Hekate-Mother of Angels & Daemons

Who is Hecate?


Allow her to direct your navigation on this website!

Who is she?

This is a hard question to answer for many as she is many different things. The first page about her, in this website, that is titled “Hecate’s Crossroads” was written in her own words as she wanted to greet you all personally. The belief in that however is up to you! Which is always up to you! Hecate nor I will ever attempt to over power your free will. Although there are times where it may seem the opposite! But that is not for me to explain–or her!

This page is my own attempt to explain whom this DArk triple Goddess is and what she has taught me!

First I must say that I didn’t acknowledge her in the beginning of my journey when I began the study of witchcraft. I assumed she was rather trivial–full of information that I could find in books as her domain is everything related to Witchcraft, the “Mother of Witches” no less. I assumed I could learn from here what I would learn from reading a book–and therefore would be less personal if I were to dive into every topic that approached me instead!

I was right but I was also wrong!

There seem to be many people who assume Hecate to be Trivial or her domain is obvious and can’t be narrowed down to one thing, therefore one must gain their own personal experience of the things that are listed as her own. Which again, true and false!f596f9f0d142178d17306741ab946ab5

However many of us, most likely all of us are blind! No fault of our own though so do not misunderstand me! The people have been lied to regarding witchcraft! The myths and stories of all the Gods & Goddesses are fragmented, rewritten at best, and do not tell the complete nor truth of the story! As they were rewritten by Christian Monks who studies the old ways when the Christian Era came forth and forced those into submission and into renouncing their old beliefs–so they may embrace the new ways!

It seems as though even the followers of the Old ways want to modernize the ways that have already been altered out of the intention of corruption and lie! This shouldn’t be done! What should first be done is to read what you’re given and question it! Ask the Goddess what she feels about what has been written of her! (Any God or Goddess) Or ask your heart… “Does this align with my inner mysterious truth?” animated-candle-gif-24

Being a Witch doesn’t mean you accept what you are reading simply because the title has the word witchcraft or goddess in it! Being a Witch means that you’ve studied the past, you are fully aware of how controversial it is–you’re not choosing this path in order to look cool or to rebel. You’re doing it simply because you feel a draw and/or calling towards it by the Goddess herself or simply by the voice within your heart that pumps magickal blood that holds the ancient ways in other physical bodies before you!

Hecate is far from being trivial! Sure her domain may include trivial ideas or formal steps of ceremonial magick or she may appear to be very polite or sound light-hearted at first glance—but if you dare to move deeper or accept her invitation in seeing the dark truth–you shall see that her ways–the old ways as vital information that will hook you up to the truth beyond your wildest imagination!

tumblr_oz2vmqsIm21w8qokno1_500Journeying with Hecate will confirm many things for you! She will blatantly show you what is true and what isn’t. She will show you the ones whom aren’t to be trusted and those whom can be trusted! She will dare you to find patience and silence within your heart so that the truth may always find you! Instead of tiring yourself out by going out to look for it! As the search ends when you are face to face with Hecate at her Crossroads!

Hecate is known as the “keyholder”. Why? 68f03cd7503ca4da0e264a1d65273857

Because she is the only Goddess whom holds the keys to the heavens and the Underworlds! Most Goddesses hold the keys to one or the other. But Hecate no matter how seemingly underestimated she is–she has the power to unveil everything before you! That is if you have a pure unwavering hunger to see and know the truth beyond all illusion!

persephone-returnsThe Goddess of the Earth, Sea, and Sky. First and foremost–the Goddess of Earth–Hecate’s form of this–is Persephone! The maiden. Spring Maiden! The beginning! The innocence. The one whom is full of curiosity, love and a care free attitude that separates her from the rest! Persephone is the purest energy of the EArth when first-born! Just before maturation. When the Earth is becoming more and more fertile. When she is finding just the right amount of wisdom in order to plant her own seeds of new ideas to be born– symbolically this is seen when Hades takes Persephone. As she was the only one who could withstand the darkness and find her way out of it yet embrace it at once!

Persephone because the Mother when she becomes the Queen of the Underworld.hades-persephone-pignoni Mother of Shadows, Mother of the dead. The healer and soother of darkness. However she couldn’t inspire the shadows to grow–like she can the Earth when in spring! Growth stopped as Demeter brought about death aka winter when she was taken by Hades… but this is to not be feared!

Persephone’s presence is the rarest most purest form of hope, light, and faith at the end of the tunnel that we will all see at the point of death. A sort of realm of limbo. IF it weren’t for Persephone–the shadows would only see a hell within the realm of the death. But she brought a light, a faith, a hope in regeneration!

the_return_of_persephone_by_corinazonePersephone while yes was taken against her will. And yes, it was written that Hecate, whom existed parallel to the life of Persephone-I will explain this soon-This is symbolic for the bad things that happen to us. The things that occur seemingly against our will, that cause confusion, suffering, and a long-term darkness within our experience.

However the fact that Persephone was able to find the flame of her soul within this realm of dark madness, of punishment, retribution, with many rooms to satiate anyones hunger for inflicting pain against the souls whom have done wrong to the Earth, the Gods, the immortals and morals–when Persephone found that light of her flickering flame dwelling within her heart & soul–this is when ever shadow and even the soul of Hades himself were able to see truth with more clarity than every before. It was as if they felt a movement of forward-if only a few inches–occurred. This showed everyone that there is indeed hope in every dark situation that seems to be against all odds! fullsizeoutput_68f0

b6040e5fe1d49fa79155dc2441a83870Hecate’s parallel life and her agreement to search for Persephone with the flames of her torch leading the way as Demeter and she followed–this had a deeper part to play also! Many believe Demeter to be the Mother aspect of Hecate’s holy trinity. But I disagree! Hecate as the crone whom light the path before them also simultaneous light the path for her younger self that lived at the exACT same time as the old crone did as well!

flat,1000x1000,075,fDid Hecate know this at the time? I believe so though she would never speak of it! Hecate awaited to be approached and asked for help to find her maiden self–why? Because she wanted everyone to practice their own true will in order to find themselves out of the darkness that was either inspired against them or they inspired themselves! This was to provoke the realization of their inspiration to bring the cycles of change/season onto Earth! This also showed how impacting their actions are towards every living or dead soul upon or in the center of the EArth!

Hecate is a mysterious entity! She is full of paradox! AS am I! Which is why I believe myself to be a child of Hecate! A child of Persephone as my birthday is the 20th of March! And a priestess of Hades as the God & realm itself! I have been “haunted” by all of them in different forms my entire life!

hades-proserpina-rembrandtHades & Hecate came upon an agreement to where Persephone is to reside within Hades for half of the year and then upon Earth the other half of the year. They all seemed to be content with this agreement!

The moral of this story is that nothing ends! It may seem as though it’s an ending and perhaps it is on one level but it’s merely a goodbye so one may say hello to the birth that is on its way. The Rebirth!

OstaraMere Humans do not invent anything new. It is of the Gods to do so! And every transition has already been experienced by those Gods or Goddesses and/or humans and otherwise! However if the Gods have blessed you may play with the chance of causing a new change within reality yourself… but only if they deem you that chance! Otherwise you shall create whats already been created before!

That is neither here nor there!

Onto Hecate’s form of “Goddess of the Sea”–e1bacee1b27476429d8979dcfd3611b0

As the Goddess of Sea–who is she? This is difficult to answer as it isn’t clear to me. She isn’t Aphrodite though she is connected–however is she Tiamat? Tiamat’s exact functions as a goddess are difficult to establish…

So, allow me to propose as idea…

Tiamat–the elemental Dragon Goddess whom dwells within the deep Seas that no Human can nor will ever reach until magick is fully restored within this realm! There was a time when mortals could reach this depth where the deep ones dwell! However when the rise of the New Gods–the false Gods became more important than the Old Gods that which whom Tiamet gave birth to! A man led an army to the depths of these waters in order to find victory in warring against the Mother Dragon. Takhisis

However many of his armies died horribly but he surprised only to see the Mother Goddess nearly slaughter. She raised a wall of protective barrier between herself and the other side of the Ocean so the mortals would never disturb her again. It is said she fell into a slumber only to be awakened when magick is restored and she will then fight next to her chosen ones in a war to rid the world of those whom plotted against her and the natural law!

Whether true or false–I feel this story rings mostly true to the very core of the wrath that is felt deep within the crone of the Goddess named Hecate!

Hecate wants to remember the past! Became knowledgeable of war! To see that we’ve been beaten down for a reason and forced to believe in what the false Gods say is appropriate or what humanity deems as the correct way to be–you shall not do any other thing but what you’re told! dfTiamet

This isn’t natural! Humanity was never created to be looked up as entities of admiration unless they were in services to divinity! Which could be as a musician, poet, a writer, or any other creative way of expressing artful expressions that are directed by the old Gods! This is the way of which our world actually works but because of how the world has changed—wars are among us, confusion among us, the truth is disguised.

HUmanity believes themselves to be the source of divinity when they are a product of divinity however they are divinity themselves! Not yet. They aren’t knowledgeable enough of their environment nor of the truth in order to claim power that they do not know how to use—yet.

This is why Hecate wants us all to awaken to truth of the history, the present, in order to be able to do our duty in building a more brighter future!

There is a reason to why you cannot speak to trees, or the ocean, or the sky in which we used to beable to do so without judgements! Because–it is known these elemental have a voice and power! Yet we are lied to about these things in order to cause doubt and influence the said human into doing what the government tells them to–whether directed by New Gods or humanity themselves!

Either way! It isn’t natural! This is what makes it of evil intentions!

Humanity doesn’t want to take on such responsibility however because of this heavy cloud of confusion! But if one would strip away this cloud–you would see there is no other choice! Your soul is being warred against and is wanted by opposing forces! There isn’t a need for confusion or fear of it. ONly for it to be seen!

This isn’t about God or the Devil! This is about ignorance and/or darkness or uncontrolled selfishness and needs of the physical realm that which isn’t permanent against what is everlasting! Divine love and truth! Humanity is at war with the truth of that which they want desperately but constantly chose the tangible over it! This is why they can’t remember from lifetime to lifetime what the purpose is! Because they chose to believe in tangiable.

They think that seeing is believing when it is not! YOu must believe in order to see–everything!

Hecate is the Goddess of Earth, the spring Maiden, the Queen of the Dead, the MOther of the Sea whom has a chariot that is driven by Dragons of the elemental and/or the guardians of the directions!

480px-Tiamat_AThe Mother of the Sea Dragons–the one whom slumbers until magic reigns the world once again in order to fight by the side of her children who haven’t forgotten but have remembered their destiny but also paradoxically their choice in becoming who they are or forgetting who they were!

Hecate shows that you can’t and aren’t living a million different lifetimes! And they aren’t at different points in the timeline! Time is illusion. While yes its needed to measure and for the sake of language. But we each only have a few different lives that we are working on. For better or worse! There will be a judgement day! That day will come soon enough and in the hearts of many is already here!

The truth may vary but doesn’t vary that much! But that is up to you to find!

Hecate has the directions! 79e47598f030225521be63234056bcfe

She whom holds the keys to every landmark you’ve made and are supposed to make!

Hecate is also the Goddess of the Sky! Queen of Heavens! Just as she shines her light of unconditional love towards the shadows of the Underworld–she also shows the path to those same shadows in order for them to have a chance in seeing the way to ascend! To have a chance in becoming more than what they are!

Queen of Heavens–Hecate is the MOther of all angels and the daemons whom were once angels and sacrificed themselves to be so-called “lower form creatures” in order to care for earth and guide humans whether they listened or not!

Hecate is the Mother of all the Gods though she doesn’t say this loudly nor does she over ride the jobs of the other Gods such as Zeus or the others as she takes her place on the high council with the rest!

Her place in the heavens–allows only one thing–the ability for the dead to evolve and move forward in space and space and find the gift of immortality!

There is a choice in this! Many do not chose it simply because they do not believe it! But it is whispers into the ears of all of us! This is what she wants others to know! The gifts that she has enabled humanity by the mere actions she has taken and continues to take–again and again–each cycle that approaches us on Earth!

The repetition that many humans complain about as if there is nothing new that ever comes our way?!

Hecate says—“Do not act spoiled! As none of you are spoiled! YOu each work for everything you have, don’t have, experienced or otherwise! There was a part of you that wanted what you have–regardless if you believe it or not! Now is the time to accept that! And look deeper into the nature of the cycles of Earth! Answers and Gifts are there to be accepted!!”

Dare to accept my invitation! Dark to see the keys in front of you! Dark to seat yourself upon my chariot driven by Dragons!! ONly then will you feel complete whole and strong enough to take on this life you deem as anything other than sacred, beautiful, and perfect!

NOne of the forms I listed above are about the moon directly however if you’d like to see a form of her associated itself with the Moon I would suggest communing with Selene! Or Artemis even. However Hecate imo can be associated with both moon and sun. As her torches are of fire–the flame of the sun–and she reminds us the lunar light of the moon is the fire of the sun reflecting off of the Moon-herself. As the MOon has no light that shines externally. Only a moon that is accentuated as the light of the sun bring into our awareness!

60a88e774fd3779d8311c8da8eb34fe6Hecate is everything yet nothing. She is, in my opinion, the creator deity however she will never allow herself to verify this indefinitely because that isn’t for her to do! She isn’t here to claim that position because the creator deity did not want the position that he/she had. He or she wanted a community. More than one. MAny individuals within one realm of being! The creator Deity would never assume this position again–not actively–the creator deity would revert back to this form if it is the will of its own subconscious will. And when she reverted back to this form–she will never know what she was or who she became or what happened nor what will happened because a being with that much residing within it–can only see a million possibilities and never settle on one. The being that sees a million truths is lost–isn’t stable–can be any of those things at any given moment and has no real will to her own. Because it is needed to be this in order to be more or less! In fact these comparisons of less or more is futile while in this state because it is not known what anything means. ONly a chaotic energy of many things at once. Once the hunger of any of these things become self-aware–that is when order will attempt to begin but there will be many opposing it because in order to have the hunger of order or to be itself and the freedom of being itself–then there must be those that war against it!

This isn’t to say that it is futile in fighting for truth. The Mother of All wants you all to fight for your truth! And to fight for whats right! And while it all may be forgotten when the absolute form of chaos becomes once again–it wont matter because no one is aware of it. All is what is aware.

This is rich! There is nothing needed nor lost! It is natural balance! The only way it becomes the opposite is when one of the concepts in the bag of chaos because moreChaosGreekMythology3 so than the rest. Then becomes self-aware by the imbalance of its very own law. That is when a universe is formed! When order is needed to be attained!

So with that said–what matters? Everything! Play the part of the individual and excorcise your gift of your own will! This is the point! But do so with awareness and knowledge that without one side you could not be! Do not go at war with hate in your heart–this isn’t the point! It is only the point to war with truth and clarity! In order to create something memorable and to beg the Mother Goddess to keep the memory retained and bless you with immortality and hope that what you’ve done will always be remembered!

Confused yet? 😉

In conclusion–confusion is supposed to set in a bit. Our Goddess wants confusion to be found in order to begin the movement of openness to occur then and only then can new thought or evolution of thought can happen within our minds! Hecate is us and we are her! She is the defender of the underestimated! The hard worker of the one whom we never give a second look of recognition towards because of our the-lady-of-lightningown doubts! Hecate was once the slave girl, the Queen, the King, she has seen every position there is. She has reincarnated as all and many. However now she only incarnates pieces of herself in order to awaken humanity to her heart and existence that owns more than half of this realm! She says to question everyone even those who hold authority–even tho whom hold authority in your temple or group, or the one who says they will bestow you the title of priestess or high priestess or medium! Question all of them! Humanity isn’t where the innate magick and wisdom come from! We aren’t where this sacred magick was born. We were taught and we are mere descendants of the ancient ones! The true form and origin of Hecate which is inherently Khaos—regardless of what is said above there is always a possibility of remembrance! Which is why it is hinted that we should always try to impress and win the heart of the Goddess! For it is ultimately up to her how things will end! What note will it end upon! What laws will be law when it is said and done??

latestNothing is ever set in stone! However if you’re a believer in the Goddess and Hecate is the chosen Goddess for you! Do not take what she has had you experience lightly–unless she says otherwise! And always know there is always a riddle to ponder!


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