Satanism–Founded by Anton LaVey



In 1969-The Satanic Bible

…was published & released by Anton Lavey– a collection of his own thoughts, essays, and rituals of how he saw things and wanted to map out the self-founded religion Satanism. satanic-bibleHowever the main idea of the religion itself wasn’t necessarily invented by Mr. Lavey. He did hand pick ideas that were taught by prior or current (of the time) philosophers well as paganism, norse magick, voodoo, and other paradigms–through them in a cauldron mixing until ready– and..



….Satanism was born! Anton Lavey was the one who had the bravery to do just that and then report it to the American people with creativity, suave, class, and tranquility towards his opposers. Many people conjured up their own ideas or rumors of who he he was, his intention, his message, and what he taught–as I too have my own ideas! As we should. His main message was to think for oneself and with that comes a price. Devil_400x400


Responsibility for oneself!

I shall post a video of one of my favorite interviews of him at the side bar of this page. Please feel free to check it out!  



lax_laveyAnton Lavey–1930—1997–was the founder of the Church of Satan. Could you imagine? A Church of Satan being publicized in the 60’s. The man was far ahead of his time! 

fe21fcfa461be9913b541372eca10676The Church of Satan is the first organized church that encouraged freedom of individuality which is represented in the symbol of the Baphomet–baphomet

amongst other things–I will explain further on that note on another page.   

  The talented musician whom was dubbed as “the black pope” was less spiritual in nature and more in celebration of his carnal instincts as a human being. However, no matter what people assumed him to be–he did believe in magick–a very eclectic range of magick. And many of his views and so called “black” ways are very much aligned with the spiritual nature of things than many know. As I am a balance of both spiritual and physical–we all are whether we recognize this or  not.   



 Mr. Lavey also incorporated-as said-an eclectic range of ideas from other paths. He was not solely about Satanism nor did he only teach those ideas. I believe this fact is very much overlooked. 

Mr. Lavey believed that there was no rules to abide by. And encouraged people to challenge the seven deadly sins  in order to test if he was indeed correct.giphy (5) Despite the fear he inspired in the hearts of many, amusement included and even a belittling attitude his opposition had– Anton had a bright burning ‘black’ flame within him that wanted the people to know the truth–however yes, that truth was tainted by his own perspective. 

  But all paths–no matter from the past, current and/or future are all tainted by the authors perspective. 


images (1)Many of his followers, however, seem to believe he said specific things–especially those that they seem to blurt out all over, particularly networking sites and what not. Which is that it is an atheistic path. I am uncertain when the term, “Laveyan Satanism” came to be. But I doubt very seriously that Mr. Lavey himself would even appreciate such term though if not that he would be amused. 

tumblr_p1kc3ddXDY1w61s9go1_500He may very well have been an atheist to the strictest extent–however he still did work with many, many Gods & Goddesses. It wasn’t solely Satan, nor Lucifer, Leviathan, and Belial. And even so–sure it may have been partly theatrics–but it was also because he knew these names had power, including the several “infernal names” listed in the Satanic Bible–Deities that were hand picked by the Dark Magician, himself to work with on whatever level the reader chose! dmn_260__67055.1479719891.168.300

Speaking of his work with Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, and Belial–since these are his and many Satanist’s, Luciferian first choice of deities–These names were used in order to break down the “rules” and limitations, guilt, fear, and further within the minds of his followers as well as even–himself. 


I’d like to make something clear here–unlike most of his followers I am not claiming to know the man personally but it does seem as though many make far too many assumptions as to what he taught or what the dogma he created actually was. I am NOT chastising anyone for their lack of belief in magick nor lack of belief in deities. I am simply pointing out certain things I’ve noticed and explaining why I think as I do. 


blinking_chibi_devil_by_oevangeline-d5gy7wyIt is stated in the Satanic Bible that it is up to the Satanist if they chose to believe in any deity. It is not stated in it that it is required to be an atheist to beable to consider themselves a Satanist. I believe that Mr. Lavey was not only misunderstood by his opposers but many that follow him–and I am speaking of more of his modern followers. 

Do you honestly believe that he would have created different branches and terms of Satanism? I don’t. Because I believe that wasn’t his point. His point was to create your own path, make up your own mind, do what works for you.

tumblr_ncrk29QlgA1ro5iono1_500Anton Lavey created a dogma in order to give a guideline. He didn’t ask people if they believed in a deity and if they said yes he didn’t point them in direction to the spiritual satanists side of his Church of Satan. His church was open to those who felt alienated by the Christian Church or white light religions. Otherwise he acted like it was none of his business what people believed in so long as it was working for them. 


Here are the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth as well as the Nine Satanic Sins. johnny_automatic_devil_posing




There are many different branches of Satanism this day and age–I feel this is sad because it alienates people for no good reason. Anton Lavey had strong opinions but he wouldn’t have separated his followers. Difference was allowed to be. In fact–in my opinion


that is a key point in all satanic paths–no matter what sect or branch. It shouldn’t be elite.



Branches & subtypes of Satanism


  1. Laveyan Satanist- The group of Satanist’s who claim themselves as the type of Satanist that they say Lavey spoke of. Atheistic Satanists– who enjoy the look of Satan, Lucifer, or Baphomet’s artistry and/or symbolic. They general do not believe in the spiritual world at all. No matter how its expressed. But that is a general observation. 

  2. Theistic Satanists- Satanist’s who do believe in Satan as a deity. Most of them seem to only acknowledge Satan–and as the one true God of this world. 

  3.    Spiritual Satanist- These seem to generally only be interested in the spiritual or mystic side of Satanism. Seeking truth, an energy that which grounds them into the spiritual world in whatever way that they experience it. They are said to only beable to experience the entity Satan as a spiritual being and not as a symbol or metaphorical but also not necessarily as a literal God. 

  4.   Devil Worshipers- Yes, these exist, these people tend to worship and pray to Satan as the red demonic force whom is famous for being the fallen angel in the bible– and as the opposer of the Christian God–exactly as stated in the Bible. This path is the exact way as is, generally, in Christianity, however completely inverted. 

  5.    Self Styled & Independent Satanists- These two are interchangeable in my opinion however they tend to not walk with any group or sect. They feel that they follow the main core of what Satanism is about which is individuality & free thought. They do not follow the rules of others–they make up their own.

  6.   Luciferian-These types of Satanic folk–which I feel I am more like–do not commune, revere, worship, or see Satan as a metaphor–instead they work with the spiritual entity Lucifer. However many of the Luciferian ways are ultimately up to the individual–but Lucifer on this path is more than simply a fallen angel. He is a God. A light bringer–an enlightened being and can either be nothing like he was stated as in the bible or be the actual opposer to the Christian God. The Luciferian believes in a balance between spiritual and physical in order to be whole. They also believe in evolution of both in which Lucifer/Venus aka Lightbringer or Shining One come to aid Humanity with. 



In conclusion–


Satanism can mean many different things to people–regardless of my rant above–that is the beauty of it! However my point is this–Satanic paths should be the opposite, also, in the fact that they are much more tolerant of opposition. Afterall just being themselves and speaking of their opinions brings opposition towards them. I do not mind difference. I do not mind opposition. In fact I enjoy it! But I feel that is a key element. To be unlike our opposers in the way that they feel they need to label everything and separate people simply because they have a few minor details in difference. Satanism isn’t about a belief nor lack of believe in any God–I believe you could even call yourself a Satanic Christian for that matter!


Satanism is saying–

I am not obligated to follow anyone. I believe in what my heart tells me–I believe in my own personal experience!! 

Blasphemy isn’t the point of Satanism–its merely an element. A fetish. It doesn’t make you a Satanist. 

click here to learn how to become a satanist!

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