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Blog entries that I feel are related to facing the Crossroads relatively speaking or choosing a point of view that including all and/or nothing but acknowledging what is there with a twist!

A Pop culture witch?

What is a pop culture witch? Well 6 months ago I couldn’t have told you. But once I learned what it was it somehow responded an “aha!” from me.

Why? Because I’ve always incorporated similar thinking into my path! I never thought there was a name for it.

From what i understand, a pop culture witch, is someone whom incorporates modern deities, characters from stories, movies, or TV shows into their practice as well as any magick they resonate with that is found in written or televised entertainment. Including video games even.

For instance, are you a witch & you love the mythology of Melisandre (Fire priestess) & her Red good, Rhllor? Dont sweat it! You can work one or both into your practice!

Are you a witch& you resonate with the mythology of the daedra inthe video game Skyrim? Work it in!

The point here is that there isnt a difference between the deities of ancient mythology compared to modern mythology. Intention is all that matters.

All characters that are written about exist on some level or another. However some are older than others. Some arent exactly as you know them to be. Some are sleeping, some are awakened and their own will is very developed.

Some have little power, some have great power. It all depends on them. This is why and how we are able to create servitores. And how thought forms can develop a will of their own.

But with this truth also comes the opposition. There are entities that humans didn’t create and were here prior and will be after. They do have the most control as they are rhe watchers, guardians.

Nameless ones.

They are nameless for reason. Knowing an entity’s name gives you influence upon them. Not control. Influence. And very little. Enough to get their attention.

The point of this post is to remind everyone of the power they hold with simply their imagination. Tread lightly. Not with fear but with the desire to learn and take responsibility.

For instance, I have a strong connection with the character, Eric Northman, from True Blood. I have rewritten his backstory and the Character feels “alive” to me. As much as a vampire angel hybrid can!

I will have to share this backstory with all of you one day! It is amazing, indeed.

You can develop a partnership with any character from novels, movies, TV shows, and otherwise that are modern and you feel a connection to.

Life energy isnt only present in us, animals and nature. It is present in what we create as well. Because many times those realms or worlds were channeled to be expressed and shared with others.

And other times those realms we’re created by our own will or influenced. Always respect the imagination. For it has a power most of us do not understand but will be very soon!

Mark my words.

Awaken Seraphim & Cherubim! (Truth of these entities!)

All of those whom believe in the angels! Guess what? They are Shape-shifters. The cherubim have four heads, six wings. Seraphs are a giant flaming angel of the sun! These beings can be both beautiful & terrifying! They aren’t here to sign heavenly music or to say “glory glory glory”! They aren’t all love & light! They are that along with the opposite! They are no longer tolerant of the false, the lie. The destroyers of sacred. They are warriors of this world! They are the ancient of ancients. The God’s & Messengers! They are Reptilian, draconian, Griffin, angelic, bull, raven, Ibis, they are bird, Serpent, fierce, yet loving, and balances of this world! New agers please stop white washing these fierce protectors! To see their true form in completion would cause madness that leads to death in humanity! This world isnt meant to be easy! Because of your free will. You must face your darkness. In order to find the light of your soul! I hereby awaken all of you Seraphim & cherubim whom are incarnate within human form! Walk with me!

Bullshit like; “Manifest your dream job or dream life!”

Huh? Why? Do you even realize the mental health of humanity at the moment?


For the love of Hades & the Heavens! I’m getting Royally irritated at these people who promote this concept! This isn’t based in any kind of practical concept!

First of all the dream life of anyone is extremely flawed & is a large presumptuous idea of your passion in life turned into a business more often than not!

And if it’s something else, even so, no life comes without the downside!

What needs to be promoted or sold to people for free or low price is how to make room for every concept within the mind therefore you are always content regardless of happy or sad.

Know your passions so you never state you’re bored. Because saying your bored in this universe is one of the most dumbest things ever.

If youre bored you depend on others for enjoyable mood shifts & creative juices. Stop it.

You lack imagination is youre bored. You lack proper knowledge of yourself & your environment if you at all believe yourself and surroundings are mediocre.

Even in the worst situation, for example, homeless, one can be enlightened. One doesn’t need a dream job to be happy. Humanity needs to bring abundance within.

Manifestation of our inner world needs to take place before change of our outer world can. And before you begin spouting off ignorant direction less magick everywhere.

Learn what reality is instead of focusing on any concern or words that has the words dream job or dream life within thr phrase!

Humanity has enough issues to own up to and deal eith before this kind manifestation is claimed to be some kind of birth right. It isn’t. It is earned.
But first there are lessons, and sacrifice to experience. Or else how could anyone enjoy the dream job or dream life prior to learning?

Most of humanity is truly confused about what they even want & much more about how to even attain it especially on a magickal level.

My opinion? More important? Spiritual values grounded into the physical. Seeking contact from the dead & the planets.

Those are the first goals. Knowledge of environment comes first. The order of how to attain more than what you have on a mundane level comes much much later!

Give it a rest. Gain wealth of knowledge.

War on Religion

Disclaimer! This is a mere rant! I am simply expressing how important it is for everyone (including myself) to find balance! To point the blame where it belongs instead of blaming religion itself. The blame needs to be put on humanity as a whole, particularly those that are in power & the forefathers whom created “a new world” ages ago! They are to blame when it comes to the war on religion! Look inside of your heart if you want to find truth, peace, wholeness, and most importantly equilibrium! This isn’t to chastise anyone in particular, this isn’t to start a fight, this isn’t an insult, this is my mere views, honestly, and a rant. Please do not take it personally.

Is it possible for us to coexist?

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Updated Path!

Hello my friends! This update is going to be short & sweet but stay tuned as I will post again but in depth explanation.

I want you all to know that something has happened & has altared my path a bit. It isn’t a huge huge change at least not as I see it at the moment but what I will be renaming my path will be changed.

Especially since I am facing the reworking of the Satanic Bible itself that was written by Anton Lavey in 1966.

For not I am calling this book in progress Hekatean Satanism but is subject to change!

I want to add that I am fully working with demonology & daemonology and I do not plan to chose a side.

I don’t do that.

I will still be working with the Angels, and the God’s I’ve already spoken of.

There are reasons for this shift & I will properly explain it once the words are flowing freely & when I have time.


High council 11–First Meeting & Message


You are free to have faith or to reject this. The author is indifferent. As this is one of her many myths rewritten. Many paths have a High Council but not quite like this one. Stay tuned for more as this is more of a “getting to know” message! If nothing at all, I hope it entertained you.  

Welcome to the first official meeting..

..I am having since the Zeus’s high council was reconstructed! Many people communicate with some type of council from the stars. So this isn’t much different however I will not speak of any alien civilizations or species that you aren’t familiar with nor will I ever expect blind belief! The first time where I was aware of this High Council was when I wrote of it in this post…

High Council 11-Introdution

To have a quick recap please look over the following to understand who and what this council is made up of & why. Including benefits & a warning towards channeling out of the most known planets!

  1. Zeus-King of the Heavens. Domain on both Jupiter & Sun. Representing the Higher Self. Evolution. Good Luck. Benevolent Energy. Sense of humor. Fiercely protective. Control over the weather. Influencing the Government. Motto- “If I can change anyone can.” 
  2. Hekate-Queen of the Heavens. Moon. Representing the emotional realm. The Mother, Maiden, & Crone. Mother of Witches. controlling the tides, highlighting the emotion in humanity. Queen of the Fae. Mother of Angels & Daemons. Necormancer. Creator of the human/fae hybrids.
  3. Saturn-Aka Chronus. God of Time. (Domain is of the soil on Earth. The realm just above the Underworld. But within the dirt. Domain of time that rules Earth) Owner of man made ideas. Grounded. Rigid. Stable. Stubborn for change but is opening up for the New World.
  4. Asteria- Goddess of the Stars & wishes  made upon them. Sleep, death, fear, change, memory, law, and dreaming are her realm. Mother of the Gods. Divination.
  5. Aphrodite- (Venus) Divine Feminine. Goddess of Beauty, art, corruption, lust, relationships, creation, new beginnings, self love, and wealth. 
  6. Akasha-Former Egyptian Queen fell from grace, then reborn as an Atlantean, she then presided the fall there as well. Now something more than human–something Vampire & God alike. After her destruction she created a new breed of hybrids–Atlantean souls with a vampiric twist. Because of this she was recruited into the council as the hybrids she created evolved and surpassed their darkside & instead looking for redemption found a connection with the old Gods.
  7. Ares–God of War. Mars. Becoming balanced between his intellect & war. He has a new angelic army that is fighting for him & is representing the actions influenced by him & the humanity that moves full circle but also now including the movement of angels to get things back on track. 
  8. Kali–Goddess of Destruction & creation. Here to remind us of the corruption of the Ego, and to show humanity that for every destruction there is indeed a dept that must be paid! She will not be shy about teaching this lesson.
  9. Poseidon-God of all bodies of water. (Neptune) The only God that requires faith in him. As he dwells beyond humanities reach deep within the waters. He is also the most feared. As water is symbolic for both death & life. Another God of Karma. Such as Kali & Asteria. 
  10. Dionysus–God of wine,mind altering substances, dancing, ecstasy, invention of music, acting, shapeshifting, and more. “I have returned”.
  11. Mercury- (Or Hermes) The first winged messenger. Created by Hekate. Invented of numbers, language, magick, the ego, intellect. I’m here to remind you of whom came first… 

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