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All about the Gods that I refer to as Planetary Gods!

Truth of the Reptilians is coming at you from me soon!

Reptilian.jpgThe so called Reptillians alien race is a highly misunderstood alien race! I will be writing about this soon & as always I’m sure it will ruffle some feathers, perhaps chellenge peoples fear, and many with say Im wrong. But it’s what I truly feel & understand. All of you need to stop focusing so much on negativity, fear, & placing blame out outside the human race. What many speak of about this alien race truly doesn’t make any sense & its full of contradiction. I will explain soon!

Sun & Moon

19612d472e8692598f41607f969ce5e5--hippie-sun-tattoo-sun-drawingThe Sun–

The sun is symbolic for our ego. The mask that we wear the most often-during the day-the person within us that we show others. It isn’t necessarily a fake aspect of ourselves. But it should rather be the driving energy that motivates us during waking hours. The one whom strives to accomplish all that is needed to do to fulfil the core self. images (5)

The sun is the “first planet” though technically its a star. It is the center–and as the center it is symbolic for our primal fire. More technically–who we are learning to be! The sun corresponds with the solar plexus–the yellow-orange vortex of energy at our midsection. This is the place where we illuminate and/or heal fears. However I am not one who believes we should be completely healed in order to be happy or even healthy. Awareness is enough in many cases in order to move beyond. 842067jcakchkadr

The Sun rules Leo. The sign of the Lion. The main spirit that Iarchangel_michael-1 work with that is associated with the sun would be Archangel Michael.

However many do not see him as a God–it is true he is a self made-God. Not to be mistaken by a fallen angel–however fallen angels have many different reasons to why they fell to Earth. I will explain this on another post!

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Planetary Gods


842067jcakchkadrThe way that I was thoroughly introduced to them was with Hecate when she took me on her full on journey. She is the one whom holds the keys to the upper & lower planes. Soon I shall tell you about the lower planes but for now… it is time to meet the Gods of the Heavens! 



The largest & oldest planet. On a spiritual level this planet is all about expansion. The most benevolent & loved planet. Even back in the day when people saw things in a stricter sense–it was called the Greater Benefic. It is said that this planet brings boundless of good luck and prosperity when working with it in ritual magick. I’ve heard that in Eastern traditions of astrology that this planet is associated with the guru–the teacher and even the  “higher self”. 



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Uranus in Taurus 2018


Uranus moved into Taurus on May 15th, 2018 and will be there until April 26, 20126. Aside from the time it moves retrograde back into Aries, November 6, 2018 until March 7, 2019, after that it will not visit Aries again until 2094. The last time Uranus was in Taurus the year was 1942. 


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Astrology For Today :: The Planets Today

Astrology For Today :: The Planets Today

Planetary Report of 3/17/2018


I’m here to speak of the planets positions and how things led to where they are now as well as some predictions–perhaps! This report will only be how I see things as they are. I tend to see things a bit different from most so—keep an open mind! 
I see the planets as actual deities in their own right. Not simply stars in the sky that influence us as humans. They have their own experience as themselves with each other–with Earth and her children including us. However not their every move is solely about us but about the whole big picture including themselves. They do what they need to in order to better themselves which they are fully aware of how it ripples beyond effecting us. 
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High Council 11-Introduction


I am instructed & guided by Zeus, himself, to rewrite and describe his HIgh Council in which it hasn’t been evolved nor rewritten since the good ol days of the past. It should be noted that Zeus loves to tell his story to those whom are open enough to listen! He loves it even more if you share his “word” with others! However as always there is a disclaimer! 

–I do not claim for this to be the truth for everyone nor the whole universe! While it may mirror the spiritual truth in many ways–for myself as well as my own perception of the Universe—it is mixed with truth and fantasy! 

Ultimately it is for entertainment purposes and done to provoke thought!

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Mercury Retrograde

source (1)

Mercury is the planet of communication! So this means no matter if Mercury is retrograde or not–Pay attention to thoughts and words you chose to speak, and think!

First of all retrograde is illusion!e0801789af0eb413768943640bae08ed

“illusion caused by the motion of Earth and these planets around the sun”

It merely appears to be in retrograde. Does this mean that the “negative” that is experienced from Mercury’s retrograde to be untrue or illusion?

Mercury says yes and no. The winged messenger of the God’s says that most of humanity are choosing the wrong words to describe these events.

Caduceus-7Yes, it’s true travel plans seem to go awry, communication skills change depending on what sign Mercury is in during the retrograde.

The difference however is that we are paying more attention to Minor details concerning the domains of Mercury.So the negatives seem magnified. Also he says that things have potential to go negative even when he isn’t in retrograde!

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