Greet the Guardians

Meet the Guardians!

Who are the Guardians? Well depending on who you ask you will get a few different answers. But ultimately they are the watchers of the four elements. Some may see them as angelic spirits or daemonic spirits or what have you. But I tend to see them as Dragons whom watch over, observe, guard and protect their domains and all they are connected to according to what element they preside over.



These dragons are sacred to Hecate as her chariot is directed by Dragons. Hecate is a goddess whom fills in the blanks so to speak so that we may receive and understand the larger picture when it comes to our ritual and spell work as well as everything ‘in between’. So it makes sense that our Goddess Hecate would be the one to provide… the Directions. Corners, Quarters, Guardians… etc, by whatever name you call them. They are the same.


The main four elements are as follows, Earth, Air, Fire, and


Water. And these four are what we will cover for this portion of the topic. I will connect a link to another page that will dive further into the other directions but for this page we will only be discussing the elements that are guarded by Hecate’s Dragons.



Meet the North Direction Guarded by the Earth Dragon!


The Earth element is associated with, obviously, Mother Earth. It is the element which one will find the most grounding energy. If you seek stability, or an awakening of the heart chakra as well as the Root, Earth elementals are the best to work with. This element is associated with practical tree magick. So its understandable to why it is associated with the gnomes and dryads of the fairie world. There is much fertile energy for one to bury the seeds of a new beginning or



Other Associations: Death/Rebirth, Cycles, Change, Lessons of Time, animals, home, wealth, crops, Pentacle, Rock, Hammer, Salt, Shield, Drum.

Here is where the Tree of knowledge can be found whom is protected by the Angelic Metatron. There is much more to be learned and explored here as well!

Magickal Power: To be silent.

What is Druidry?


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Meet the East Direction guarded by the Air Dragon Elemental!


The Air element is associated with the realm of thought. Invention, Inspiration, the “word of God” so to speak. It is the realm of the Sylph, the type of Fae, and gateway to meeting the angelics. Wind Magick can be learned here. Other associations, Freedom, Individuality, communication, telepathy, teaching, astral travel, beginnings, singing.

Angelics associated– Raphael, Lucifer, Hermes.


The Planets associated is Mercury and Jupiter.

If you seek a balance or knowledge/readjustment associated with clairity of thought or an increase of inspiration, guidance in communication and/or teaching, this would be the realm for you to begin your work!

The chakras associated, Throat & Third Eye.

MAGICAL TOOLS: Wand, Staff, Athame, Sword,
Incense, Feather, Pen, Broom, Scourge

Magickal Power: To Know.

The Art of Witchcraft!

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Meet the West Direction guarded by the Water Dragon Elemental!


The Water element is associated with Imagination, spirituality, selfless/passive action but also chaotic feeling. This element is also linked to the afterlife as well as other things such as; dreams, compassion, love, psychic phenomena, healing, rest, cleansing, death rebirth, astral travel, Femininity.

If you seek to face fears regarding emotion, balance between emotion and logic, or to know the structure relating to the afterlife or spiritual life such as your souls origin etc… this would be the realm for you to begin in!

Magickal Power: To Dare.


Archangel Associated: Gabriel. Archangel of the Moon. The messenger, midwife, can appear as a female or as a male angel.

Other Beings and/or creatures associated: Leviathan, Cthulhu, Tiamat,  Poseidon, and more!

Planets associated: Neptune, Uranus, the Moon.

MAGICAL TOOLS: Chalice, Cup, Bowl, Cauldron,
Ring, Sickle

CHAKRA(S): Sacral, heart, third eye




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Meet the South Direction guarded by the Fire Dragon Elemental!


Known associations are action, passion, lust, anger, energy work, rebellion, individuality of the soul, destruction/creation, strength, battle, protection, masculinity, the Sun & Mars.

The Archangel Associated is Archangel Michael. As well as Satan (the opposition) , Lilith, and Hecate.

Other beings, The Phoenix, the Dragon, Lizards, Snakes, etc.

MAGICAL TOOLS: Athame, Sword, Wand, Staff,
Candle, Flame, Scourge

CHAKRA(S): Solar Plexus


This Realm is good for magick concerning banishing, exorcism, balancing masculine with fem, tantra, sex magick, empowering, putting thought into action, expressing emotion, embracing destruction.


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Meet the Center Direction guarded by the Akasha Dragon!


This element is considered the “fifth” but more importantly it is considered the Mother Element. Akasha or Akashic. Aether. This realm consists of all the elements, the ones I mentioned above as well as beyond. The above-the heavens, the Below-the underworld, Akasha is the center.

Akasha consists of everything & nothing simultaneously. This realm is also connected to the akashic records. It is said that once a person aligns, balances their elements, and does all that is demanded from them by their trusted spiritual guides, they will then meet Akasha… introduced either by Hecate herself, or Metatron.

When this happens this is a sign that it is time to go where you haven’t gone before. It is time to enter the Hall of Records and learn about the story of your very soul and/or help others in their own journey towards this sacred place. I am just now only beginning to become more and more aware of said place. As soon as I know more about it I will then offer readings from the Akashic records for anyone interested!

With that said, until then I am learning how to use all of the power I have learned, aligned, and balanced and am personifying this power that I feel into the character from Queen of the Damned, Akasha. Very interesting feat and not what you would expect. To learn more;


Other Associations: Unity, balance, magic, change, alchemy, transformation, divinity, timelessness, spacelessness, before birth, after death, time travel, pathwork, religious.

Spiritual Beings associated: Metatron, Thoth, Hermes, Sphinx, Michael, Azrael, Unicorns, and more

Chakras: Crown, ALL.

open book
Coming Soon–Akashic Records!

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