Blessed Ostara–2018


xyf8ivg2u0hIt is March 21st..

….and I am here to wish you all a blessed Ostara! No I am not late–Ostara is from the 20th through the 22nd. It is when Spring returns! I am lucky because my birthday is on March the 20th! Which is the day that I’ve seen as Persephone’s birthday for some time! Persephone is but an aspect of my great chosen Goddess–Hecate. HOwever it is her maiden aspect-in my worship!


Zeita primaverii in legendele si miturile lumiiSo this is a very special occurrence! Aside from the obvious!  This time of the year is when Balance is given back to Earth. Ostara or Ēostre is a germanic Goddess whom is where the Spring Equinox is named after. Ēostre–ultimately means “to shine”.

images (4)Balance is here to greet us once again by the equality of day & night. The feminine and masculine have reunited in life once again to celebrate! This God and Goddess I speak of are none other than Persephone & The Green Man! 

images (3)Persephone is the Earth Goddess whom enabled growth upon Earth. Growth, healing, abundance, fertility, sexuality, but also innocence, new beginnings, etc. Legend says that Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, needed a consort, not out of greed nor out of anything else other than the fact that he kept losing himself within the realm that he wasn’t able to chose for himself but was given! He needed a light, an innocence, warmth! img_227_18842_2_inday134_inday134_inday134

persephone-returnsThat lady to be was none other than Persephone. The tale is grim and depending upon whom you ask–you may hear different things. It isn’t for the sensitive… but one thing led to another and permission given by her father-Zeus-Hades kidnapped Persephone, taking her without her consent, making her his wife and Queen of the Underworld! 



AS time went by–she was able to escape the hell that shetoo lost herself deep within. But because of her nature, growth, light, moving beyond all darkness, and able to see light within herself no matter where she was nor what she experienced, she was able to accept the situation she found herself within, not only this but she found herself useful as she leaned her light to the realm of the dead. She even began to feel as if she were their MOther! 


a0df6ada3d2be2997a8323b4fc7ae0eaBut Demeter cursed the Earth with winter when her dear daughter Persephone went missing. After some time and with the help of Hecate whom heard the screams of Persephone and I feel also knew where she was.–she aided Demeter in finding her dear daughter. And only then did she grant EArth with Spring once again after four long months! This is what began the cycles of seasons! 



And is also what we know as Ostara! 





So–Persephone & I do wish you all a very blessed New Hombre_verdeBeginning! PLant your seeds wisely and allow the beautiful and innocent Spring Goddess aid them in their growth directing them towards the Sun and the Green man taints them with his emerald healing as well so that you may also have the spell of his good luck and healing wherever you may roam! Ostara


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