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Hekatean Satanic (Bible)


A work in progress! This is going to be the first book I ever get published! It is mainly centered around my path as a Hekatean Satanist & how others may become on or relate to as if they are already! (rough draft)

I am moving the project here in my portfolio & will reveal it as its finished! You may find the front page here



More to come! 


Future E-Book!

pentagram14qs9Just to inform everyone I’m working on writing my first book,it is centered around the existance of the old Gods, versus new Gods, Human evolution as well as the evolution of the Gods & other spiritual entities! Staring Dionysus, Lucifer, Jesus, Hecate, Archangel Michael, Archangel Azrael, Saturn, Zeus, and many others! It is written to entertain, provoke thought, cause laughs, cause inspiration of new thought, challenge, and much more! I did have some of it posted on this website but decided to make it private and only seen by those whom have the code! However once published as an Ebook it will be available in full! 

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