Violet’s Vortex Temple (Online Coven)


39c9cd1bb60f8193d15506e562e33523If you haven’t done any work with myself or with the Goddess Hecate then maybe now is the time to reconsider? As I am offering you a spot with us in my Online Coven that I am attempting to gather & build! As soon as I gather enough people with a strong desire & lust for learning about my ways of serving the Goddess Hecate & The Angelic-turned God-Lucifer–this Coven will finally be up and running online! But I need all of you whom are interested to speak up! I do have an online FaceBook Group (two in fact), one is a Coven however it is inactive because I dont feel there are enough members whom are genuinely interested and it makes it hard to have the inspiration to create the courses and map out everyday activities for us all to do. 

I realize this will take time as more & more people become aware of mylucifer-an-angel-of-music goals, purpose, and intentions behind this. But as I have stated before I was awaiting for my High Priestess Ordination certificate before I truly became serious about this goal but I have received it along with many other credentials! I definitely feel that I have enough knowledge & experience to make this a reality and eventually a part of our lives together & in person as if we all pull together and help one another we can have in person events & gatherings! 

But until then it will all have to be online, voice messaging, text, and/or live video messaging! 

Joining the coven will be free but specific courses will have a price. The price for certificates is unknown for now but please take your time in considering your membership.

Please come back & check for updates on this new offer I strongly advise you to consider if you enjoy my thoughts, ideas, views, and what not! 

Thanks for reading! 

Violet Moonshadow

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The Covenant of Luciferia



“A coven is a family! And a family whom appreciates the sacred moments no matter what!” –Violet MoonShadow


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Ordained as High Priestess

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