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Violet Twilight Newsletter 2

The Violet Twilight

July 1st, 2018

I’m late! I’m late! Apologies!

Thank you for being so patient with me as I prepare this weeks newsletter! I know I am so very late. About two weeks late, I believe! But my everyday life has been very hectic lately I’ve only now & for the past day been able to sit down and concentrate upon the website!

There have been many changes & alterations that I have added upon the website lately & I am excited to explain those to you all now!

First off I am sure that many of you have taken notice in the alteration within my path that I walk. I will not go too much into depth here as you can read it on the website/or follow the link that is coming–but I am back to my roots yet with a Hekatean twist to things. I refer to myself as a Hekatean Satanist, until I can come up with a better term, however I have a feeling that I probably won’t! I am looking for something a bit more original though! As I am also working on writing a book I intend to publish as an e-book as well as an actual material book that those of you are interested in purchasing to own, you may!

Very exciting news!

My book will be geared towards women whom are curious about Satanism, Dark Paganism, Luciferianism, and like-minded paths. The outline of the book will mirror the original Satanic Bible but you will not find a copy of that within the book I am writing. It will be focused upon the feminine aspect of the entity named Satan. His consorts or feminine equivalents however you would like to see it. The book will also come from a very different point of view but will contain a strong grounding spirit that will remind one of original Satanism in its purest most truest form! I have a rough draft of the book outline or rather index in its beginning stages posted on the website for those of you whom are interested in keeping an eye out on it! But while we are on the topic I have successfully written the Seven Hekatean Satanic Suggestions. Please follow the link attached to view them! These are some of the ideas that will be explored within the book!

Onto other news….

I have also decided to share a very personal story of mine in order to reach others whom have experience similar pain but feel alone as well as to start a deeper journey of acceptance & healing when it comes to the abuse I have endured by a narcissistic person that I was in a friendship with for 20 years of my life. Many unsettling things went on in that friendship & I am finally ready to open up to the world and share that story with others. If you have or are going through something similar or abuse of any kind, please know that you are not alone! You can read this post by clicking the following title, but first please know that it is merely Part One, but it will continue! Rape & Narcissist Abuse Survivor–Part One.

In closing as many of you may or may not know–I opened this website in order to reach out to everyone on every path! I do not discriminate! I find commonalities within both left & right hand paths. And if you know me well enough, you also am aware that I feel to make such a distinction is silly because in reality there is no line! I may walk a path that is misunderstood by most but it is equally misunderstood at least at first glance by those that walk a satanic or left hand path just as well! Because I am open to many many spirits that one or both paths are too busy arguing over the relevancy of them or if they exist or whatever else! I am taking the time to actually get to know each entity that shows me that they do exist on some level or another. Some are more powerful than the other. Some are created by humanity, some are older than time. My path as a Hekatean Satanist is one that doesn’t walk blindly through the forces that are and be and clearly influence this world regardless of whom came first, the chicken or the egg. Each spirit & God, Daemon, Demon, Angel, Ascended Master, Fae, Goblin, and otherwise has its own voice & right to be here. Because we are all apart of this corner of the Universe! I am here to help close or narrow that wide division somewhat. To educate people on any path that it is better to look with open eyes & an open mind as well as a willingness to listen to the natural guidance that is coming from Nature that surrounds us everywhere! I am here to propose a more complete, complex, fearless path that leads us all through the dark but our hands are gripping the black flamed torch that we gain from Hekate by allowing ourselves to see the world through her eyes.

As Hekate once told me–

“In Order to become as God or Goddess–One’s own mind must beable to hold paradox with respect, care, and ease. Be still and watch all paths. You do not need to be afraid as the current of the black flame will do your will once you know thyself. Only you’re most treasured wishes may come true! You can only gain everything once you open yourself to the All which is the Black Void.”



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Sundays Newsletter

Happy Sunday! Welcome to the first Newsletter from The Violet Twilight!


I want to take a moment & thank all of you for subscribing to my blog through email!

I have tried a few different websites in order to use for an email domain so that I may be able to receive your subscriptions all in one place & then send out automatic messages, thank you letters, announcements, Services, and Blog updates as well as Newsletters. However I’m not sure if any of them did the trick. But I did learn quite a few things & have a few updates on my website that you all should look carefully for!

Particularly forms, signing up forms, especially to receive free weekly horoscopes & more! So I must say that if you all do end up receiving more than one Newsletter this week, MY Bad! Haha!

 LIke I state there are many interesting updates on my website & lets please do not forget about the offers & services that I have that I am offering for very low prices! As I am also offering you a spot in my Online coven for free!




Please Click here to check it out first!

The Violet Vortex is a temple where we all can go & feel at home but also study in equal amounts! The topics that will be focused on there are the energy of the Vortex itself, Atlantis, Hekate, Crystals, Fae & Angels. And of course anything in between! I will be offering alot in the Temple for us all!

You can find my other page that is connecting to a new part of my blog called The violet crossroads! Which will be relating to the magickal & mundane that I feel relates to the inbetween. For better or worse!

And even still my Book of Shadowz glimmers nicely in the dark, of course! Feel free to check them both out & become caught up! Also if there are ever any topics you would like for me to cover, please let me know!! I like to hear feedback!

I will be creating online courses through Udemy very soon also so there are many things to look forward to!

Be sure to look for the category found in the menu called “Realm of the dead” as I will be building upon that. But I recently wrote an entry about the passing of my Mother & how I helped cross her over, unexpectedly. I wrote another ghostly story about my first memory of ghosts as a child.


Since today is Sunday, this means that it is literally Sun-Day, as well as it is Archangel Michael’s Day & FATHER’s day! 🙂 So I will leave you all in closing with a few helping words on the subject. I will most likely channel Michael at some point today!

The sun is in Gemini but is making his way into Cancer. This means that the energy of the Sun is influencing us, in a particularly way. The Moon & Venus is in Leo as Mars is in Aquarius. This suggests that we feel some opposition with our ego’s. The mask we wear in our everyday life. The main part of us that we allow people to see. The working mask. The mask that strives to achieve its goals in one way or another. This part of us may feel on the twin side of energy lately due to it being in Gemini.

A bit on the Dry side. Perhaps moody even especially since Moon & Venus being in Leo this means that there isn’t much compromise without feelings about it either. We may be keeping this “flip flop” feel to ourselves. Or perhaps we are communicating it freely but being absent minded about how it is affecting others.

As Mars is in Aquarius–the divine masculine, god of war, this energy is feeling much more intellectual than usual. He is at a stand still–pondering, planning before makes a physical decision. Because obviously there are a lot of feels that are going around.

With that said, I do hope you enjoyed your first Newsletter! I will try my best to keep up with this at least once a week or once every two weeks! Enjoy your Sunday, speak to your Father! Father Sun, Your biological Father whether dead or alive. Or anyone else you see a paternal father figure within! Celebrate!

Blessed Be, Violet

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