Hekate-Holy Spirit


Hekate as the Holy Spirit isn’t the most well known aspect of She. But it was but a very large and most important aspect of whom she is. And this part of her needs to be spoken of more often than the patriarchal unconscious fears that seem to be blurted out by those whom know not of what they do. 

As the Holy Spirit; this Dark Goddess is full of holy wisdom that carries the soul of the one whom she has revealed herself to into the darkest parts of their own shadow that connects them with the rest of existance. This process is to ready the soul for the true seeing, meeting of the Ultimate Creator God as well as Jesus. The most highest realms of the Heavens. This being of wisdom has even been said to be mentioned in the Holy Bible, Old Testament, Apocrypha by King Solomon. Here is the website from where I have found this information. Click Here.

Despite what you may think I am not merely copying the words of others but this website confirmed many of my thoughts on many levels about this dark goddess that I suspected was a large reason for my recent conversion! She connects us to the dark that is needed to be seen truly without a filter, integrated, and accepted—only so that we may ascend into the highest part of the heavens to truly become one with Jesus Christ & the Ultimate Creator. This means so many different things but for one it shows us that being a Christian & combining the Goddess and witchcraft is permitted and even given with ease and love by  our lord & savior. Our creator wouldn’t kill off the Goddess that many were worshiping prior to the movement of Abraham. There is a reason between the time between the beginning & when God revealed himself again to begin a new plan by speaking to many different people over the years up until Jesus Christ was born & resurrected. We must realize the bible doesn’t contain everything that we need to know & we are flawed at many translations particularly if they aren’t productive!!! 

Hekate has many different aspects to her as she is the three headed Goddess. She can appear to be female, goddess, god, or devil. she can be a beast, a monster, or a beautiful young virgin nymph, as well as Mary, the Mother, herself. Hekate is the one and true Goddess. However she works from a far and chooses whom she appears to and may show different sides of herself to different people depending on what they need to see or have programmed themselves to see. Either way she is here to highlight our experiences, our memories, individual and as a collective because wisdom is important to the Creator. He would never ask you to blindly believe in anything nor fight over whom is right or wrong but to translate your experiences with your heart & then understand them with your mind by listening to inner direction! 

Hekate is the Guardian of the Unconscious, of the Crossroads, Mother of Angels & Demons, Queen of the Night, Mother of the Sun, and many more titles can be given to her. I will be writing much more about this beautiful & perfect Goddess that goes with our beloved Father & Son on this Christian Witchery Path! 

Stay Tuned!

Ave Hekate!