False Prophets? Really?

False Prophets? Really?

Okay, my fellow Christians & others, in these modern times this doesnt need to be the focus. I could understand when Jesus was alive & even many years later. And I can even understand speaking of someone who is in political power.

But exposing false prophets whom are online? Regardless if your opinion is valid. But seriously we need to look at more than just aspects before “exposing” people.

I’ve heard many people claim that two of the christians i watch on youtube are false while they claim others are false.

I just dont believe this works like it used to. The times have changed. And we are most likely going to be too inexperienced to be claiming others are false prophets unless its obvious like they are conning people out of money. And as far as this is concerned, we should already know they are to an extent using their stance for money.

If we have faith in what we say we do, then God will reveal them. We dont need to. These days that causes more confusion than good.

Not everything in the Bible needs to apply to these modern times. There is nothing wrong with questioning God when we arent sure about certain directions in the Bible.

Im not saying that the key elements are false but some things just wont work thw same in these modern times. Because of how things have changed and the Enemy works differently with people. Let’s not deny whats in front of us.

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