My Path as a Luciferian

20393948_308018242993052_7105051684946051072_nThis post is geared towards Luciferianism & what that means to me.

Luciferianism can alter depending on who you ask. It is and should be very individual. I, for one, am very eclectic. I do things as I feel are right for me personally but I also feel that there is a set goal or varied dogma that does attempt to reach everyone. Lucifer & Hecate are my main Deities on my path however I recognize, revere, and speak to many more! I recognize the planets as Deities as well!

Luciferianism, in my opinion, is a path that can be whatever the individual wishes. So long as the Angelic–Lucifer is seen as either the evolved fallen angel from the Christian Bible however existed prior to the Bible, or the individual sees Lucifer as an entity nothing to do with the christian era at all. Either way he has similarities to that entity spoken of in the bible. The said follower or person whom respects and listens to the guidance of this entity believes that the Ivory porcelain Angelic gives guidance that is key to human evolution. hqdefault

From what I’ve known–most Luciferians view Lucifer as a real spiritual entity–however I’m sure there are those that merely see him as an archetype of the mind. Either way–Lucifer is a positive movement on our path! 

I’m very eclectic & paradoxical in my path and practice! I rebel against those who say that Satanism is a strict set of Dogma that isn’t varied or colored by their own perspective and/or claim that your version of Satanism is what Mr. Anton Lavey taught like many of his so called “Laveyan Satanist” tend to do. No offense at all! But I just don’t believe it’s in anyway shape or form a part of Luciferianism or satanism to do such a thing. One of the key elements of these paths are to be open minded. To have the ability and lust towards understanding & learning. 

I believe in the Gods and Goddesses–I believe in many as actual real entities unlike most Satanists and even many Luciferians. I do not see entities as archetypes. However it doesn’t matter how you see them–the point is that you work with this forces. That is all. The debate beyond that is futile and really just a means to seem as if you know the truth and you want to belittle the other because of their full faith or lack there-of. 

Change and evolution–I feel is the ultimate goal and truth in of the Universe. BlackWolf

I believe there is a reason for everything that is happening in our realm. And can be explained if one would just put their mind to it. I don’t think that this world is so damn mysterious as so many people pretend it is–simply because I feel that since we are here. algol

We must have had a choice in being born on some kind of level.  

If you take a look at animals & nature–they seem to live their lives in a very managed & content manner. They do not seem to be lost nor having an identity crisis like many humans are having. However there are those species whom enjoy mimicking and what not… but that isn’t the same–or perhaps it is… they simply know what they are doing. 

As a Luciferian I feel its important to know of our environment well–thereby observing the behavior of animals—Take Birds for example–they are managed well and work well with each other. They know what is expected of each other as if they have guidance–or perhaps they already know. 


The Raven is the messenger–the watcher–the one whom lets the other Birds know about who is in the neighborhood–what tools are useable and nearby. They are the smartest birds in the community. 

You never see Birds crying or bitching about their day. They sing their song–perfectly. Not to say there isn’t destruction among the bird community but it is done so in a different way.

They live their life with passion, inner guidance, confidence, and they do so until the day they die. 

i am stating that our “reason” for being here should be as clear as it is to the animals whom do what they are meant to do effortlessly and without complaint. 



I believe in a natural order & guidance in reality. This guidance comes in forms of animals, nature spirits,


Hecate & Lucifer…

I believe in individuality but it must be managed to never grow out of control or to an ideal that is not based in reality. 

As we all aren’t THAT different from one another. I believe in freedom of thought… 34a197654dd1f48422162dc875b2e1f3to a point however. 

We all do not need to disregard whats going on in reality and chalk it up to unreal–for example the religious wars–

The answer isn’t to simply say–Religion isn’t real or its the problem–the answer is to see as it as a real influential power!

Another step is to see ourselves a very very humble beings… 

Admit that you are lost & do not know why you are here!

d9b85a2ba1de56864a088175a99e850f--love-heart-devilStop assuming and simply say to nature–I am here to serve you & myself.

Look up into the upper world-the heavens-repeat the same-also say the same to the below–the lower plane.

Assume that a  free will and spirit that dwells within everything! This is much more productive than the opposite!



I call myself a Luciferian because this is what Lucifer has taught me over the past 8 years as well as the Goddess Hecate!

89b11acbf2e71eb4449af712a0b0051bFor without the Gods—we wouldn’t beable to experience anything that we do. 

This isn’t to say that the Gods have full & complete power. There is such a thing as Free will.

But the Gods mirror the effects from our choices–actions & thoughts back to us.

The Gods set the stage and give us a few options–we make the choice.

I don’t see the choices that we’ve made as anything that is bettering or evolving anything. 

Animals could do much, much better! 


We aren’t here to simply exist. We are here for a reason–for a purpose. But because we have shut our eyes and minds to many things–confusion has taken ahold. 


Click the image below to read “A satanic Lightworker?” written by me! 


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