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Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book-Venus Satanas!

IMG_20180630_074355.jpgI wanted to take a moment and speak of this beautiful pocket sized book by the satanic occult author Venus Satanas!

First off, I found this lovely lady in 2010 shortly after I decided to explore Satanism & other similar left hand paths. It was truly a blessing when I found her because I was very drawn to Satanism but even tho I wasn’t exactly sure what I believed in then, I knew that I couldn’t exactly say that I was an atheistic satanist.

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Archangel Lucifer


Before you read further I need you all to know that this is simply what I’ve been told by Lucifer himself, but this is a mere concept for me to spread to those that resonate with this as well. If you do not see any truth in the following–there is absolutely no pressure for you to believe it! The following is something to think about. 

The basic truth of Lucifer is the Light bringer. The bringer of wisdom. The outline of what your own individual spiritual truth should look like or makes sense to you! 


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Hekatean Satanic (Bible)

Hello! I just wanted to let all of you know that I am working on writing my first book on another blog that I’ve created. For now it is private so you wont beable to view it until I feel that its ready. But you can view how I build it from here as well as see its contents & what its about! 🙂 I will probably attach the Introduction to this page sometime soon! 

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