About Violet


496f60aa9ab9ba11043299be47a873a4My path is very eclectic and I have a large story to tell so you will notpastel_baphomet_by_klumpeh-d6v0hkn see the whole story here, solely, on this page. It will be sprinkled throughout this cyber sort of tome.

I am 35 years of age. I began experiencing the spirit world at the age of 6. I didn’t always know that is what I was experiencing, having the lack of words to explain my experiences and all. As I got older I began to question more and more and then finally began seeking answers around age 25.


tumblr_ou8bmqjv4s1tfuxl8o1_1280This is when I began studying paganism in all of its forms, including Satanism. luciferianism, buddhism, nonduality, feri tradition, and other paths including both right and left hand. I learned a great many things! And to prevent this being an overly long story as I will begin a blog sharing more things as time goes by, but one thing led to another and these days, after many, many twists and turns, trial and error..?

I refer to myself now as an Hekatean Witch! (For lack of a better term!)



That this means to me is this: I hold personal experience above all. There are many, many different paths out there. I see a bit of truth in each of them only because I have experienced a bit of truth while studying them all and giving them all a fair shot.

This also means that I see existence as means to grow and evolve to the best of my ability. But at the same time–there are things—traditions–“the old ways” so to speak that must be inspired within the minds that are meant to…remember.


But ultimately– My goals are ultimately up to me and whatever situation I’ve got going on with my own guides and deities. (Particularly Hekate, Lucifer, Satan, Belial, & the planets!)

I am polytheistic. I am not “evil”. I do no only walk a “dark path”. Nor do I only curse or think in a negative manner. I do things accordingly to how I feel best fits the circumstance! Which is both light & dark & grey! To me this is natural. 

9827203_orig - Copy

I see my path as7284990_orig - Copy how things “really are”. My path is as natural as I strive to allow it to be! I love nature, i cast spells (grey), I am talented in astrology readings, tarot readings, I am a medium and have been successful in spirit communication for as long as I can remember.


sourceI walk a balanced path. I do not see white magick and black magick as seperate things entirely. I see greys. I believe that the opposites are important to remember because one cannot exist without the other and vice versa. If it wasn’t for what we disagree with or fear or misunderstand… then we wouldn’t have clarity. If we didn’t feel anger and hate… even temporarily and in a controlled manner… then we wouldn’t feel the need to rise above and learn from the experience.


With that said–I am here to offer those whom are interested many different things as you can see below! You can find out more about me all over this site and the things I believe and practice!

Please take the time to look at my Menu of service by clicking the following.  Violet’s Vortex Brochure


Archangel Michael’s Sword of truth!


Have a look at my Resume! Violet’s Resume

From here you may keep learning more about myself & my path which if you click upon the image below you will be directed to the page titled “My path as a Hekatean SAtanist” or you may click upon the second image and it will direct you to Hecate’s crossroads! 

The choice is yours! 

My Path as a Hekatean Satanist!
Hecate’s Crossroads

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