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Mary Magdalene Awakening

Apologies for the delay in posts but I’ve been going through another sort of awakening & have been awaiting for things to settle before posting. I know that this may ruffle the feathers of many people of every path but—tis what I’m here for. To challenge, most of the time unconsciously, your view on reality. 

I’ve recently had what is called to be a Mary Magdalene Awakening. An awakening of the sacred divine feminine. And to be even more specific one whom leans towards the teachings of christ consciousness. However this doesn’t mean there is a conversion towards christianity in my future. It only means that these spirits support my already purpose in the spiritual, physical, & divine worlds! And they ask to keep a balance as I had soughed out to do! 

When Mary Magdalene comes to you she is essentially telling you that she supports your path. And the way that I see this entity is merely another aspect of Hekate. The feminine whom supported Jesus on his own path in the past. It matters not if I or you or whoever doesn’t believe in this story. It is a story that impacts others. And it is something that everyone will have to become one with at some point during their many lives working to become one with everything. 

Christ Consciousness, regardless of what many think, isn’t about being christian. It is about knowing the truth & never compromising that truth. As well as proving that truth to others when the time calls for it. Having faith in the truth you have gained through out your journey! 

As many of you know my view of Jesus is that he is an entity aside the entity of Lucifer,  Dionysus, Azrael, and Michael. This  being can be one of these entities separately or all or whatever he needs to be in order to guide another. But ultimately & finally he is the entity named Jesus. 

ULtimately I will be teaching others how to properly work with entities such as Belial & Jesus together and how there is absolutely no friction in doing so! 

I’m not only here to evolve satanism, paganism, but also christianity! 

More to come! 



Link to my Guest Post!

My guest post that Ive spoken about several times now can be found & read on the website named spiritual satanism dot com! A website run by an admired occultist named Venus Satanas! 

Follow the link ahead:

What is Hekatean Satanism?

Venus wrote the introductory part, added pictures & did some minor editing! Keep in mind that there are no rules, no one overall perspective that can describe the satanic current as it is individual. That is why it appeals to many! But Hekeatean Satanism is for those that feel that the Goddess Domain is missing not only in pagan circles but also in satanic paths also! Im here to bring Satanism to a level its never been before!

Why the darkside?

I’ve had many either ask me this bluntly or they belittle my need to rage out or don’t understand how I can hold views that are so on fire & upsetting? And its something I’ve questioned myself many times and personally I feel the more darkness that I can accept within myself? That equals to the more awake & conscious I am of the darkness that I express, putting into the world whether unconscious or not! 

Many of you dont understand that all of us have a dark side that we are each responsible for. But, and yes, because of Christianity, you dont see it that way even if you arent necessarily a Christian. The views of Christianity have a large hold upon humanity regardless of how much you’re aware or not. Which is why we should always be looking at ourselves. 

Why? So that we can grow more aware of ourselves now, catch up with our work, take responsibility, step up to the plate, and realize that we create most of the physical world. The Gods, Goddesses, and encompassing spirits mirror back to us our soul. Which is why many of us are so damned confused when looking in the mirror. Because we are taught to not find value within ourselves! 

So in essence while many might hear something negative, something hard to swallow or have on your shoulders everyday. But actually I”m excercising more faith in you, in me, and in our ability to wake up & cause change in ourselves & the environrment more so than any other person may ever in your whole entire life! 

Yes I speak of darkness, I speak of thingyou were taught to fear, I speak of accepting truths, and yes its hard! Its hard as fuck! I wont even lie! But it FEELS good to accept the truth. To do what everyone is so afraid to do. Simply because their teacher told them not to do this or to do that. Don’t doubt what youve heard. 

I’ve seen more than my share of proof that the Bible was written to scare you. To steal from you & scare you. Because what better what to confuse the common people by confusing them about whether or not they have a soul, or if it will go to heaven or hell. And the very fact that witchcraft was thrown to the way side while everyone acts like Christianity is the most hated? Actually that isn’t true. It’s socially accepted to hate christianity, I”ll give you that. Yes. But when do you ever hear what people think of witchcraft? The only ones who speak publicly of witchcraft are Christians

Why? Because they were taught to take on the blame for the burning times. This was the governments way of causing a bluring line and a confusion. Because they weren’t Christians when the religion was formed. It was used to convert people so that they knew what the people believed. They knew what mentality they were dealing with because a pagan or heathen mind is far too free & can’t be controlled. 

A pagan hugged trees and talked to planets… a pagan knows better than to believe a human. Pagans knew and saw the truth. The witches saw what happened and they vowed to remain silent for self preserver. While I understand that then. It is time to come out of the shadows now! If you feel so called to! 

Accept the term “devil worshiper” or “satanist” as that is what we will always be in their eyes. And in truth it isn’t any different! If you are a pagan or a witch that judgemes Satanism then you haven’t faced up to the truth of how wrong that is when you are merely misunderstanding it. Allowing your own ignorant fear get in the way. Satanists & Witches should be on the same side. 

Satanism, imo is truly a rebellion against the Government. The rules of the Government. The games and political parties of the government. Not all religions are the same. Not all of them were created by power hungry politicians. Any religion that is for the development of the self, respects the planets, and the unknown is a path that all of us should feel inclined towards. 

It isn’t your job to judge someone who believes in the Gods, or the one who lacks the fatith in a God. So long as they aren’t judgeing you. And most of both of these sides lack the judgement. But it must end. The seperation & the very judgement was forced on you. It isn’t truly a part of who you are! The government attempts to control what you love what you hate, what you feel and think. So they will always win or they will send you to the crazy house! 

Can you believe that the very symptom “self important” or “self love” is looked at as a narcissistic trait? While yes an imbalanced view, I can see. But since when is it wrong or bad to love one self or to see importance in one self? This is why there is so much jealousy in the world and why people who have a low self esteem talk trash of those that have confidence and make them out to be some kind of arrogant dickhead. Not always so! 

This is because the darkness of humanity is running always and always extroverted. It is a rare person where that darkness is looking inward instead of outward. I am a prime example of people hating on me no matter what I”ve done. I’ve been hated for speaking my mind, calling someone out, even nicely and with tact, I”ve been hated for expecting someone to live up to their own word! IF you do shit like this, this isnt right. Youre word is all you have. IF you’re gonna get pissed at someone else for being sad because you didn’t relieved? You are the equivalent to a five year old. 

Why the horror movies? To gain understanding from dark art in order to become comfortable with what we fear. It is a study. A way to understand, to prepare. To accept all that goes wrong in the world, but at the same time? We mustn’t accept it to the point where we are no longer inspired to cause change! That is when youre dead. The point isn’t to accept no change. The point is to accept the opposition. The darkness that will always confront you, do its thing, and make you hate it. You dont need to forgive it. You need to accept it exists, accept that it happens, but understand why it happens, know that there are many different reasons to that why… and then? Do what you can to cause evolution in this area. Because the truth of the matter is, whatever darkness that happened to you? It doesn’t mean you commuted the same act in the past but it does mean that there was some kind of an agreement or arrangement that was made that this darkness would happen so to be an alarm to awaken us to a certain level so that we will fulfill our soul mission. 

Darkness isn’t the enemy. Darkness is the closest ally we can relate to you simply in different ways. But if I can understand youre darkness and you can understand mine… however not expect the other to accept it. But work to evolve the darkness… that the point! OR else we will have to experience the same things again and again until its faced, accepted, integrated and then used as fuel to cause change in human evolution! 

Thats the point! Its to know that we are very flawed. Look at those flaws. See them. Dont deny them. Even if you are unsure what to do with them, just see them. And youre guidance will come. Keep an open mind and an open heart. Some things that may seem dark, maybe simply your perceptive but its something that couldn’t be changed and needed to happen in the moment or in that single lifetime. Such as deaths, etc. 

IN order to understand we can cause change, we must understand that there are other things that cannot be changed. 

The darkside, the anger, the pain, the uncomfortable things that we experience and feel must be not only faced, but integrated, and accepted as a part of ourselves. The fact that many are too eager to forget explains the stagnant spiritual state we are in. We have stopped the willingness to learn. 

This is why Jesus, while I believe he existed to some degree but his tale was twisted. One single persons perspective, not mine, not his, not yours is the only one to learn from or follow. Plus he came at a different time, we also dont know if there may have been some other reason for his existence, such as a reminder of this very darkness that humanity believes they have covered up well. 

Why do you think people eagerly fall to their knees when they sense the fierceness of Jesus? Guilty conscious. Jesus would never ask anyone to turn their entire lives upside down unless they were causing unneeded destructive energy that was harmful. And if that soul had a specific plan with the energy of Jesus. 

We must look at the subconscious of humanity as a large pool of concepts, thoughts, and beliefs. Wherever there is fear or corruption we must come back to that concept and face it. Let it teach us. So we understand all sides of it that we are meant to. However we always have a choice but we are taught we have no spiritual choice we wont know a limit and we will go overboard and assume the wrong things while we do such. For example a reborn christian, perhaps they are going back to a point in their life where we denied christianity without proper reason but just because someone told them to, therefore his soul neeeded to go back to that point whether in the same lifetime or another, they see a vision of Jesus, the vision is real but his translation is colored by his own soul, the issues, the good, bad, ugly, how much suffering does he owe this energy? what he involved with the killing of jesus or the corruption? whatever! it can be many things and not just relating to that. 

This is all something i’ve learned from the Akashic REcords. Ultimately all things are a concept, when everything is seen as a library with every souls past, present, and future within it. Everything must be seen as a concept then, and energy being given and taken as polarities in order to keep order and a balance.

So again, this is why its important to first see the path as dark, seek for dark and misunderstood first. Seek why someone is telling you that someone or something is evil. Because if you believe that at the drop of a hat? Imagine what else you are listening to that has no root in truth at all and youre walking around with someone elses eyes & judgement running! You’ve wasted your whole life if youre doing that! 

Yes, my goddess Hekate has me see many things from her perspective but they are all things that I would have already known one way or another if I had held on to the believes that I have from lifetime to lifetime. Instead we are being inserted by our real memories when we awaken, one at a time, it takes time because we can’t comprehend more than we are able to in the moment. 

The things I’ve seen through Hekates eyes are really my own old eyes, but she gave it a boost, i saw past lives, i saw past lives as  a with, i saw the conversion to Christianity, i saw the divorce between humanity and nature. I saw many things that i dont doubt that has happened and are by far more sensible than anything you will read in the bible. 

Yes it is difficult to walk the path of  Satanist. I believe it is the hardest path to walk. Because there isn’t any entity even though there are many that are willing to teach you & support you. But there aren’t any that are going to save you from anything. It takes a love for truth, a love for oneself, and a faith in oneself that many lack but it is due to the very fact that we have been taught to stay way from this or else you will find doom & gloom.

I wish I could jump into the bodies of all of you people whom are afraid and just say, “Its all doom & gloom regardless”. Youre life isn’t better than me because you have chosen to ignore things. In fact spiritually speaking, and this can be proven in the very fact that humanity hasn’t had a physical evolutionary growth spurt in a long time now, in fact things are being released to the common people as news when the stuff is probably old or was released before but nobody remembers because everyone is so focused on what they feed you. 

It isn’t an insult or a negative thing to recognize your ignorance. That shows you how much you have to learn, it shows you how behind we are, and that causes you to ask questions about the people running this whole thing. How much do they know? How much are they hiding? I will tell you they aren’t that much smarter than you. They just know more information but without a spiritual foundation that is of raw and uncorrupted truth? They wont go far. This keeps us stagnant and slows us down… to give us to time to rethink things. 

The more stubborn you are though, the more you are causing yourself uneeded strain. And youre racking up more bullshit. Until these things are seen and integrated youre always going to feel like a victim. And most people seem to rather be just that because its easier to believe you have no choice. 

We always have a choice. WE dont have complete control but we do have a choice. The forces of the universe would never allow you to not chose truth. If something keep budding its head in your life? Particularly of a dark nature? It isn’t a sign that you need to call Jesus. For the love of Dionysus leave that guy alone! 

Its a sign to accept the calling to take responsibility for yourself. Think for yourself. Ask the universe questions. It will answer. Stop assuming you know it all when you dont know anything. Anton Lavey was wrong when he said “too bad stupidity isn’t painful” it is painful. Because we always see everything, but a part of us will deny until its forced to see the truth. Sometimes this takes centuries of pain. And not only that but if youre in pain, youre causing someone else pain. Its true. If you aren’t trying then youre hurting other people too. 

Thats why…. the darkside is the only side. You must only see it. 

My influence on Satanism


 I’m touching based to let everyone know that I’ve heard back from the Occult/Spiritual Satanist Author, Venus Satanas & she had some very good things to say about the rough draft version posy that once edited will be published on her website;

(You can find my rough draft here.)

I am proud to announce that Ms. Venus Satanas has alot of faith in the mesaage, format, and theme of my “brand” of Satanism which I dubbed Hekatean Satanism.

Though my purpose isnt necessarily to bring another branch into Satanism. It is to cause inspiration in first, women, but also all people whom feel a resonance or call that is deeper from the Goddess with a Satanic Edge. Which Hekate oversees this domain.

Venus also stated some faithin my ability to bring to satanic feminism which I’ve always had strong feminist views but didn’t consider speaking about them until now.

Feminism is not about devaluing men nor is it about saying that women are better than men in any way. One needs to see value, true value, in one before the other can be seen. Becaus whethet you like it or not, we have both energies within all of us!

Sure, women are better at some things then men are. But its vice versa as well!

It is the very fact that the Goddess has been spiritually altered, hushed, and forced into the Underworld that has it’s effect of feminine energies that resides within all of us.

The Goddess Domain owns the emotional realm, memory, grudges, black magick, necromancy, Daemons, angels, hidden truths, illusions, etc. She & her domain of entities, magick, and all else is still continuously misunderstood, mocked, demonized even by people who don’t realize it.

My goal is to influence Satanism. Challenge Satanism to evolve. And to accept a percentage of its destiny. The reason Satanism was brought to people by Anton Lavey was to create a vortex to usher people into in order to reconnect with their true selves in the confusion of the christianity era.

Today? Same purpose but to go even deeper while inspiring women who feel like both philosophy & spirituality is needed. To inspire women, and men, who are theistic, polytheistic to keep moving forward; knowing that they are more supported now than ever before!

Believing in these things aren’t the problem. The problem is believing in things that you’re forced to believe in without having your own personal experience. I have nothing to gain. I dont have money, nor status, nothing. I am not running a country. I only want to aid in an even deeper liberation for people.

While also proposing answers or ideas to the people that I haven’t heard before.

People are bitter and jaded and for reason. And know there arr specific people at fault. The fault isnt religion, or witches. The fault is the corruption of mankind. And stagnation of our evolution.

Due to what we do as true. We do all good and bad to ourselves. Many people say that like they are copying what they heard. In order to understand it, you gotta spiritually understand it.

The Goddess can show you what needs to be seen. But she cannot force it. And will not force it. Humanity learned from the energy for much longer than we have soley a masculine deity.

We never had only one deity. Humanity had many for much longer than weve had one or none.

Im saying there is a practical, balanced way to be polytheistic, a believer of magick, reincarnation, karma (even!), Its possible to hold an eclectic path of many things and still keep your feet on the ground.

No one should ever tell you that you cannot be a Satanist because you believe in spiritual concepts or resonate more with the Goddess than the God. Lucifer, as a patriarch, has saif to many times, he is merely an angel or self made GOD, that teaches the wisdom of Venus. Not only Venus but Gaia too. He is but a gatekeeper.

It is our Mothers who give birth to us do it is only natural to assume the same spiritually speaking of the GODDESS.

Im very proud to be bringing this to the people. As i feel that many are ready/open to/waiting for this.

As I stated, this is my attempt to bring together the division that has been created within Satanism. As Satanism shouldnt be about judgeing another path but rebelling against what you have been taught in ANY path that is outdated & no longer useful in order to evolve, to see the bigger picture!

The only reason Hekate is refered to as it’s branch is because the Goddess wants me to reintroduce Satanism to the world but in its most rawest, & rebellious form in every way. Which cannot be without the Goddess.

As THE domain of the GODDESS EMCOMPASSES everything, spiritually & in a mundane way, everything we are taught to fear, distrust, belittle, and control.

In my eyes it is modern but reunited the ancient ways eith the new on levels that will challenge many but also liberate others!

This path you are asked to face those things within yourself that are associated with the Goddess Domain. And move towards them to know their current. Integradting these things in your life. Questing, putting to test, challenging and then ultimately accepting your personal experience. But knowing there is never a limit to self knowledge.

Be sure youre not rejecting ideas because you fear them or you simply do not understand. The purpose of Satanism is to learn. Questing everything. There is no time to cherry pick.

Imagination is the key. Bringing the Goddess, The Mother back into your life is needed tor all whom is being called.

A Pop culture witch?

What is a pop culture witch? Well 6 months ago I couldn’t have told you. But once I learned what it was it somehow responded an “aha!” from me.

Why? Because I’ve always incorporated similar thinking into my path! I never thought there was a name for it.

From what i understand, a pop culture witch, is someone whom incorporates modern deities, characters from stories, movies, or TV shows into their practice as well as any magick they resonate with that is found in written or televised entertainment. Including video games even.

For instance, are you a witch & you love the mythology of Melisandre (Fire priestess) & her Red good, Rhllor? Dont sweat it! You can work one or both into your practice!

Are you a witch& you resonate with the mythology of the daedra inthe video game Skyrim? Work it in!

The point here is that there isnt a difference between the deities of ancient mythology compared to modern mythology. Intention is all that matters.

All characters that are written about exist on some level or another. However some are older than others. Some arent exactly as you know them to be. Some are sleeping, some are awakened and their own will is very developed.

Some have little power, some have great power. It all depends on them. This is why and how we are able to create servitores. And how thought forms can develop a will of their own.

But with this truth also comes the opposition. There are entities that humans didn’t create and were here prior and will be after. They do have the most control as they are rhe watchers, guardians.

Nameless ones.

They are nameless for reason. Knowing an entity’s name gives you influence upon them. Not control. Influence. And very little. Enough to get their attention.

The point of this post is to remind everyone of the power they hold with simply their imagination. Tread lightly. Not with fear but with the desire to learn and take responsibility.

For instance, I have a strong connection with the character, Eric Northman, from True Blood. I have rewritten his backstory and the Character feels “alive” to me. As much as a vampire angel hybrid can!

I will have to share this backstory with all of you one day! It is amazing, indeed.

You can develop a partnership with any character from novels, movies, TV shows, and otherwise that are modern and you feel a connection to.

Life energy isnt only present in us, animals and nature. It is present in what we create as well. Because many times those realms or worlds were channeled to be expressed and shared with others.

And other times those realms we’re created by our own will or influenced. Always respect the imagination. For it has a power most of us do not understand but will be very soon!

Mark my words.

Awaken Seraphim & Cherubim! (Truth of these entities!)

All of those whom believe in the angels! Guess what? They are Shape-shifters. The cherubim have four heads, six wings. Seraphs are a giant flaming angel of the sun! These beings can be both beautiful & terrifying! They aren’t here to sign heavenly music or to say “glory glory glory”! They aren’t all love & light! They are that along with the opposite! They are no longer tolerant of the false, the lie. The destroyers of sacred. They are warriors of this world! They are the ancient of ancients. The God’s & Messengers! They are Reptilian, draconian, Griffin, angelic, bull, raven, Ibis, they are bird, Serpent, fierce, yet loving, and balances of this world! New agers please stop white washing these fierce protectors! To see their true form in completion would cause madness that leads to death in humanity! This world isnt meant to be easy! Because of your free will. You must face your darkness. In order to find the light of your soul! I hereby awaken all of you Seraphim & cherubim whom are incarnate within human form! Walk with me!

My thoughts on the Reptillian alien race.

I’ve been hearing about these beings for as long as I’ve been on the spiritual/magickal path.

And I must still this essay by saying, come on people, wake up!! Why, oh why do you all insist on repeating the same thing again & again?

No offense but how can you call yourself evolved or see yourself as someone whom isnt Christian when you believe there to be an alien race that is advanced yet evil on some level?

Just… No! Stop it! Right now!

The only entity to be cautious of is yourself! Human Beings.

We need to realize that ever since the christian movement came along weve had this tendency to split things up into bad & good. Do you truly feel that that we saw things in this same fasion before the Christian era?

For instance, a dark goddess or god wasnt refered to as a “dark” deity at all. Dark & light were not as they have become.

With that said, I have many ideas to propose to those of you whom are convinced that these reptillians are exactly as you say they are.

One of the most common things I see being said about them is that they are the ones who are influencing humanity or even possessing humanity into becoming greedy, politicians, narcissists, pedophiles, violent, vampiric (spiritually & physically).

That list is first of all not listing all of the problems were have as a human race. Like where the fuck is rape? But that’s seriously the gist of what Ive seen & heard.

Humanity needs seriously stop putting blame on outside forces. Because that hinders your freedom of choice.

I believe in aliens, I believe in the God’s, they are one in the same in my opinion. I believe they influence us yes. But they cannot over ride our will. Even if it seems as they someone or something has, its not true. The only way that can happen is through abuse by another human.

But even so, most of the time or to a certain degree,We’ve allowed it to go on by denial of the truth.

This corner oof the Universe is protected by the aliens aka God’s that surround us. There aren’t any outside beings that are influencing us in bad ways.

We are the ones who make the bad choices. Those choices cannot come from advanced alien life forms. Do that mean they aren’t capable of heing bad themselves? Of course they are able to, but no alien, person, animal, creature, deity, or spirit is all good or all bad!

Humanity needs to understand darkness. But most of you are backwards & are running from it. Darkness isnt to be ran from because the darkness is the core of your ego.

We all start out innocent, ignorance, judgements happen until we realize that no one is better than the other. Thats the illusion.

We are all in this together. That’s why we all experience very similar things. We are all hurt, used, abused, lied to, etc. Just all in varying ways.

The reptillians want all of you to know that you know them as other beings also. They aren’t new beings. And they aren’t as dark as you think. All of you are projecting your own issues ontp them & creating a Satan situation all over again!

If there truly was an alien race waiting to talk over the planet or using us as food, and is so Uber cold, yet somehow advanced?? Then they would have already taken over by now. They wouldn’t be waiting for you to figure it out.
Also, what in the hell makes you all think that reptiles arent cool? Its gotts be the garden of Eden story that trigger this. Put yourself in a snakes position…

First point no human can truly comprehend its perception so stop assuming it to be bad. But by observation it is both bad and good just like every other thing!

How can the serpent be the energy “coiled at the spine” but when awakened it moves up clearing out the chakras and causing spiritual awakenings, this is seen as good? But reptillians are bad news? It doesn’t add up, humanity. No, I’m not asking for it to be explained to me either.

The reptillians are only a face that the God’s have & use to interact with humanity. But the deep seated distrust in dragon’s, serpents, snakes, reptiles placed by the catholicsm & Christianity era has made this fear bud & act out totally unconsciously.

Its time to put this fear to rest. The God’s have always been animal & humanoid looking. The God’s have long been associated with the serpent.

The serpent is associated with evolution, knowledge, spiritual transformation, the Underworld,mastery of the shadow self! Catch up, folks!

The reptillians want you all to face up to your own mistakes & darkside instead of looking outside of yourself and pointing fingers at other humans or spiritual beings or aliens!

I believe many of yiu have forgotten how terrifying angelic beings can appear! Six wings four heads, 12 feet tall. These beings are in actuality the ancient God’s aka aliens, including both good & bad types.

It is time for me to reintroduce this solar system to all of you!Reptillians are here to stay. They are merely another form or the Guardians, ANGELICS, watchers, God’s that we all already know.

Why so convinced there are other things & beings outside yourself to fear?

You are what you should fear. You’re certainty when you have no point of reference no logic that makes your claim valid.

Its more of the same. “I’m love & light. They or you are not.” “Satan & or the reptillians made me do it.”

Let’s say for shits and giggles the reptillians are all bad and are working with the government…. guess who’s fault that still is? Humans.

Humans were born withthe gift of the will of not only the soul, but the mind, the physical. Three wills that can act at different moments than the other. We have a choice.

If the government has a deal with bad reptillians then guess what? Our weakness to whatever they bribed us with is what made us cave.

But any advanced alien race wouldn’t have any interest this planet. They would be too busy doing their advanced evolutionary thing.

In order to be advanced you must advance in all areas. Particuarly you have magical talents. You cannot be advanced only in technology and continue to lack it spiritually and magickally.

In order to evolve we must be at specific levels in evolution in other areas in order to move forward. As all things are naturally in harmony with the others.

So the reptillians arent dark as you all are claiming all of that darkness comes from humanity’s ego that is lacking truth, experience, trust, and evolution in many different areas.

Bad guy reptillian idea is a projected self darkness done to understand ourselves withiut placing blatant blame!

The end.

New agers, drop this now. Want to evolve? Look in the mirror.