Warning–Pro or Anti Trump?


Contraversial, I know, & stupid! But it matters…

I still remember when Trump was elected. It hit me then that this whole shenanigan that we see from our government & on TV relating to this and many of our other political issues… It’s for sure. It’s a tactic to control. It’s a way to create chaos & separation. I mean come on, really? You all are buying this? Why? Because you saw it on TV? I’m not saying it isn’t real… But at least question it.

Whether you’re for it or against it!

I am at the point where I question everything. Everything that we are told & for good reason. It’s not like the government has never liked to us before. Or burned & slaughter it’s own people in order to create a New World.

Today however I believe they would have to be a bit more underhanded.


Either way– whether I’m right or wrong, stop choosing sides. It doesn’t matter what side you chose they aren’t going to like you more if you side with them. They won’t give a shit if you’re against them either.

They don’t care about America’s common people. If they did this would be a whole other situation.

Don’t be stupid. Read up on your history & expect lies. Never honesty. Never tender loving care. Only more & more control until this country is the way that they want it.


Which means they could have a whole other world in mind that we may not even know about.

Do not find peace & home within the politics! You will be tricked, fooled, and in the end they will make it seem like it was all your choice!

Question, rebel, think for oneself, and put personal experience above all!!

Again, do not twist my words! But none of us know the truth. Not the entire truth of things. We only know what they want us to see.

Not to say some of it isn’t real. But question it’s authenticity & the intentions behind it. Even if you agree with it.

Don’t let the country control who you fight with!


Imagine if you have a country in your own hands & what would you do? How far would you go? How much would your dark side take over?

Let your imagination run wild. What would you allow your people to know? What would NASA be allowed to release?

100% honesty? I doubt it. And I also doubt you would be perfect! No matter left or right there would be a side missing…

You can’t run a country, not that the president even has full power, but without both left & right active simultaneously….

What are your thoughts?