Elementals & my Death

The Elements will be the death of me. A gust of wind will come to influence the air within my lungs to leave me– but to only return momentarily to cause a flicker of my firey flame that is the primal individual aspect of my very soul which heats my heart of a warm rhythm that pumps crimson water through my veins. This flame flickers again & again until it was snuffed, taken, cleanly & quickly by the air of the wind gust that is the intellectual & awareness of my soul. It carries this primal Scarlett flame up into the heavens. Logic, air, & heat is gone from my physical body. Now water comes to begin disintegrating my physical flesh, my body down into the soil of the Earth. The Earth–regardless of where I am located begins to absorbed the watery realm of emotion that is breaking down the physical being of all I ever was in my prior life. This movement & cooperating between water & Earth are the two aspects of the rest of my soul that is breaking down what was no longer needed to serve this Earth. These two elements finish their work once together as one the part of me in hades has completed the working through of the parts of me that are no longer needed. Reborn  & refreshed. As I gave ejergy & recieved while in the Hades realm in order to restore the natural law. i am now to ascend to meet my other half of my soul which is the oneness of fire & air. All four elements together at last. Now we can plan a better & more evolve lifetime than the last. Because of choice to align these forces and equal them all.


Purpose of the Flower


The purpose of life is to grow. Go through obstacles. Suffer in order to find happiness & healing. Think of a seed that has been planted…. That seed doesn’t see the light of the sun until it finally makes it just above the soil before he sprouts into the beautiful flower that it was meant to become.


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It didn’t see the light, but it felt that light. It felt the powerful guidance that didn’t give up on it no matter the twists and turns it had to go through, the obstacles, the darkness, etc in order to finally make it up and out of the black soil. Now it sees the light of the sun and knows that it’s faith even during it’s weakest moments wasn’t and never was a lie.



The flower then revels in it’s truth. It never questions it’s purpose nor the light again. And it also sees that the dark was a gift as well.



Everything serves us to become more & better than we are. We just must chose faith in order to find the truth that is hidden but only for now!




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Violet’s Mythology

Yes, I enjoy altering or rewriting mythology. Particularly Greek, some Roman, a bit of Celtic and Christianity. I enjoy mixing one with the other and coming up with a more modern and up to date stories for us to relate to the God’s by reading! Archangel Michael & the God, Zeus are both entities whom often encourage me to update the old stories for myself and others to read in order to better understand our physical reality and how the spiritual mirrors as well as vice versa!
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Astrology For Today :: The Planets Today

Astrology For Today :: The Planets Today

Planetary Report of 3/17/2018


I’m here to speak of the planets positions and how things led to where they are now as well as some predictions–perhaps! This report will only be how I see things as they are. I tend to see things a bit different from most so—keep an open mind! 
I see the planets as actual deities in their own right. Not simply stars in the sky that influence us as humans. They have their own experience as themselves with each other–with Earth and her children including us. However not their every move is solely about us but about the whole big picture including themselves. They do what they need to in order to better themselves which they are fully aware of how it ripples beyond effecting us. 
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