Bullshit like; “Manifest your dream job or dream life!”

Huh? Why? Do you even realize the mental health of humanity at the moment?


For the love of Hades & the Heavens! I’m getting Royally irritated at these people who promote this concept! This isn’t based in any kind of practical concept!

First of all the dream life of anyone is extremely flawed & is a large presumptuous idea of your passion in life turned into a business more often than not!

And if it’s something else, even so, no life comes without the downside!

What needs to be promoted or sold to people for free or low price is how to make room for every concept within the mind therefore you are always content regardless of happy or sad.

Know your passions so you never state you’re bored. Because saying your bored in this universe is one of the most dumbest things ever.

If youre bored you depend on others for enjoyable mood shifts & creative juices. Stop it.

You lack imagination is youre bored. You lack proper knowledge of yourself & your environment if you at all believe yourself and surroundings are mediocre.

Even in the worst situation, for example, homeless, one can be enlightened. One doesn’t need a dream job to be happy. Humanity needs to bring abundance within.

Manifestation of our inner world needs to take place before change of our outer world can. And before you begin spouting off ignorant direction less magick everywhere.

Learn what reality is instead of focusing on any concern or words that has the words dream job or dream life within thr phrase!

Humanity has enough issues to own up to and deal eith before this kind manifestation is claimed to be some kind of birth right. It isn’t. It is earned.
But first there are lessons, and sacrifice to experience. Or else how could anyone enjoy the dream job or dream life prior to learning?

Most of humanity is truly confused about what they even want & much more about how to even attain it especially on a magickal level.

My opinion? More important? Spiritual values grounded into the physical. Seeking contact from the dead & the planets.

Those are the first goals. Knowledge of environment comes first. The order of how to attain more than what you have on a mundane level comes much much later!

Give it a rest. Gain wealth of knowledge.

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