Violet Vortex Temple- Online Courses


This was going to be an online coven but instead I’ve decided to drop the Coven idea & instead when I’m able, I’m going to begin creating videos on guided meditations, as well as online courses on a wide spectrum of things. Topics that can be found in both right & left hand paths! So stay tuned! Certification will be available as well along with this online courses! 🙂  

My future ideas for online courses you will most likely see from me are:

  1. Hekatean Satanist Initiation

  2. Angelologist (Violet’s Modern Teachings)

  3. Daemons (Violet’s Modern Teachings)

  4. Witchcraft 101 (Violet’s Modern Teachings)

  5. Spirituality Evolved

  6. Spirit Communication 

  7. Fairyologist (Violets Modern Teachings)

More coming soon! If you have any ideas let me know! 





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