ascend wouldn’t be available.

There arent imposter Jesus spirits, sorry peeps but no. There will no spiritusl war between high and low energy forms. Nope.

Only energies that are of humanitys own doing that they prefer to blame on ancient God’s, fallen angelic who arent fallen and never were, humanity is the entity that has fallen!

Even if you chose to follow Christ soley then this shouldn’t be a mysterious nor hard to see or figure out.

Why would some Good whom is rarely refered to by his actual name by the way, but somehow has claimed the entire word “God” as his own, manage to allow a shit load of trickster spirits who have nothing to do than to fuck with devout Christian’s?

Ya know what that sounds like to me? Paranoia & aan inner knowing that one isnt following the truth. A signal from actual Jedus and ancient God’s saying, “yo, you’re following a long line of liar human souls that are trapped in the hell they created!”

Seriously the governmebt, what’s accepted to do, political parties, civil separation all of this? Stay away from it. It made to create you. It’s made to take you over and turn you into a statistic. To ve sure to know where you’re heading since they created all that’s in your mind.

Humanity is still in infantile stage of soul growth. Listen to the planets. You’ll learn and do better.

While Thank you Doreen, for giving me a jumpstart. Otherwise IM sorry but you’re wrong. You’ve chosen tgis path out of misunderstood thinking, fear and a guilty conscious. Jesus was showing you what you needed to work through in order to be liberated. Not yow to enslave yourself again.

Jesus, Lucifer, Michael, Azrael, all of these entities are of the same being. The same GOD. ANGELICS ARE THE OLD GODS. AS ARE THE REPTILLIANS!



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