Seven Hekatean Satanic Statements or Suggestions

Seven (Hekatean) satanic statements or suggestions. Whatever you prefer!

Hekate is the Goddess of the Earth, Sky, and Sea. But mostly well known for her regeneration & necromancy power in Hades. She taught Persephone many things.

Hekate is the Mistress of night, Queen of the Witch, Mother of angels & daemons!

She is the power of darkness & the air!

She is the one who we all cross when we pass over & she is here to teach all of us, whom are interested, just how to control the reigns of our very own domain of shadows that we each have within Hades.

But she also holds the keys to the upper world’s, the heavens, the planets & wishes for us to know them all.

Most children of Hekate are mediums and share many of the same talents & experiences.

The following are statements or suggestions that we came together to write & share with you all.

A beginning to the writing of the Hekatean Satanic Bible of sorts!

1)Become spiritually fearless by becoming spiritually knowledgeable!

(Open to the spiritual world in order to communicate with any spiritual being or deity that may come across your path symbolically and otherwise. Whether it seems to be a light or dark entity. Fear is what the malevolant spirits tend to feed on but what can it feed on if you eliminate your fear & engage it with caution but curiousity? Use judgement, logic, and a basic level of  respect to determine what the spirit may want. The faith in yourself will not lead you away from truth! Any spirit you come in contact with their is a reason for! Seek out those spiritual beings you wish to speak to.)

2)Develop necromancy power.
(Get to know Hades or Hell as an ally!)
Meaning–Learn how to reach out into the realm of the dead & summon  the passed on soul you or another are in need of connecting with–making a successful contact & then disconnect on well terms until next time. Practice makes perfect. A practical approach is best.

3) Take self responsibility for both mundane & magickal actions you take! For every action there is response. Without this reaction magick couldn’t be successful!

4)Become knowledgeable of the planets. Know their influentual power. Respect their power. Offer them a partnership in order to gain favor. Begin a journey of planetary magick.

5)Know the crowned princes of hell & their female consorts! Belial/Lilith (fire), Lucifer/Hekate (air), Leviathan/Tiamat (water), and Satan/Persephone(Earth).

6) Create your own moral compass! The point of this path is to begin a journey of self love, self knowledge, avoid self deciet, etc. You need to know what is good for you & what is not!

7)Learn to curse as effectively as you can heal! One is useless without the other. Maintain equilibrium.