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Earn your Fae Blessings!


Would you like a blessing from the Fae?



You  must knock before you can enter. You must be polite and willing to return the favor. Because there are much more things, people, beings, animals, nature and her spirits that are in need! 
It’s time to wake up. 


Considering that the well know image of the faerie is enchanting and popular–It can be difficult to find reliable sources on the Faerie world. Not to say there aren’t any but that they can be hard to find; few and far between.

While the fantasy version of the pixie may be cute yet mischievous and that may mirror the nature of Fairie nature but only somewhat..if-you-want-your-children-to-be-intelligent-read-them-fairy-tales-quote-1-289147211.jpg


Have you read the legend tales of nature spirits, elemental, Fae, coupled with the God’s relating that were written ages ago?

The reliable sources I have found reside within a path called Feri Tradition. But that’s a topic for when I have more time. 

To the trained eye–

it’s obvious that the ways of Fae have been distorted, rewritten to cover lie, fragmented, corrupted I order to cause fear, etc.


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