Satanic Lightworker?

e2961afa8be28aec43a2968c6b241876--dark-angels-fallen-angelsYes, you read that correctly!

I feel the need to post about this once again and this time much more blatant and attention grabbing—hopefully! Not that I’m attempting to start some shit–oh no! ūüėČ But because this topic needs to be spoken of–even debated over between myself and well each member of the different paths! That’s right! I’m not on anyone’s side per se! I believe most people lean too much one way or the other! I don’t believe I have met anyone who straddles the opposites at such a perfect level as I do! Not attempting to toot my own horn—nor do I attempt to even try to do this at a perfect level, so to speak! But I am a strange one, indeed!¬†

IN the beginning of my journey I felt pulled towards two paths that which were the exact opposite of each other–however I believe this is more common than one would think. I was pulled towards paganism–of course. But I had issues with faith. So as I took a break from that and explored other ways–I felt more pulled towards Nonduality & Satanism!¬†09780a671c76392148e45880e32caf3d--pray-for-peace-fractal-art

Yes its true that neither path is big on faith at least not in any¬†deity other than oneself–or acknowledging the divine within oneself. But the interaction with reality within these two paths are very very different!¬†

Nonduality inspires you to feel very lighthearted experiences to very deep and profound unconditional love that you feel with everything in life even the dark. Almost an automatic forgiveness of everything–before, after, and currently. The path of this philosophy¬†of Nonduality inspires one to become selfless–more and more each year or with each spiritual experience that comes and goes. It changes you on some level–it takes a piece of you with it as it leaves–a false piece of you. And either leaves you a bit more self-less….or alters you on some level or another.

84dc6577326dc9693457eed5ef0a1c1fFor a few years I studied both paths and went further into each of them and foundmyself becoming more and more adept! I was able to see both that I was selfless–that there is no ownership over anything I do==but also I could re-enter the world with that knowledge and practice magick and self love, and embrace the ego as a beautiful tool of identity¬†in this life!¬†

In essence these two paths helped to quiet my mind and to find silence, self love, acceptance, a deep unconditional love that resides in the absolute truth but also the acceptance of the darkside. That there will be situations, people, and the opposite of who I believe myself to be that will oppose me and I will oppose them. 

But without one truth there could not be another! I found a respect for individuality but also the truth of oneness. I couldn’t deny the spiritual truths nor the practical and more earthy truths!

Once I fully embodied this is when the Goddess came to me and took me on a journey into the Underworld and Uppers in order to reveal what was missing within my path! She showed me things I already knew and had faith in but I just didn’t understand it!¬†fallen_archange_samael_by_nephilie

I saw alot of myself within Hecate–alot of my past, present and future! She made everything make sense. She showed me how I can incorporate everything within my path no matter how opposing! She showed me spectacular¬†truths–and those truths I am hear to speak of and enlighten others of!¬†

A lightworker is simply someone who feels a calling to teach others. Light is simply a word–used in this context—meaning knowledge! Awareness! Knowing! Lightwork is about shedding light upon the dark! making everything that is truth aware of! And to inspire¬†others with the capability to understand that which challenges them! Its hard to stay mad at opposers because you also feel the strong urge to understand their side—even if you may never agree with them!¬†

To understand is to have true and ultimate power in your life! You aren’t here to control any forces–you can try but it will prove to be futile! You are here to surrender to the current before you and within you!¬†

Only then will you know that which I speak of! 32b1238bec7b3aa6b15fe0a960f26556

I can, and do, therefore am allowed to be anyone I wish! The ego is a tool to be used in order to express the true will of the soul! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense! In fact its a good thing it doesn’t! It means its an idea you’ve never pondered before! And evolution of thought–particularly spiritual and magical thought is greatly needed in this day and age!¬†

I can blaspheme if I want to, I can curse if I want to, I can speak to the Gods if I want to and work out a give and take situation in order to gain what I need, or they may teach me some kind of lesson, or I may become lost in this Amy character for a while—I may shed some tears–I may fail but then I may win! I will gain and lose! But the true will–the true soul—doesn’t gain nor lose anything! The soul is content and embraces each experience with perfect love and trust!¬†

3c438c3fa3d7e8c920704429b3f209d1--fallen-angels-melI do explore the darkside and with confidence but I also explore and fully experience the love and the light without fear just as well! I do so in a balanced, still yet evolving manner! I do not reject anything. I consider it all! Even if I may not own it as mine. 

This world is very dualistic! But its time to acknowledge that its illusion! And therefore–see beyond the opposites! Use them for what they are but then create new!!¬†



Mordo: “You gave me the power to defeat my demons. And to live within the natural law.”
The Ancient One: “We never lose our demons, Mordo. We only learn to live above them.”
-Doctor Strange



click below to read “Priestess of Hecate”



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