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A Pop culture witch?

What is a pop culture witch? Well 6 months ago I couldn’t have told you. But once I learned what it was it somehow responded an “aha!” from me.

Why? Because I’ve always incorporated similar thinking into my path! I never thought there was a name for it.

From what i understand, a pop culture witch, is someone whom incorporates modern deities, characters from stories, movies, or TV shows into their practice as well as any magick they resonate with that is found in written or televised entertainment. Including video games even.

For instance, are you a witch & you love the mythology of Melisandre (Fire priestess) & her Red good, Rhllor? Dont sweat it! You can work one or both into your practice!

Are you a witch& you resonate with the mythology of the daedra inthe video game Skyrim? Work it in!

The point here is that there isnt a difference between the deities of ancient mythology compared to modern mythology. Intention is all that matters.

All characters that are written about exist on some level or another. However some are older than others. Some arent exactly as you know them to be. Some are sleeping, some are awakened and their own will is very developed.

Some have little power, some have great power. It all depends on them. This is why and how we are able to create servitores. And how thought forms can develop a will of their own.

But with this truth also comes the opposition. There are entities that humans didn’t create and were here prior and will be after. They do have the most control as they are rhe watchers, guardians.

Nameless ones.

They are nameless for reason. Knowing an entity’s name gives you influence upon them. Not control. Influence. And very little. Enough to get their attention.

The point of this post is to remind everyone of the power they hold with simply their imagination. Tread lightly. Not with fear but with the desire to learn and take responsibility.

For instance, I have a strong connection with the character, Eric Northman, from True Blood. I have rewritten his backstory and the Character feels “alive” to me. As much as a vampire angel hybrid can!

I will have to share this backstory with all of you one day! It is amazing, indeed.

You can develop a partnership with any character from novels, movies, TV shows, and otherwise that are modern and you feel a connection to.

Life energy isnt only present in us, animals and nature. It is present in what we create as well. Because many times those realms or worlds were channeled to be expressed and shared with others.

And other times those realms we’re created by our own will or influenced. Always respect the imagination. For it has a power most of us do not understand but will be very soon!

Mark my words.

Violets Guest Post for Venus Satanist

This is the original source material for the guest post that will appear on the website run by Occultist–Venus Satanas! I emailed this to her & told her she could edit or cut what she wanted so long as she kept the flame in it as well as the foundation! 

But what you will read below is my view of what Hekatean Satanism is as a whole! This path is very unknown & not of the majority so I feel I have much freedom to add more contour that I feel is best! According to Hekate & Lucifer themselves as well as myself! 

IF anyone is interested in learning more or having a one on one session relating to this topic please feel free to email me! 

I will update all of you & let you know when my post has been published on the website!!

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Calling the Corners. (aka many other things!)


Invoking the Elements and/or Directions–

So what is so important about invoking the elements

7648b10fa28053dd443178b9a01503f5For starters whenever you are to do a ritual or even to cast a spell it is very important to acknowledge the powers of the Guardians! Whether you see them as elementals, angels, daemons, or directions. Most do not include Gods or Goddesses. However I do—especially when it comes to the further–Directions! Below and Above! 

When I do this I include every elemental, God, Goddess, Angel or Daemon into this rite as possible! As I feel it is necessarily for reasons that only the subconscious can answer and then manifest into your reality! You will see the results and why such feat is important! 

In fact I would suggest invoking the elements and/or directions alone simply to bring them forth and into your circle to converse with and get to know them each by offering purification with the stick of Dragon’s blood! They deeply appreciate it! 

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Grey Witchcraft

959b921e3867023428a57e9baa864dd5I’m here to speak of Black Magick, White Magick, & Grey Magick as well as my thoughts on it! It is true that in Satanic Communities & other Left Hand Paths they do not fear black magick. However they do seem to distrust white magick or see something about it as not what it seems to be. They are generally drawn to darker magick. The magick that everyone tells them not to move towards. We have a general curiosity towards that! 

However I will say this–while I had & have a curiosity towards darker paths & magick  I have been equally pulled by the white magick and right hand paths as well! Why is that? Because I have never been able to deny one path and embrace completely the other. Though I can say that I agree & disagree with “this” or “that” by many different authors within both the silly termed Right & Left Hand Paths. 

Both sides are greatly needed & both sides are there for the individual to figure out what is best for them, both for the higher aspect of ourselves & the lower aspects of ourselves! 

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Violet’s Service Brochure!

The Violet Twilight


Allow me to serve the Goddess by Serving you!

Welcome to Vortex Violet which is located in between where the world end & the new begins!

The Violet Twilight is a website/blog I’ve had in mind to bring into the lives of those whom are in need of answers on many different levels for many years. It all began shortly after I awakened spiritually. However I knew that my time to share my views & methods relating to the subject matter need more time to develop & become grounded before I began!

A little about me, Ive always experienced unexplained things ever since I can remember which was when I was 5 years old. However I never spoke of these things nor did I explore the nature of them until I could no longer ignore it or shrug it off as imagination any longer. It was around 2006 when a book of spell casting pretty much fell into my lap & ever since then? It’s been on like Donkey Kong! 😉 Not to say that I never faced doubt or confusion I did, perhaps even more so at times. Because when I opened my mind to it all and finally surrendered to the current of the magickal energy I felt my entire life, it was as time sped up and the experiences and spiritual occurrences increased to happening nearly everyday!

I was where many people find themselves today and that are reaching out for answers or for guidance however I wasn’t so lucky to find guidance-the only guidance I had was my intuition. In the end that’s truly all we ever really have. Even if you are in touch with all of your guides, Gods, or otherwise. First it takes faith in yourself and in your intuition in order to move forward and trust the feelings and impressions you recieve!

That is NOT to say that I have everything figured out! Because I’m a strong believer in balance in all things! I do not believe it is possible to be all love and light, but I also dont believe its possible to be utterly and completely evil and dark! I believe these beliefs to be closed minded and born out of fear and the need to protect ourselves or our loved ones from people who may seriously do harm to another. But we do not know why the person is being destructive in a way that we aren’t in the first place and there are many reasons to why such a thing can manifest!

Though do not get me wrong that doesn’t mean that I forgive everyone. As I said there must be balance! If we strive for balance then we are always asking ourselves questions and keeping ourselves in check as much as possible along with the guidance of our guides and Gods we will become more and more open towards the truth that we seek!

That being said, I believe that the teacher never stops being the student! If anything the reacher sees his/her journey as the teacher not much different from the prior journeys! What we do should never become blown out of proportion! And to say you never have can also be said by the Ego and become blown out of proportion. As you can see the Ego will try to “win” or “outsmart” anyone or anything so long as you make something a goal.

Always have a hold upon balance. There is no losing nor winning to be had! Only learning!


My Services & prices!

Ordained High Priestess Service Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner Certified Angelic Mediumship Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner
Goddess Therapy $50 an hour/session Chakra healing w/ Archangels $40.00 an hour/session Contact w/ passed on relative $35.00 for 45 mins Chakra Healing w/ the magick of Crystals, angels & fairies of atlantis guiding the session. $45.00 an hour
Journey w/ Goddess $50 an hour/session Connecting with Archangels $35.00 for 40 mins Grief & bereavement counseling w/ Archangel Azrael $45.00 an hour session. Journey to Atlantis guided by Archangel Metatron. $50.00 an hour.
  Connecting w/ assigned elemental guides $25.00 for 40 mins  
Certified Earth Angel Practitioner Professional Angel Card Reader Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
Therapy, counsel, & support for those whom believe their soul to be nonhuman. Such as Angel, Fae or other wise! $45.00 for an hour long session! Archangel Michael Oracle Cards–Looking for Clarity–$40.00 an hour. Priestess/Priest Ordination Online courses that offer certification (on my website)
  Archangel Raphael Oracle Cards–looking for healing–$40.00 an hour Handfastings & funerals  


I hope you will find what youre looking for within the services I have & can provide for you now! I have alot more services & what not coming in the future! So do keep coming back to see what I’ve changed and/or added to the list! I posts my essays and other stuff frequently, at least once a week, there is a new post! I wish you well!

©Violet Moonshadowz
©The Violet Twilight|2018




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Satanic Demonology



I’ve already written an essay on what I think Demons aka Daimons to be. And this essay will be similar but I suppose sharing a bit more on the topic as well as my own personal experience when it comes to working with so called “Demons” as apposed to Angels and/or Gods. I will also share what I think about another opinion I’ve heard on Ceremonial magicians whom work with both or all of these types of entities!

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