Eleven Phenomena





This page is where you will find all my insane ramblings about the 11:11 phenomena!



I began seeing 11:11 in year 2007. Back then it was very difficult to find anything relating to it. And even when I finally did begin to see anything relating to it, it was rare and sparse. Usually didn’t go no deeper into the topic than it was a sign that the Angelics were communicating with me.



Which is true… but that is but one reason for this phenomena!


11:11 led me to various roads that were filled with alot of lessons, mostly, veryaee2ee4990b83e75fa2924aac7a8dd30 enjoyable, and passion filled lessons! But also the number 11 led me down a few roads that were quite dark, sad, but more so very bittersweet because those roads had me deal with loss, in a few different ways. As well as other difficult lessons. But I truly wouldn’t change a thing that this spiritual awakening did for me.

img8In short I would have to say that 11:11 is indeed a gateway! It is a sort of vortex. An energy that pushes the human mind to open, and continue to open in order to see past its own limits. It shows, better yet, it proves that faith is not only needed in life in order to be emotionally well but it also says that there is nothing else but faith in this universe.



“In order to accomplish anything in this life we need to believe… we need to have faith.” -Me (Violet)


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The eleven phenomena also points to our talents, our passions, the things we need to continue doing in our lives in order to create passionately and with a lust for experience and creation. Because it is this passion and lust for creation where we find our divinity!














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