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Spam Blocker is blocking actual comments

Hey guys! Just giving a heads up I have only now realized that my spam blocker has been blocking actual valid comments from many of you! I noticed it the other day but then realized I have over 3000 comments in the spam folder, while most of it is spam I am sure alot of it wasn’t but I didn’t have the time to go through it all. I just noticed that the top three comments weren’t spam! So, if you’ve commented and it wasn’t approved up until now it wasn’t me!! I have also been getting messages saying they were trying to send a message or feedback but couldn’t get through so I was emailed! So I just took the damn thing off. So commet & message away! I will most likely accept even if I dont like comment unless its spam or abusive! 



Paranoia is Awareness




It annoys me when people call me paranoid or think I’m crazy or criticize my “conspiracy theories” but dude…. come on… to me its crazy to trust human beings with the ability to make decisions for & reflect upon this country. First of all its common sense and if you reject this idea youre in denial to know that any human being is extremely flawed. Put that flawed human in a position of power, particularly this type of power? All of the things that humans can go overboard with can magnify until it blinds the person and then they begin making shitty decisions. Which is far too many mistakes. How long has the human race been at it now? And literally I have to laugh when I read articles about how recent it actually is that we are literally (not that long ago) finding out that Trees have their own experience, their own consciousness, they communicate with eachother through their roots and even send nutrients to eachother in order to heal them. I mean why is this not weird to anyone? We have been on planet Earth for an estimated how long now? We should already know many things about nature that we are supposedly just now finding out about or have within the past 5 years. It shows what we’ve actually been focused on…. So when I bust out with my conspiracy theories or my crazy. NO, I’m not saying I”m right about everything. But if you are walking around with blinders on thinking that the world is exactly as you were told. pointing fingers, and judging people… youre the crazy one. Not I.

Free E-Book Library

Welcome! This is the start of my Ebook Library that will grow in its size over time! Most of what you see and/or will see will be free unless I decide otherwise. 

The topics will range but will be mostly related to the topics of this website. If you have any requests let me know! 🙂 

 The Satanic Bible – Anton Lavey

Psycho-Robert Bloch

Angels of Abundance-Doreen Virtue

Don’t let anything dull your sparkle-Doreen Virtue


The Roseanne Drama

This whole drama concerning what Roseanne tweeted & getting her show cancelled is just ridiculous.

Hear me out before you make assumptions! 

How can you truly believe that Roseanne is truly racist to begin with? Apparently you don’t remember her show exploring issues like racism, and other topics including gay rights (and more) in the past.

The tweet was an unfiltered joke about the targeted woman’s politics & looks. I’ve heard comedians make fun of everything controversial. And I’ve heard worse than what Roseanne said. 

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Happy Mother’s Day to Mom & Nana! (RIP)

Happy Mother’s Day to both my Mother, Angela Abercrombie & my Nana-Shirley Snitzler- whom are both passed away. My mother passed away 2011 & my Nana 2015. My Mother was my hero in many ways, without her guidance as a Mother both in life & in death I wouldn’t be who I am today nor would I have accomplished many of my accomplished I’ve earned the passed few months! I wouldn’t have been able to get through many of my hardships that I have if it weren’t for her strong will & sense of self that influenced me while growing up. My Nana was there for me after I moved away from home and wasy only support through some very difficult times in my life. So I also credit her for much of my emotional sense of survival during some of the darkest times of my life! Happy Mother’s day to you both even in death as I know you both are still there guiding me today in my life! I love you Mom, and Nana. ❤

Fuck Fanatical Feminism! *Warning*

Warning! This topic is very controversial & I did not write with a filter and spoke very blatant truths of my views, as well as I was also very playful! So beware! You may become insulted by this post! Or perhaps you might just enjoy it! Or find it invigorating! You never know how the ladies are going to react to such topics! And I’m very blatant with my language and views! So….

You’ve been warned! 

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