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Rape & Narcissist Abuse Survivor–My story (Part One) Explicit

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I’m here to speak of narcissistic/sexual abuse as it pertains to my own story. This is the first time I have ever shared my story in such great detail to begining to the bitter end. So this will take some time to get out there. Names are changed of course for privacy reasons but every word is true. I doubt I will beable to get the whole story out in this single post but I assure you I will get the whole thing out within time. Perhaps all within today. 

I feel it is finally time for me to open up and share my story in order to begin an even deeper healing process & to reach out to others that have been in similar situations. 

If you have anything negative to say or anything on the contrary to say to me please keep it to your fucking self! You do not know what its like to experience the following story as it is told so do not presume to tell me how I should have handled things or how to handle things now. I am my own person and I will do things according to my own comfort level as I trust my own judgement! 

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Updated Path!

Hello my friends! This update is going to be short & sweet but stay tuned as I will post again but in depth explanation.

I want you all to know that something has happened & has altared my path a bit. It isn’t a huge huge change at least not as I see it at the moment but what I will be renaming my path will be changed.

Especially since I am facing the reworking of the Satanic Bible itself that was written by Anton Lavey in 1966.

For not I am calling this book in progress Hekatean Satanism but is subject to change!

I want to add that I am fully working with demonology & daemonology and I do not plan to chose a side.

I don’t do that.

I will still be working with the Angels, and the God’s I’ve already spoken of.

There are reasons for this shift & I will properly explain it once the words are flowing freely & when I have time.


Paranoia is Awareness




It annoys me when people call me paranoid or think I’m crazy or criticize my “conspiracy theories” but dude…. come on… to me its crazy to trust human beings with the ability to make decisions for & reflect upon this country. First of all its common sense and if you reject this idea youre in denial to know that any human being is extremely flawed. Put that flawed human in a position of power, particularly this type of power? All of the things that humans can go overboard with can magnify until it blinds the person and then they begin making shitty decisions. Which is far too many mistakes. How long has the human race been at it now? And literally I have to laugh when I read articles about how recent it actually is that we are literally (not that long ago) finding out that Trees have their own experience, their own consciousness, they communicate with eachother through their roots and even send nutrients to eachother in order to heal them. I mean why is this not weird to anyone? We have been on planet Earth for an estimated how long now? We should already know many things about nature that we are supposedly just now finding out about or have within the past 5 years. It shows what we’ve actually been focused on…. So when I bust out with my conspiracy theories or my crazy. NO, I’m not saying I”m right about everything. But if you are walking around with blinders on thinking that the world is exactly as you were told. pointing fingers, and judging people… youre the crazy one. Not I.

Am I the Ultimate Mirror?



Ever since I was a child…

empath-at-homeI always had this way about me that would could cause another to be royally pissed off at me, literally beat my ass, call me names, be accused of all kinds of things that which I wasn’t guilty for, or less extreme solely picked on. 

Now before all of you intellectual & emotional bad-asses begin to speak your arrogance…. . I am fully aware that everyone is picked on when they were a child on some level or another. I understand that also many people who have been picked on were either told to get over it quickly or else they would be quickly labelled as a crazy person with issues, or low self esteem

So I also believe that there are many unhealed people out there that most likelyimportance-of-empathy have experienced very similar things but conformed to the idea that empathetic people don’t exist or for one to get over the past pain by either getting over it or attention therapist sessions run by a water downed version of a shaman.

We do realize that Psychology took over Shaman Psychology, yes? 

Here some science for you!

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Free E-Book Library

Welcome! This is the start of my Ebook Library that will grow in its size over time! Most of what you see and/or will see will be free unless I decide otherwise. 

The topics will range but will be mostly related to the topics of this website. If you have any requests let me know! 🙂 

 The Satanic Bible – Anton Lavey

Psycho-Robert Bloch

Angels of Abundance-Doreen Virtue

Don’t let anything dull your sparkle-Doreen Virtue