Dawn Of Ashes News!


Here is a clip of Kristof Bathory & the rest of DOA at band practice! They will be/have performed OLD DOA material in LA! I wish they would come to Atlanta! I’ve loved DOA since around 2008! This was in fact that first song I ever heard by him back in those days! Kristof has made alot of changes since those day however! He has been very open about his magickal path & practice & will be opening an Etsy to sell things he has been creating on the magickal & craft side! 


Dawn Of Ashes





You’re about to be schooled! (JD’s solo album explanation)

I am here to provide my full review for the solo album by Jonathan Davis–Black Labyrinth! I provided a small one the other day but this will be much more in depth with many different things in mind. Particularly the people in the world whom are posting their unprofessional, on the verge of disrespectful, basing their thoughts mostly on their taste & musical preferences instead of the facts in music mixed with their preferences. The looks on their faces make me chuckle as you can clearly see just how confused & off-putting they are by this album. But we will get into that when the time comes! But before I begin I want to say that everyone has a right to like or dislike art. That is the perk that automatically comes with experiencing art from our artists! I am not here to say that you must like what I like, I assure you! Because I believe there is enjoyment in disliking the art that we are faced with just as their is enjoyment in liking it! But I do believe that many people are simply uneducated on many levels and that is where their reviews are grounded within. That is what I would like to point out and in depth explain in hopes to help correct this habit done by this generation when it comes to their opinions on art. 

I would like to begin with stating…..

The Facts!

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My thoughts–JD’s solo Black Labyrinth

The solo album of Jonathan Davis, Korn’s vocalist, aka the first rockstar I ever took a true & deep liking to when I was but 16 years old. (36 years old now) lol

It was released May 25th, 2018. And I’m going to post the tracks here to share with all of you as well as some pictures of his solo tour & some album artwork! 

Click here to purchase the album! 



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Jonathan Davis Black Labyrinth Solo Concert



So after being a fan of the legend, Jonathan Davis of KoRn, for 20 years, I will finally be seeing him in concert (solo tour, promoting his solo album, Black Labyrinth) tomorrow night! (May 15, 2018)

This will be my first concert ever! Because for many different reasons over the years of my life I never had the opportunity to see any of my favorite bands in concert.

But I am beyond happy, excited & thankful for this event, that will be extremely important & miraculous in my life!!

Jonathan Davis became my favorite vocalist in the late 90’s and also set a standard of who a man truly is in my eyes! (On many levels!) Before he came along and gave me an outlet to be exactly who I truly was, the only place that was home, the only outlet where I could say, be and feel whatever I wanted so long as it were my truth, I was a very lost & confused 16 year old girl.

But JD enlightened me of my individual self & showed me who I was before I even knew! I will be forever grateful for that!

But what’s just as important is this–

This event wouldn’t even be a possibility for me if it weren’t for my dear husband, David Smith! (Husband of {almost} 12 years! Our 12th year anniversary on May 22nd 2018) Without you, I wouldn’t know what unconditional love is, itself! Thank you for being exactly who you are! I cannot wait to experience this–one of the most important events to happen in my life–with you!

Thank you, I love you both!