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Contour added to “Hekatean Satanic Bible”

This book will be geared towards those whom feel a resonance or call from the Goddess but within the Satanic genre of the occult, philosophy, & even speak genres. It is also for anyone whom feels they are at a crossroads of their spiritual evolution

Whether you are satanic or not there are still things you could gain by reading! All therein is channeled from the Goddess. The manyheads of ultimately Tiamat who dwells within the deepest of watery depths! The perspetive of the Goddess will be be written of here. The Feminist will also be clearly defined & possibly reddifined on some level!

This is the rough draft of the index & chapters!

Earth Dragon Guardian Crowned Princess

Book of Persephone


Pure/free spirit

Persephone Speaks

A)Natural Magick

B)Sun magick

C)Fae Magick

Life takes a turn that is out of ones hands as Darkness calls. Fate, etc.

Male equivalent-Belial

Fire Dragon Guardian Crowned Princess

Book of Lilith


Exploring individually.

Fact finding.

Learning free will & consequence

Feared, abandoned


A)black magick

B)moon magick

C)Sex Magick

D)Tree magick

Male consort-Satan

Water Dragon Guardian Crowned Princess

Book of Tiamat


Sorting through emotion.

Facing fears & opposition

Isolation to developing empathy.


A)astral travel


C)water magick

D)Curse/healing spells

E)psychic defense magick

Male consort-leviathan

Air Dragon Guardian Crowned Princess

Book of hekate


(Becoming & Rebirth)

Crossroads meeting

Excerising your free will to chose to become greater than you believe yourself to be.

Owning yourself

Putting your skills to the test.

Becoming the Necromancer

Become the witch

Become Queen

Make consort-lucifer


A)grey magick

B)air magick

Hekates Labyrinth-

Hekate Dragon Guiding chariot into other worlds meditations.

Queen of Heaven-

Mother of angels

Claiming your throne

Planetary magick

Pact with Lucifer

B)Queen of Hell-

Mother of demons

Claiming your throne

Magick of seasons

Moon magick


Pact with Satan

Book of Akasha (wholeness)

Balancing all elements within.

Owning your own chariot.

Meeting Khaos


A)The altar/items

B)Planetary Magick

Hekatean Satanic (Bible)

Hello! I just wanted to let all of you know that I am working on writing my first book on another blog that I’ve created. For now it is private so you wont beable to view it until I feel that its ready. But you can view how I build it from here as well as see its contents & what its about! 🙂 I will probably attach the Introduction to this page sometime soon! 

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Future E-Book!

pentagram14qs9Just to inform everyone I’m working on writing my first book,it is centered around the existance of the old Gods, versus new Gods, Human evolution as well as the evolution of the Gods & other spiritual entities! Staring Dionysus, Lucifer, Jesus, Hecate, Archangel Michael, Archangel Azrael, Saturn, Zeus, and many others! It is written to entertain, provoke thought, cause laughs, cause inspiration of new thought, challenge, and much more! I did have some of it posted on this website but decided to make it private and only seen by those whom have the code! However once published as an Ebook it will be available in full! 

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