Understanding Satan in a useful way

Understanding Satan from the perspective of an ex Satanist.

One thing that many tend to do that I feel is a mistake is run screaming Satan. Many do not fully comprehend Satan.

As someone whom approached Satanic paths with the need to understand within my heart; I feel I have an advantage when it comes to understanding our enemy. In more ways than one.

I personally didn’t approach paganism and/or Satanism as a means to gain anything but understanding & answers that I felt I couldn’t find in Christianity when I was a child.

To be honest, I feel that there are answers that can be found in these paths but they won’t be full acknowledged until one finds themselves ready to accept The One True God & Christ, undiluted, in their life.

Because, and I don’t care what other christians say in response to what I’m about to say, but the truth is sprinkled throughout everything in this life. We must acknowledge it. We must be clear & vigilant with the purpose within our hearts when a seeker.

Theres nothing inherently wrong with seeking. God wants us to seek him. So despite of what many say, so long as your true purpose is to know truth, God will find you. No matter what path the enemy may have trapped you on.

Satan simply means the Adversary or the Enemy. Which can manifest as anyone, anything, any color, emotion, demon, situation, human, animal. Any opposition.

Satan can disguise himself as the most benevolent being but will always show the difference between ‘this or that’. This entity is full of paradox & trappings. Each movement is based on his or her or agenda which is unknown to you.

This means that this current is alive in everything. Including, yes, the Bible. Satan is the opposing God to Christ. He is the main star and the God of this world! He will always have a piece of you. Which is why it’s so important to have as much of your soul as honest and aligned to God as possible that is unique to whom you are.

As God understands the repercussions of this fallen angel & all else that has happened spiritually & physically that maybe we aren’t aware of. Remember kids, we are flawed. Our soul is inherently innocent. We can fall for anything.

We learn to judge. We learn to be negative. Negative isn’t apart of our souls origin. It is apart of the first angel ever created by God.

This means God understands all of this darkness. This rebellion. The game. Your heart. My heart. And cannot be fooled.

God doesn’t hate. He may not agree or not like. But he is not capable of hate. Only the enemy would say to fear God. Only the enemy would judge you.

Christ nor God is judging you. We judge ourselves. By our conscious which is connected to the source of God. Judging, hatred, anger etc these things give false illusion of righteousness.

Telling someone what is good or right for them in the eyes of God without taking into consideration that God works on an individual level & knows things you don’t know? It’s being the enemy.

You don’t think the Bible is full of tests? Hidden tests? Think again. Do not preach the entire Bible as if you underatand it without flaw.

Believing this to be so is the Enemy. It means you’re bold enough to understand every intention by God. And the intention of every prophet & apostle in the Bible. Why?

That seems misguided.

Satan is an entity when approached as I did in my early satanic days, he will inspire an inquisitive nature within you. He will quench your thirst to understand by feeding you both illusion & truth. In order to keep you questioning.

He will scapegoat you as he has been done. He will rarely confess to his flaws unless he is forced to or it suits his agenda. He will create new stories of his origin, your origin, whether or not God exists, he will corrupt your view of Jesus.

He will connect you with the darkest part of your soul while presenting himself as not a teacher but one whom guides you to become familiar darkness. If you keep your eye on him he will not suggest you to harm yourself or anyone else.

This is how he presented himself to me by the way I approached him when entering the satanic path. Many assume different things. But if you’re entering it with the need for truth in your heart. He plays his game more subtlety & slowly.

However that doesnt mean he doesn’t have something to offer intellectually to consider. This is why it’s important to face him with the desire to learn.

As he won’t be leaving our lives anytime soon. Isn’t it best to know your enemies? Facing him may even and will change the dynamic you have with him now.

But allow yourself to be guided by someone whom has experience in such things. Depending on your fears he may have you in a weak spot already and changing the gameay not be good for you individually.

However pray to God instead that you seek to understand the enemy. In order to eliminate the hate.

Recognize the saying, “Know your opponent”? This still applies. This is how you can understand and spot the traps he may have you in or attempt to have you in.

Its important to know the enemy will try anything. It can be anything. Even what you least expect. Satanic current can and will attempt to corrupt everything. But by paying attention to it in our own lives first, we can help others whom need help in identifying demonic activity, oppression, and possession in their life.

Which suggests we need to understand the current in our personal life before we go & judgeing others path. We aren’t here to judge another. Use common sense and judge in general? Sure.

But let’s be honest, many times we judge for the wrong reasons and convince ourselves it’s benevolant. When it’s actually not. Satanic current thrives in judgement.

Only God can judge in the appropriate way. Making better choices means to beable what is best for yourself and others involved. That doesnt mean using judgement per se. It isn’t hard to see what is good for you and what isn’t.

You don’t necessarily need to use judgement. If you have a direct link to God. Allow him to tell you. And realize this information is for you. Not others.

Did you always listen when you were told you were making a mistake? No. Therefore others need to hear other information. The how’s and why’s. Not that they are wrong. But how and what perspective may they try on in order to connect with God easier.

How do they spot warnings and how to see they are in an unhealthy situation. Tell them the how’s. Not your judgements of their life.

If you believe your judgements are what guides you, you may be trapped by ego whom is encouraged by the enemy in order to bring a false sense of self & security to the ego. Or maybe not.

But trying to get through to others as we’ve been for the past century isn’t entirely the best. If Christians cant admit when they’ve done wrong… Then why should anyone believe in Christianity?

The point in Christianity is seeing the truth of darkness, admitting it, and chosing the light of truth to get you through this dark world.

It should be the most honest, loving and innovative religion.

Prove that to others.

In closing Satan may show himself as a red demon, or shadow wolf with red eyes along snarl to some. Or he may pretend to be a trusted angel, spirit guide whom hooks you with his beauty & charm. These two faces are the most well known.

But for others he may be well tamed & as honest as he allows while he takes you on a journey of truly learning good & evil.

While we may take a few detours of confusion or distraction along the way. Seeing darkness with a willingness to gain wisdom is best when dealing with our fallen angel.

Be cautious but listen to him & test him at every doubting moment.

There is nothing wrong with this so long as you do so with the correct intent and ask God to make his warnings clear if you don’t see dangers.

Some may think this is an odd thing to recommend but it’s truly something that needs to be done at least once to formally show satan youre paying attention.

Sometimes more is needed coupled with God’s protection. Running away in fear isn’t always useful. Satan needs to be understood for mord than one reason. Fearing him does nothing.

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Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!