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Mary Magdalene Awakening

Apologies for the delay in posts but I’ve been going through another sort of awakening & have been awaiting for things to settle before posting. I know that this may ruffle the feathers of many people of every path but—tis what I’m here for. To challenge, most of the time unconsciously, your view on reality. 

I’ve recently had what is called to be a Mary Magdalene Awakening. An awakening of the sacred divine feminine. And to be even more specific one whom leans towards the teachings of christ consciousness. However this doesn’t mean there is a conversion towards christianity in my future. It only means that these spirits support my already purpose in the spiritual, physical, & divine worlds! And they ask to keep a balance as I had soughed out to do! 

When Mary Magdalene comes to you she is essentially telling you that she supports your path. And the way that I see this entity is merely another aspect of Hekate. The feminine whom supported Jesus on his own path in the past. It matters not if I or you or whoever doesn’t believe in this story. It is a story that impacts others. And it is something that everyone will have to become one with at some point during their many lives working to become one with everything. 

Christ Consciousness, regardless of what many think, isn’t about being christian. It is about knowing the truth & never compromising that truth. As well as proving that truth to others when the time calls for it. Having faith in the truth you have gained through out your journey! 

As many of you know my view of Jesus is that he is an entity aside the entity of Lucifer,  Dionysus, Azrael, and Michael. This  being can be one of these entities separately or all or whatever he needs to be in order to guide another. But ultimately & finally he is the entity named Jesus. 

ULtimately I will be teaching others how to properly work with entities such as Belial & Jesus together and how there is absolutely no friction in doing so! 

I’m not only here to evolve satanism, paganism, but also christianity! 

More to come! 



My thoughts on the Reptillian alien race.

I’ve been hearing about these beings for as long as I’ve been on the spiritual/magickal path.

And I must still this essay by saying, come on people, wake up!! Why, oh why do you all insist on repeating the same thing again & again?

No offense but how can you call yourself evolved or see yourself as someone whom isnt Christian when you believe there to be an alien race that is advanced yet evil on some level?

Just… No! Stop it! Right now!

The only entity to be cautious of is yourself! Human Beings.

We need to realize that ever since the christian movement came along weve had this tendency to split things up into bad & good. Do you truly feel that that we saw things in this same fasion before the Christian era?

For instance, a dark goddess or god wasnt refered to as a “dark” deity at all. Dark & light were not as they have become.

With that said, I have many ideas to propose to those of you whom are convinced that these reptillians are exactly as you say they are.

One of the most common things I see being said about them is that they are the ones who are influencing humanity or even possessing humanity into becoming greedy, politicians, narcissists, pedophiles, violent, vampiric (spiritually & physically).

That list is first of all not listing all of the problems were have as a human race. Like where the fuck is rape? But that’s seriously the gist of what Ive seen & heard.

Humanity needs seriously stop putting blame on outside forces. Because that hinders your freedom of choice.

I believe in aliens, I believe in the God’s, they are one in the same in my opinion. I believe they influence us yes. But they cannot over ride our will. Even if it seems as they someone or something has, its not true. The only way that can happen is through abuse by another human.

But even so, most of the time or to a certain degree,We’ve allowed it to go on by denial of the truth.

This corner oof the Universe is protected by the aliens aka God’s that surround us. There aren’t any outside beings that are influencing us in bad ways.

We are the ones who make the bad choices. Those choices cannot come from advanced alien life forms. Do that mean they aren’t capable of heing bad themselves? Of course they are able to, but no alien, person, animal, creature, deity, or spirit is all good or all bad!

Humanity needs to understand darkness. But most of you are backwards & are running from it. Darkness isnt to be ran from because the darkness is the core of your ego.

We all start out innocent, ignorance, judgements happen until we realize that no one is better than the other. Thats the illusion.

We are all in this together. That’s why we all experience very similar things. We are all hurt, used, abused, lied to, etc. Just all in varying ways.

The reptillians want all of you to know that you know them as other beings also. They aren’t new beings. And they aren’t as dark as you think. All of you are projecting your own issues ontp them & creating a Satan situation all over again!

If there truly was an alien race waiting to talk over the planet or using us as food, and is so Uber cold, yet somehow advanced?? Then they would have already taken over by now. They wouldn’t be waiting for you to figure it out.
Also, what in the hell makes you all think that reptiles arent cool? Its gotts be the garden of Eden story that trigger this. Put yourself in a snakes position…

First point no human can truly comprehend its perception so stop assuming it to be bad. But by observation it is both bad and good just like every other thing!

How can the serpent be the energy “coiled at the spine” but when awakened it moves up clearing out the chakras and causing spiritual awakenings, this is seen as good? But reptillians are bad news? It doesn’t add up, humanity. No, I’m not asking for it to be explained to me either.

The reptillians are only a face that the God’s have & use to interact with humanity. But the deep seated distrust in dragon’s, serpents, snakes, reptiles placed by the catholicsm & Christianity era has made this fear bud & act out totally unconsciously.

Its time to put this fear to rest. The God’s have always been animal & humanoid looking. The God’s have long been associated with the serpent.

The serpent is associated with evolution, knowledge, spiritual transformation, the Underworld,mastery of the shadow self! Catch up, folks!

The reptillians want you all to face up to your own mistakes & darkside instead of looking outside of yourself and pointing fingers at other humans or spiritual beings or aliens!

I believe many of yiu have forgotten how terrifying angelic beings can appear! Six wings four heads, 12 feet tall. These beings are in actuality the ancient God’s aka aliens, including both good & bad types.

It is time for me to reintroduce this solar system to all of you!Reptillians are here to stay. They are merely another form or the Guardians, ANGELICS, watchers, God’s that we all already know.

Why so convinced there are other things & beings outside yourself to fear?

You are what you should fear. You’re certainty when you have no point of reference no logic that makes your claim valid.

Its more of the same. “I’m love & light. They or you are not.” “Satan & or the reptillians made me do it.”

Let’s say for shits and giggles the reptillians are all bad and are working with the government…. guess who’s fault that still is? Humans.

Humans were born withthe gift of the will of not only the soul, but the mind, the physical. Three wills that can act at different moments than the other. We have a choice.

If the government has a deal with bad reptillians then guess what? Our weakness to whatever they bribed us with is what made us cave.

But any advanced alien race wouldn’t have any interest this planet. They would be too busy doing their advanced evolutionary thing.

In order to be advanced you must advance in all areas. Particuarly you have magical talents. You cannot be advanced only in technology and continue to lack it spiritually and magickally.

In order to evolve we must be at specific levels in evolution in other areas in order to move forward. As all things are naturally in harmony with the others.

So the reptillians arent dark as you all are claiming all of that darkness comes from humanity’s ego that is lacking truth, experience, trust, and evolution in many different areas.

Bad guy reptillian idea is a projected self darkness done to understand ourselves withiut placing blatant blame!

The end.

New agers, drop this now. Want to evolve? Look in the mirror.

Sun & Moon

19612d472e8692598f41607f969ce5e5--hippie-sun-tattoo-sun-drawingThe Sun–

The sun is symbolic for our ego. The mask that we wear the most often-during the day-the person within us that we show others. It isn’t necessarily a fake aspect of ourselves. But it should rather be the driving energy that motivates us during waking hours. The one whom strives to accomplish all that is needed to do to fulfil the core self. images (5)

The sun is the “first planet” though technically its a star. It is the center–and as the center it is symbolic for our primal fire. More technically–who we are learning to be! The sun corresponds with the solar plexus–the yellow-orange vortex of energy at our midsection. This is the place where we illuminate and/or heal fears. However I am not one who believes we should be completely healed in order to be happy or even healthy. Awareness is enough in many cases in order to move beyond. 842067jcakchkadr

The Sun rules Leo. The sign of the Lion. The main spirit that Iarchangel_michael-1 work with that is associated with the sun would be Archangel Michael.

However many do not see him as a God–it is true he is a self made-God. Not to be mistaken by a fallen angel–however fallen angels have many different reasons to why they fell to Earth. I will explain this on another post!

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Planetary Gods


842067jcakchkadrThe way that I was thoroughly introduced to them was with Hecate when she took me on her full on journey. She is the one whom holds the keys to the upper & lower planes. Soon I shall tell you about the lower planes but for now… it is time to meet the Gods of the Heavens! 



The largest & oldest planet. On a spiritual level this planet is all about expansion. The most benevolent & loved planet. Even back in the day when people saw things in a stricter sense–it was called the Greater Benefic. It is said that this planet brings boundless of good luck and prosperity when working with it in ritual magick. I’ve heard that in Eastern traditions of astrology that this planet is associated with the guru–the teacher and even the  “higher self”. 



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Uranus in Taurus 2018


Uranus moved into Taurus on May 15th, 2018 and will be there until April 26, 20126. Aside from the time it moves retrograde back into Aries, November 6, 2018 until March 7, 2019, after that it will not visit Aries again until 2094. The last time Uranus was in Taurus the year was 1942. 


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Astrology For Today :: The Planets Today

Astrology For Today :: The Planets Today

Planetary Report of 3/17/2018


I’m here to speak of the planets positions and how things led to where they are now as well as some predictions–perhaps! This report will only be how I see things as they are. I tend to see things a bit different from most so—keep an open mind! 
I see the planets as actual deities in their own right. Not simply stars in the sky that influence us as humans. They have their own experience as themselves with each other–with Earth and her children including us. However not their every move is solely about us but about the whole big picture including themselves. They do what they need to in order to better themselves which they are fully aware of how it ripples beyond effecting us. 
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High Council 11-Introduction


I am instructed & guided by Zeus, himself, to rewrite and describe his HIgh Council in which it hasn’t been evolved nor rewritten since the good ol days of the past. It should be noted that Zeus loves to tell his story to those whom are open enough to listen! He loves it even more if you share his “word” with others! However as always there is a disclaimer! 

–I do not claim for this to be the truth for everyone nor the whole universe! While it may mirror the spiritual truth in many ways–for myself as well as my own perception of the Universe—it is mixed with truth and fantasy! 

Ultimately it is for entertainment purposes and done to provoke thought!

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