Face of Christianity

The Face of Christianity.

Over the past few years I’ve noticed the face of Christianity changing some which has influenced me on a profound level, truly.

It is because of this positivity that has moved me closer towards surrendering to Christ & allowing him to take hold and mold onto who I’m destined to be.

Anyone whom knows me knows how resistant I was towards the Christianity movement. It began to form when I was young becauseof negative influence from the church & Christian friends & family.

I was bribed by grandfather to be baptised at 8 years old. My mother was atheist and didn’t talk about God. I was unfairly criticised by my best friend because of certain things I was into the church told her to. She had me go to church because I was a big fan of Marilyn Manson at 15. Everyone there forced me to sit still as they put their hands on, speaking in tongues then so called excorcised the demons out of me. When I hadn’t gotten into anything harmful at that point.

I just loved a rockstar. Whom I saw as needed to be heard and understood. But the church said so many mean things about him without any solid truth to back it up.

Rockstars have and do save many peoples lives.

I had a fucked up view of this christianity ever since. I stayed away from it and mocked it. However I got into satanism about 12 years ago. I’ve been through many twist and turns. Which ultimately led me here now.

This post however is focused on the very fact that the face of Christianity needs to continue it’s alterations. No one will open up to it if people are forcing others to be excorcized of their demons, judged harshly, or told they need to change in some way for God.

What’s needed has been stated. And done. The heart of another is Gods business. How one walks with God is ultimately between God & that person.

God will never tell you to give precise directions in expressing judgement towards another. The job of a Christian is to practice seeing Jesus Christ’s grace, love, and wisdom & learn how to uniquely express that in ones own way towards all else. Allow Christ to live through you touching the lives of others.

By this example it gives people the truth on many levels. It shows how God works through you as an individual. God wants us to understand and know him.

God is much different than much of man has portrayed him. Due to mistranslation, scapegoating, projecting, gaslighting, and more reasons.

If God says to one that they should express their christianity in a way that may be less known, misunderstood or even contraversial then it is what it is. Maybe your idea of what a Christian is shouldn’t be taken so seriously as you think. Or maybe you’re not being honest about your own version of Christianity.

If you’re struggling with what Christianity or the Bible means and are saying other ways are wrong, this could be a trap. Doesnt mean it is. But over analyzing this meaning particularly for others without asking God directly without the translation of the Bible, and asking only of direction for your own path… This means you could be stuck in a world of needing to be right.

If you need to be right, you think you might be wrong.

Im a Christian witch. If you need more definition of what that means, read this. But you’re disagreement towards path is wrong. You don’t understand my heart, nor my background.

The enemy influences us all no matter our walk with God. And realizing that just because I renounce much of my prior practices & just because I worship Jesus Christ first doesn’t mean I don’t still respect the Goddess. It doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten the Earth &her sacrifices.

I’m completely permitted to hold a spot we in my heart towards the past, towards nature spirits, other lesser gods, Goddesses, and even Satan & Lucifer himself!

I understand these beings and energies in ways that many will never. Because of my past. Just because you walk with God in a specific way that doesnt mean that it pertains to me. Do not preach your understanding of God, JC or the Bible to others. Only preach the facts.

Jesus Christ is the Lord, the king and savior. He died for our sins. And he must be know, accepted and seen in the human heart in order to be saved spiritually.

Beyond that? Speak of all else as your understanding. Because our understanding is flawed. Question your underatanding of the Bible. Not the Bible, and not the testimony of others.

There are other aspects to my story, their story, and God’s story.

Redefine the church & change the face of Christianity.


Redefining Christian Witch-Not what u think!

What makes my path Christian? And What makes it Witchy or Pagan?

First & Foremost Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior. He isn’t an ascended master as I’ve seen many Christian Witches believe him to be. The teachings of Christ are above & beyond all others. And these teachings speak to the individuals heart of all whom reach out for his guidance & light! In this way I worship no other God.

However I recognize The Trinity. I show respect towards Virgin Mary & the Goddess Hekate. (Which is where my witch roots come in)

In the past I was polytheistic, I can see that there is the influence from other so called deities or demons (daimons) however one would look at them. They have both good & bad attributes to them as I will discuss at a later time.

What is witchy about me? My respect towards Hekate. My respect towards the Underworld & magick. My respect towards those before me. My ancestors & the lives that were lost during religious wars. Particularly any women whether truly a witch or not.

The Goddess isnt forgotten. God wouldn’t and couldn’t.

But I understand why he did as he did when Jesus was born, crucified and ressurected. As I will deeply discuss my ideas at a later time.

Do I believe in astrology? I believe it’s both true and false. Do I believe it has more advantage than having a relationship with Christ? I believe that the spirits of the planets whom converse with humanity relating to Astrology can offer very flashy words and stroke the ego but the end result is the pushing of belief in evolution.

And I no longer see truth in evolution. If evolution was true then humanity would be much further in the evolutionary stages than we are. It’s illusion. To keep a false belief in some kind of race to an imaginary finish line that a human mind has made up.

Only God can decide evolution. What, where and how. Humanity can only chose to follow suit or rebel. Humanity cannot create a bladeof grass let alone be stable to make up evolutionary milestones. Lol

So, if astrology is working for you? Cool. But if it becomes repetitive & unfruitful? Rethink your source of information. Why bypass Christ whom is clear, grounded and without this mystical layer of magick all-over him as the others do because of the magick they are selling you–to listen to the voices of the planets whom give truthfully generalizations.

Humans, all of us, are much more similar than we tend to want to admit. Astrology is over the top when you can go straight to source, through JC.

Do I use tarot or oracle cards? I don’t use Tarot anymore, but I wi use some Oracle cards. I also trust the Akashic Tarot. The Akashic records told me one thing two years ago;Jesus Christ was to be accepted by all of humanity in order to gain soul regeneration. (So to speak)

I was told this before my conversion.

Some Oracle cards are actually fine but it depends on the type and where the information is coming from. And this isn’t okay with every person who considers themselves a Christian. Because it’s not for you.
At the same time, that doesn’t mean that oracle cards should be depended on for truth but to put something or someone to the test.

There is no higher way to find truth than to ask Christ. The only way cards & all witchcraft,new age supplies can cause issues is if you fear them, which means you believe in them.

Demons and spirits can influence you with and without these “doorways” in your home.

And depends on your mind, the spirits or demons, the reasons for the haunting, and method of oppression.

Temptation comes in all shapes and sizes. Not just these shapes.

Just because I converted & saw truth doesn’t mean I won’t ever be effected by darkness again or make bad decisions.

Remember this is an already. Darkness will remain. But asking Him to shine the light will begin true change within oneself.

Will I ever speak to passed on loved ones? Depends on the situation and person. Cast spells? Not anymore. Channeling? Not purposefully.

I suppose the way the witch part still applies is that I am not running from the demons, spirits or passed on loved ones. I have seen too much. I know that there is danger, corruption, and what not within these things. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason for the situation.

Im not completely renouncing my practices before my conversion. I may be putting down certain things & I have dropped my dependence on certain practices to do what JC can do.

But I AM completely renouncing my satanic practices & I am letting go of Satan, Lucifer as a main deity that I follow as I was before.
However that doesn’t mean I don’t understand his role in this life for both better & worse. He truly does teach the knowldge of good & evil. Which is the same as seeing our difficult times as dark gifts once we rise above them.

Satan & Sin doesn’t need to be hated. That is a trap. It needs to be seen through, understood, and accepted as a part of darkness. But also a partof darkness that always has the opportunity to be forgiven or redeemed when sincerely sought after.

Human anger & hate never amounts to anything. We should never take it upon ourselves to believe that we understand something to it’s fullest amount that hatred from our hearts is what’s warranted. I’ve never seen hatred nor anger amount to anything for me. And I’ve explored many things. Yes I still feel it. But it’s not my responsibility to keep it with me. It’s a tool to use to protect me if needed. But held on for longer than a few moments it becomes a weapon.

I’ve always found that even in the darkest of situations, how it unfolds depends largely on how you interact with the situation itself. Life for everyone is complicated, full of darkness and suffering, with God searching for us in every darkest night.

Trust in his knowledge and faith that what will be done is what’s best is the only way to find peace. It’s never made any sense that we don’t know why we are here. To me, I’ve always felt a sense of trust in truth being here only not accepted or understood. If we are here. Directions is the logical thing that would come to us. And from God, not another Human.

The expereience of God isn’t fancy, it isn’t flamboyant, it isn’t here to coddle your ego, or give you want you want. The experience of JC comes when you’re fed up from the game & ready for truth. When you’re ready to confess you’re shortcomings, and ask for help. He comes then and slowly fills your heart releasing you of what stands between you & him.

Lifting the veil.

This is why I’m Christian. Im witchy or pagan because I will never forget the sacrifices the Goddess has made as well, still here, yet working from a far. I will always be balanced in my worship of both.

He comes first.


King Solomon-On Wisdom/Hekate

On Wisdom
(The words of King Solomon)


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Wherefore I wished, and understanding was given me:
and I called upon God, and the Spirit of Wisdom came upon me:
and I preferred Her before kingdoms and thrones, and esteemed riches as nothing in comparison of Her. Neither did I compare unto Her any precious stone: for all gold in comparison of Her, is as a little sand, and silver in respect to Her shall be I loved Her above health and beauty, and chose to have Her instead of light: for Her light cannot be put out. Now all good things came to me together with Her, and innumerable riches through Her hands, and I rejoiced in all these: for this Wisdom went before me, and I knew not that She was the Mother of them all. Which I have learned without guile, and communicate without envy, and Her riches I hide not. For She is an infinite treasure to men, which they that use, become the friends of God, being commended for the gift of discipline. And God has given to me to speak as I would, and to conceive thoughts worthy of those things that are given me: because He is the guide of Wisdom, and the director of the wise: for in His hand are both we, and our words, and all Wisdom, and the knowledge and skill of works.
For He has given me the true knowledge of the things that are:
to know the disposition of the whole world, and the virtues of the elements,
the beginning, and ending, and midst of the times, the alterations of their courses,
and the changes of seasons, the revolutions of the year, and the dispositions of the stars,
the natures of living creatures, and rage of wild beasts, the force of winds, and reasonings of men,
the diversities of plants, and the virtues of roots, and all such things as are hid and not foreseen,
I have learned: for Wisdom, which is the worker of all things, taught me.
For in Her is the Spirit of Understanding:
Holy, One, manifold, subtile, eloquent, active, undefiled, sure, sweet,
loving that which is good, quick, which nothing hinders, beneficent, gentle, kind, steadfast, assured,
secure, having all power, overseeing all things, and containing all spirits, intelligible, pure, subtile.
For Wisdom is more active than all active things: and reaches everywhere by reason of Her purity.
For She is a vapour of the power of God, and a certain pure emanation of the glory of the almighty God: and therefore no defiled thing comes into Her. For She is the brightness of eternal light, and the unspotted mirror of God’s majesty, and the image of his goodness. And being but One, She can do all things: and remaining in Herself the same, She renews all things, and through nations conveys Herself into holy souls, She makes the friends of God and prophets. For She is more beautiful than the sun, and above all the order of the stars:
being compared with the light, She is found before it. For after this comes night, but no evil can overcome Wisdom. She reaches therefore from end to end mightily, and orders all things sweetly.Her have I loved, and have sought Her out from my youth, and have desired to take Her for my spouse, and I became a lover of Her beauty. She glorifies Her nobility by being conversant with God: yes and the Lord of all things has loved Her.
For it is She that teaches the knowledge of God, and is the chooser of His works.
And if riches be desired in life, what is richer than Wisdom, which makes all things?
And if sense do work: who is a more artful worker than She of those things that are?
And if a man love justice: Her labours have great virtues; for She teaches temperance,
and prudence, justice, fortitude, which are such things as men can have nothing more profitable in life.How blessed is the man who finds Wisdom and the man who gains understanding.
For Her profit is better than the profit of silver and Her gain better than fine gold.
She is more precious than jewels; and nothing you desire compares with Her.
Long life is in Her right hand; in Her left hand are riches and honor.
Her ways are pleasant ways and all Her paths are peace.
She is a tree of life to those who take hold of Her, and happy are all who hold Her fast.
The Lord by Wisdom founded the earth, by Understanding He established the heavens.
By His knowledge the deeps were broken up and the skies drip with dew.My child, let them not vanish from your sight; keep sound wisdom and discretion,
So they will be life to your soul and adornment to your neck.
Then you will walk in your way securely and your foot will not stumble.
When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.
Do not be afraid of sudden fear nor of the onslaught of the wicked when it comes;
For the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.
Acquire wisdom! Acquire understanding!
Do not forget nor turn away from the words of my mouth.
Do not forsake Her, and She will guard you; love Her, and She will watch over you.

The beginning of wisdom is: Acquire Wisdom; and with all your acquiring, get Understanding.
Prize Her, and She will exalt you; She will honor you if you embrace Her.
She will place on your head a garland of grace; She will present you with a crown of beauty.”
Hear, my child, and accept my sayings and the years of your life will be many.
I have directed you in the way of Wisdom; I have led you in upright paths.
When you walk, your steps will not be impeded; and if you run, you will not stumble.
Take hold of instruction; do not let go. Guard Her, for She is your life.

Does not Wisdom call, and understanding lift up Her voice?
On top of the heights beside the way, where the paths meet, She takes Her stand;
Beside the gates, at the opening to the city, at the entrance of the doors, She cries out:
Wisdom shouts in the street, She lifts Her voice in the square;
At the head of the noisy streets She cries out;

“How long, O naive ones, will you love being simple-minded?
And scoffers delight themselves in scoffing
And fools hate knowledge?
Turn to My reproof,
Behold, I will pour out My Spirit on you;
I will make My words known to you. 
…he who listens to Me shall live securely
And will be at ease from the dread of evil.

To you, O humanity, I call,
And My voice is to the children of humankind.
O naive ones, understand prudence;
And, O fools, understand Wisdom.
Listen, for I will speak noble things;
And the opening of My lips reveals right things.
For My mouth utters truth;
And wickedness is an abomination to My lips.
All the utterances of My mouth are in righteousness;
There is nothing crooked or perverted in them.
They are all straightforward to him who understands,
And right to those who find knowledge.
Take My instruction and not silver,
And knowledge rather than choicest gold.
For Wisdom is better than jewels;
And all desirable things cannot compare with Her.

I, Wisdom, dwell with prudence,
And I find knowledge and discretion.
The fear of the Lord is to hate evil;
Pride and arrogance and the evil way
And the perverted mouth, I hate.
Counsel is Mine and sound wisdom;
I am Understanding, power is Mine.
By Me kings reign,
And rulers decree justice.
By Me princes rule, and nobles,
All who judge rightly.
I love those who love me;
And those who diligently seek Me will find me.

Riches and honor are with Me,

Enduring wealth and righteousness.
My fruit is better than gold, even pure gold,
And My yield better than choicest silver.
I walk in the way of righteousness,
In the midst of the paths of justice,
To endow those who love Me with wealth,
That I may fill their treasuries.

The Lord possessed Me at the beginning of His way,

Before His works of old.
From everlasting I was established,
From the beginning, from the earliest times of the earth.
When there were no depths I was brought forth,
When there were no springs abounding with water.
Before the mountains were settled,
Before the hills I was brought forth;
While He had not yet made the earth and the fields,
Nor the first dust of the world.
When He established the heavens, I was there,
When He inscribed a circle on the face of the deep,
When He made firm the skies above,
When the springs of the deep became fixed,
When He set for the sea its boundary
So that the water would not transgress His command,
When He marked out the foundations of the earth;
Then I was beside Him, as a master workman;
And I was daily His delight,
Rejoicing always before Him,
Rejoicing in the world, His earth,
And having My delight in the children of humankind.
Now therefore, O sons, listen to Me,

For blessed are they who keep My ways.

Heed instruction and be wise,
And do not neglect it.
Blessed is the man who listens to Me,
Watching daily at My gates,
Waiting at My doorposts.
For he who finds Me finds life
And obtains favor from the Lord.
But he who sins against Me injures himself;
All those who hate Me love death.”

Wisdom has built Her house,
She has hewn out Her seven pillars;
She has prepared Her food, She has mixed Her wine;
She has also set Her table;
She has sent out Her maidens, She calls
From the tops of the heights of the city:

“Whoever is naive, let him turn in here!”

To him who lacks understanding She says,

“Come, eat of My food
And drink of the wine I have mixed.
Forsake your folly and live,
And proceed in the way of understanding.
For by Me your days will be multiplied,
And years of life will be added to you.” 


From Chapter 7 and 8 of the Wisdom of Solomon, [Apocrypha], and
Chapters 1, 3, 4, 8 and 9 of the Book of Proverbs, Old Testament, Holy Bible.

Greet the Guardians

Meet the Guardians!

Who are the Guardians? Well depending on who you ask you will get a few different answers. But ultimately they are the watchers of the four elements. Some may see them as angelic spirits or daemonic spirits or what have you. But I tend to see them as Dragons whom watch over, observe, guard and protect their domains and all they are connected to according to what element they preside over.


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A Pop culture witch?

What is a pop culture witch? Well 6 months ago I couldn’t have told you. But once I learned what it was it somehow responded an “aha!” from me.

Why? Because I’ve always incorporated similar thinking into my path! I never thought there was a name for it.

From what i understand, a pop culture witch, is someone whom incorporates modern deities, characters from stories, movies, or TV shows into their practice as well as any magick they resonate with that is found in written or televised entertainment. Including video games even.

For instance, are you a witch & you love the mythology of Melisandre (Fire priestess) & her Red good, Rhllor? Dont sweat it! You can work one or both into your practice!

Are you a witch& you resonate with the mythology of the daedra inthe video game Skyrim? Work it in!

The point here is that there isnt a difference between the deities of ancient mythology compared to modern mythology. Intention is all that matters.

All characters that are written about exist on some level or another. However some are older than others. Some arent exactly as you know them to be. Some are sleeping, some are awakened and their own will is very developed.

Some have little power, some have great power. It all depends on them. This is why and how we are able to create servitores. And how thought forms can develop a will of their own.

But with this truth also comes the opposition. There are entities that humans didn’t create and were here prior and will be after. They do have the most control as they are rhe watchers, guardians.

Nameless ones.

They are nameless for reason. Knowing an entity’s name gives you influence upon them. Not control. Influence. And very little. Enough to get their attention.

The point of this post is to remind everyone of the power they hold with simply their imagination. Tread lightly. Not with fear but with the desire to learn and take responsibility.

For instance, I have a strong connection with the character, Eric Northman, from True Blood. I have rewritten his backstory and the Character feels “alive” to me. As much as a vampire angel hybrid can!

I will have to share this backstory with all of you one day! It is amazing, indeed.

You can develop a partnership with any character from novels, movies, TV shows, and otherwise that are modern and you feel a connection to.

Life energy isnt only present in us, animals and nature. It is present in what we create as well. Because many times those realms or worlds were channeled to be expressed and shared with others.

And other times those realms we’re created by our own will or influenced. Always respect the imagination. For it has a power most of us do not understand but will be very soon!

Mark my words.

Earn your Fae Blessings!


Would you like a blessing from the Fae?



You  must knock before you can enter. You must be polite and willing to return the favor. Because there are much more things, people, beings, animals, nature and her spirits that are in need! 
It’s time to wake up. 


Considering that the well know image of the faerie is enchanting and popular–It can be difficult to find reliable sources on the Faerie world. Not to say there aren’t any but that they can be hard to find; few and far between.

While the fantasy version of the pixie may be cute yet mischievous and that may mirror the nature of Fairie nature but only somewhat..if-you-want-your-children-to-be-intelligent-read-them-fairy-tales-quote-1-289147211.jpg


Have you read the legend tales of nature spirits, elemental, Fae, coupled with the God’s relating that were written ages ago?

The reliable sources I have found reside within a path called Feri Tradition. But that’s a topic for when I have more time. 

To the trained eye–

it’s obvious that the ways of Fae have been distorted, rewritten to cover lie, fragmented, corrupted I order to cause fear, etc.


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Calling the Corners. (aka many other things!)


Invoking the Elements and/or Directions–

So what is so important about invoking the elements

7648b10fa28053dd443178b9a01503f5For starters whenever you are to do a ritual or even to cast a spell it is very important to acknowledge the powers of the Guardians! Whether you see them as elementals, angels, daemons, or directions. Most do not include Gods or Goddesses. However I do—especially when it comes to the further–Directions! Below and Above! 

When I do this I include every elemental, God, Goddess, Angel or Daemon into this rite as possible! As I feel it is necessarily for reasons that only the subconscious can answer and then manifest into your reality! You will see the results and why such feat is important! 

In fact I would suggest invoking the elements and/or directions alone simply to bring them forth and into your circle to converse with and get to know them each by offering purification with the stick of Dragon’s blood! They deeply appreciate it! 

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