To whom it may concern (poem)

To whom it may concern-
Misunderstood Me.
Understood you.
Lash out at me;
Mistake my reflection as you.
Ignoring your error;
You saw all of mine.
Belief in your good;
She counted on my dark.
My sins you hold dear;
Molding into demons.
She drained me of color;
Illuminating her features
False light illuminating.
Light shining lingers;
Clear detail-purity exposed.
Now corrupted as your mask;
She wears without shame;
Included ignorance & hate.
Mask will you never create;
Truth reveling in your evil purity.

Published by

Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!