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Rape & Narcissist Abuse Survivor–My story Explicit Pt 2


Welcome to part two of Rape & Narcissist Abuse Survivor–My Story! I left at a very intense & important turning point of my story and we aren’t even close to The End. So hang on tight guys! It only goes down hill & back up that same hill only to come back down then up & to repeat an unimaginable times after! 

{First I must mention that I decided to write this second part because my abuser that I refer to as Lucy was heavily on my mind today. Whenever this happens, it seems I am reminded of her whenever something sparks a memory of her. Suddenly its like I dive right into this made up friendship we had & how much I miss her. I then become extremely sad that she is no longer in my life, and how I wish I could fix things. I begin feeling as if I failed her, etc. Then I become angry at her for walking away like Im nothing. It’s literally like I totally forget who she really is—I even am tempted to write her, and try to heal our “friendship”, etc, etc. Isn’t that just wild? How we truly forget who these people are and we literally have to force ourselves to remember that they really didn’t love us at all… It’s just crazy. So then I remember… and that is what made me realize I needed to write Part two of this story. So here it goes…}

I must warn everyone, this second part is much more explicit in content, alot of sexual content, alot of controversial subjects. Alot of things that could cause an upset. So beware, you’ve been warned. I wont be allowing comments on this one & will probably turn off the option on part one simply just in case. Because this is where things get really dark & really dirty and really bad. 

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My contribution to Spiritual/Theistic Satanism & the People (revised)

I know that some people aren’t going to resonate with my ideas, and more people aren’t going to understand my ideas, stance, nor how I can mix such opposites into my path. That is because people are conditioned to think that they have to chose one or the other. This limits you. That is just my opinion. But from my perspective, just like with anything else that we are taught, we are limited! Nearly everything is corrupted, telling half truths, leaving important information out, even though right now we are living in the day and age of information. We are blinded by this… wanna know why? Because the government for much much longer than you think has been planning about 80% of everything we have ever been through and are going through now. You don’t think they can see far into the future? Do you really believe that they wouldn’t be corrupted or creating nearly every single one of your problems? 

Come on! Wake the fuck up!

How can a Satanist be a Lightworker? 

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Dealing with Death & Understanding Hades

Dealing with Grief caused by Death & all other relating topics concerning the End & Hades–

Death is the biggest unknown today. And there is reason for that. Today we live in a day & age where the imagination of humanity is seen as separate & false compared to logic. And this thinking is false within itself. In ancient times the distinction wasn’t so. There are downfalls for both. What humanity has yet to discover is that you must take the bad with the good. Bless our hearts we try. But without a balance between logic and imagination, without a clear outline definition of what Death is, the afterlife, and so on… We will always grieve, out of balance, because death inherently makes us focus on our mortality and questions that–modern society says you cannot answer. Because if you believe in a soul, afterlife, reincarnation or anything outside the scope of hard Christianity or hold a judgmental lack of belief–we find freedom that the government doesn’t care for. Why? Because if we bring back elements of the ancient past and mix it with current concepts we will then find a liberation & answers we’ve been subconsciously looking for and ultimately the lack of this liberation is what boosts our depression & grief 100 times!

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