Archangel Michael Speaks!

I’ve been aware of the Angelic Realm my entire life however I didn’t understand it nor had full faith in it until a few years ago! My faith in it was on & off and included alot of confusion!

The very first angel I ever saw was Azrael. Then Michael & Lucifer!

However these days of full faith and for the past few years I see all of them! 

And Michael is here to tell all of you that many of you are wrong about some of your perspective on angels.

Let him speak.

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High Council 11-Introduction


I am instructed & guided by Zeus, himself, to rewrite and describe his HIgh Council in which it hasn’t been evolved nor rewritten since the good ol days of the past. It should be noted that Zeus loves to tell his story to those whom are open enough to listen! He loves it even more if you share his “word” with others! However as always there is a disclaimer! 

–I do not claim for this to be the truth for everyone nor the whole universe! While it may mirror the spiritual truth in many ways–for myself as well as my own perception of the Universe—it is mixed with truth and fantasy! 

Ultimately it is for entertainment purposes and done to provoke thought!

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Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury is the planet of communication! So this means no matter if Mercury is retrograde or not–Pay attention to thoughts and words you chose to speak, and think!

First of all retrograde is illusion!e0801789af0eb413768943640bae08ed

“illusion caused by the motion of Earth and these planets around the sun”

It merely appears to be in retrograde. Does this mean that the “negative” that is experienced from Mercury’s retrograde to be untrue or illusion?

Mercury says yes and no. The winged messenger of the God’s says that most of humanity are choosing the wrong words to describe these events.

Caduceus-7Yes, it’s true travel plans seem to go awry, communication skills change depending on what sign Mercury is in during the retrograde.

The difference however is that we are paying more attention to Minor details concerning the domains of Mercury.So the negatives seem magnified. Also he says that things have potential to go negative even when he isn’t in retrograde!

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Demons (Daemons)



I would like to talk to you all about the subject of demons. This term used to be better known as Daemons before the christian era took a hold of it and turned it into something other than what it truly was originally. 

What is a daemon? 


               Originally the daemon was an intelligent spirit–a guiding spirits-l300 (1)she_devil_sitting_on_tail_die-cut_decal_car_window_wall_bumper_phone_laptop_5ed7a28e_563108
for many.
It wasn’t a stranger to the darkside, of course not, in fact, the daemon would commonly speak to the human about the nature of their darkside (the humans), in many different ways. Sometimes the entity would express the concern in  logical and clear way, other times it wouldn’t and could come across as the demon that we know today… however without the whole conflict between it and christianity. Because that simply wasn’t an issue back in those days. 

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