Abuser (Poetry)

I look into your hand mirror. frozen stare as a tear fell from one, melting into my heart. Hell cries fo help. Biblically mistranslated.

Demons claw hungrily at my love which planted as seeds into soil outside your back door.

I embraced my own; you enslaved my pride. Activate illusion; transforming self vanity. My guilt freshing your vein by the old syringe. A gift given to me from an old enemy.

Medicinal poison flushing your system. Raped corruption. Cardiac arrested long ago. Now beating once again.

I worship the abuser. One whom defiles. The enemy.

Published by

Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!