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Violets Guest Post for Venus Satanist

This is the original source material for the guest post that will appear on the website run by Occultist–Venus Satanas! I emailed this to her & told her she could edit or cut what she wanted so long as she kept the flame in it as well as the foundation! 

But what you will read below is my view of what Hekatean Satanism is as a whole! This path is very unknown & not of the majority so I feel I have much freedom to add more contour that I feel is best! According to Hekate & Lucifer themselves as well as myself! 

IF anyone is interested in learning more or having a one on one session relating to this topic please feel free to email me! 

I will update all of you & let you know when my post has been published on the website!!

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Elementals & my Death

The Elements will be the death of me. A gust of wind will come to influence the air within my lungs to leave me– but to only return momentarily to cause a flicker of my firey flame that is the primal individual aspect of my very soul which heats my heart of a warm rhythm that pumps crimson water through my veins. This flame flickers again & again until it was snuffed, taken, cleanly & quickly by the air of the wind gust that is the intellectual & awareness of my soul. It carries this primal Scarlett flame up into the heavens. Logic, air, & heat is gone from my physical body. Now water comes to begin disintegrating my physical flesh, my body down into the soil of the Earth. The Earth–regardless of where I am located begins to absorbed the watery realm of emotion that is breaking down the physical being of all I ever was in my prior life. This movement & cooperating between water & Earth are the two aspects of the rest of my soul that is breaking down what was no longer needed to serve this Earth. These two elements finish their work once together as one the part of me in hades has completed the working through of the parts of me that are no longer needed. Reborn  & refreshed. As I gave ejergy & recieved while in the Hades realm in order to restore the natural law. i am now to ascend to meet my other half of my soul which is the oneness of fire & air. All four elements together at last. Now we can plan a better & more evolve lifetime than the last. Because of choice to align these forces and equal them all.


Dealing with Death & Understanding Hades

Dealing with Grief caused by Death & all other relating topics concerning the End & Hades–

Death is the biggest unknown today. And there is reason for that. Today we live in a day & age where the imagination of humanity is seen as separate & false compared to logic. And this thinking is false within itself. In ancient times the distinction wasn’t so. There are downfalls for both. What humanity has yet to discover is that you must take the bad with the good. Bless our hearts we try. But without a balance between logic and imagination, without a clear outline definition of what Death is, the afterlife, and so on… We will always grieve, out of balance, because death inherently makes us focus on our mortality and questions that–modern society says you cannot answer. Because if you believe in a soul, afterlife, reincarnation or anything outside the scope of hard Christianity or hold a judgmental lack of belief–we find freedom that the government doesn’t care for. Why? Because if we bring back elements of the ancient past and mix it with current concepts we will then find a liberation & answers we’ve been subconsciously looking for and ultimately the lack of this liberation is what boosts our depression & grief 100 times!

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Helping My Passing Mother Cross Over.

It was the year 2011.. of course..


when my Mother fell ill with pneumonia while living three states away from me. I actually didn’t know she was sick, nor in the hospital, let alone in a coma until my sister found the courage to contact me. I only spoke to her once though, & then it was left between me & my Mother’s significant other to make the final decisions.

My Mother had been sick in the hospital with pneumonia for about three weeks by the time I found out. I didn’t have time to do anything other than tell her significant other that I feel that it would be best to pull the plug because it was being said that if she even comes out of the coma, which was doubtful, then she wouldn’t be the same & would most likely live on a breathing machine for the rest of her days. 

I knew without a doubt my mom would have chosen death before she would have chosen that life.  

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Mediumship Service



…can mean many things. It ultimately is referring to someone whom can allow another spirit to come through and speak to them as they translate or deliver the message for the passed on spirit,spirit guide, nature spirit, or any other spiritual entity.


Ive been able to contact the realm of the dead since I was nine years old however it wasn’t always consciously. But it has been consciously & regularly for the past 8 years.

I can deliver messages and/or allow a spirit, whether its a nature spirit or a soul of the dead and/or a deity speak through me if I give permission. This is something I’ve been doing since I was a child. 

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My first Ghost Experience

I’m going to tell you about the first ghost experience that I can remember. I’ve mentioned my talents & expertise but I haven’t spoken of them personally yet. But here it comes!

I was nine years old, Living in Greeneville, Tennesse. My mom and & were helping my favorite Aunt move into her new trailer & large land. It took us all day pretty much. The drive way went up a large hill as this was in TN of course, and it seemed a bit isolated but very nice. It was between Summer & Fall. And though my Aunt was excited to live in a nice trailer with her own land–she was very relieved to get out of low income housing–however she knew that when it would snow it was going to suck as she would get snowed in. 

And she did. 

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Free Consultation & Services!

I am now offering free consultations! Simply contact me via email to let me know what service it is that you wish to receive, whether it be spiritual guidance, divination, medium-ship, Angelic Healing, Goddess Therapy, or anything that I offer. Depending upon your situation, financial & otherwise I am willing to consider free sessions of any of my services for the first two or three sessions! 

So that means, a free consultation, plus free two or three sessions there after! Please contact me for details!!