Abuser (Poetry)

I look into your hand mirror. frozen stare as a tear fell from one, melting into my heart. Hell cries fo help. Biblically mistranslated.

Demons claw hungrily at my love which planted as seeds into soil outside your back door.

I embraced my own; you enslaved my pride. Activate illusion; transforming self vanity. My guilt freshing your vein by the old syringe. A gift given to me from an old enemy.

Medicinal poison flushing your system. Raped corruption. Cardiac arrested long ago. Now beating once again.

I worship the abuser. One whom defiles. The enemy.

Born to be free (July 4th)

July 4th.

Such a strange holiday. Celebrating an illusion of freedom that shouldn’t have had to have been fought for. Freedom is a birth right. It’s natural. Freedom cannot be given. It can only be realized within.

Its also strange since we still live in a day & age where slavery mentality is very real & still exists. Even within the minds of people whom may not realize it.

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Meet Karma…Again

It is indeed an unpopular belief for a Satanist… And it is a belief that I never believed until recently. particularly when Hekate came into my life.

This post isn’t a preach fest! It is a sharing. A telling of how I went from not see proof of Karma to seeing & understanding it clearly. I wont repeat the analogy that Hekate stated that helped me understand at this point. 

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Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book-Venus Satanas!

IMG_20180630_074355.jpgI wanted to take a moment and speak of this beautiful pocket sized book by the satanic occult author Venus Satanas!

First off, I found this lovely lady in 2010 shortly after I decided to explore Satanism & other similar left hand paths. It was truly a blessing when I found her because I was very drawn to Satanism but even tho I wasn’t exactly sure what I believed in then, I knew that I couldn’t exactly say that I was an atheistic satanist.

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Archangel Lucifer


Before you read further I need you all to know that this is simply what I’ve been told by Lucifer himself, but this is a mere concept for me to spread to those that resonate with this as well. If you do not see any truth in the following–there is absolutely no pressure for you to believe it! The following is something to think about. 

The basic truth of Lucifer is the Light bringer. The bringer of wisdom. The outline of what your own individual spiritual truth should look like or makes sense to you! 


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High council 11–First Meeting & Message


You are free to have faith or to reject this. The author is indifferent. As this is one of her many myths rewritten. Many paths have a High Council but not quite like this one. Stay tuned for more as this is more of a “getting to know” message! If nothing at all, I hope it entertained you.  

Welcome to the first official meeting..

..I am having since the Zeus’s high council was reconstructed! Many people communicate with some type of council from the stars. So this isn’t much different however I will not speak of any alien civilizations or species that you aren’t familiar with nor will I ever expect blind belief! The first time where I was aware of this High Council was when I wrote of it in this post…

High Council 11-Introdution

To have a quick recap please look over the following to understand who and what this council is made up of & why. Including benefits & a warning towards channeling out of the most known planets!

  1. Zeus-King of the Heavens. Domain on both Jupiter & Sun. Representing the Higher Self. Evolution. Good Luck. Benevolent Energy. Sense of humor. Fiercely protective. Control over the weather. Influencing the Government. Motto- “If I can change anyone can.” 
  2. Hekate-Queen of the Heavens. Moon. Representing the emotional realm. The Mother, Maiden, & Crone. Mother of Witches. controlling the tides, highlighting the emotion in humanity. Queen of the Fae. Mother of Angels & Daemons. Necormancer. Creator of the human/fae hybrids.
  3. Saturn-Aka Chronus. God of Time. (Domain is of the soil on Earth. The realm just above the Underworld. But within the dirt. Domain of time that rules Earth) Owner of man made ideas. Grounded. Rigid. Stable. Stubborn for change but is opening up for the New World.
  4. Asteria- Goddess of the Stars & wishes  made upon them. Sleep, death, fear, change, memory, law, and dreaming are her realm. Mother of the Gods. Divination.
  5. Aphrodite- (Venus) Divine Feminine. Goddess of Beauty, art, corruption, lust, relationships, creation, new beginnings, self love, and wealth. 
  6. Akasha-Former Egyptian Queen fell from grace, then reborn as an Atlantean, she then presided the fall there as well. Now something more than human–something Vampire & God alike. After her destruction she created a new breed of hybrids–Atlantean souls with a vampiric twist. Because of this she was recruited into the council as the hybrids she created evolved and surpassed their darkside & instead looking for redemption found a connection with the old Gods.
  7. Ares–God of War. Mars. Becoming balanced between his intellect & war. He has a new angelic army that is fighting for him & is representing the actions influenced by him & the humanity that moves full circle but also now including the movement of angels to get things back on track. 
  8. Kali–Goddess of Destruction & creation. Here to remind us of the corruption of the Ego, and to show humanity that for every destruction there is indeed a dept that must be paid! She will not be shy about teaching this lesson.
  9. Poseidon-God of all bodies of water. (Neptune) The only God that requires faith in him. As he dwells beyond humanities reach deep within the waters. He is also the most feared. As water is symbolic for both death & life. Another God of Karma. Such as Kali & Asteria. 
  10. Dionysus–God of wine,mind altering substances, dancing, ecstasy, invention of music, acting, shapeshifting, and more. “I have returned”.
  11. Mercury- (Or Hermes) The first winged messenger. Created by Hekate. Invented of numbers, language, magick, the ego, intellect. I’m here to remind you of whom came first… 

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Earn your Fae Blessings!


Would you like a blessing from the Fae?



You  must knock before you can enter. You must be polite and willing to return the favor. Because there are much more things, people, beings, animals, nature and her spirits that are in need! 
It’s time to wake up. 


Considering that the well know image of the faerie is enchanting and popular–It can be difficult to find reliable sources on the Faerie world. Not to say there aren’t any but that they can be hard to find; few and far between.

While the fantasy version of the pixie may be cute yet mischievous and that may mirror the nature of Fairie nature but only somewhat..if-you-want-your-children-to-be-intelligent-read-them-fairy-tales-quote-1-289147211.jpg


Have you read the legend tales of nature spirits, elemental, Fae, coupled with the God’s relating that were written ages ago?

The reliable sources I have found reside within a path called Feri Tradition. But that’s a topic for when I have more time. 

To the trained eye–

it’s obvious that the ways of Fae have been distorted, rewritten to cover lie, fragmented, corrupted I order to cause fear, etc.


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