Priestess Of Hecate


torch_by_imonedesign-d6501syThis post will contain my personal definition of a Priestess, how I  serve the Goddess Hecate-Goddess of the Crossroads, Earth, Sea, and Sky. The one whom works from afar, the Mother of Angels & daemons, the triple faced Goddess, The Bitch-Goddess, the Queen of the FAe & the Mother of the Dead!


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My service to the Goddess is a selfless service– to her as I also serve Lucifer but that is another story! 



IT is important to know..

..that no one can tell you the end all be all definition of what a priestess is! I have recently gone through this and speak of it on a post I made the other day which I will link you to at the end of this article! 



If anyone attempts to tell you that you are serving your chosen deity in the wrong way or that you must do it in a specific way in order to call yourself a priestess or priest–you have my full encouragement to tell them to kiss you where the sun doesn’t shine! 


I have recently decided to not seek for priestess certification–simply because the difference in definitions of the title varies and not just a little (however not with everyone but many) but much more than I feel…

comfortable with.

I can do as I do just as well with or without a certification! However I will continue becoming certified in other areas to show my wealth of knowledge or ability to help, assist, and guide others in other ways. Specifically mediumship, or angelic healing, or to prove my psychic abilities, etc. 

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But priestess is far too sacred to be judged! Its far too personaltorch_by_imonedesign-d6501sy and no one definition fits everyone! The Goddess is the only one whom blesses you with the title! Allow her to be the only one whom has this power over you! 

giphy (14)anigif_sub-buzz-23422-1500658415-3

I’ve been an active witch since 2006.

I’ve gone through many ups and downs. Many doubts, realizations, and understandings of many different practices, ways, and deities! I am able to communicate with many different deities. I serve many of them in sacred ways and I do my part in contributing the knowledge in this world of my path and others that are similar. hekate_chromolith_for_a_candle_by_hellfurian_guard-d3h5n0e

My work that was assigned to by the will of Hecate is this–guide the realm of the dead, guiding the shadows of the living, connect the living with the dead, the Fae, the planets as Gods. I am to offer the keys of Hecate to the living in order to unlock doors within the minds of those who willingly asked for it. I am also to inform the living of the truth of the angelic & daemon realm as Hecate spawned the angels into being as well as Hekatemany of the spirits of EArth. Her domain is very large. Hecate has told me to keep at it and one day I shall have my own domain upon EArth and earn the gift of immortality and remembrance between lives! She grants many gifts if one opens their minds, souls, and hearts to what she loves the most! Her message, her work and what she shows us is the most important I’ve ever experienced! And it saddens me and pisses me of that her domain and her work as a priestess does as instructed is NOT considered Priestess work!

torch_by_imonedesign-d6501syShame on all of you!-Hecate

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fea69ac4e45bee90b55dd3c2e1ff0a10--wolf-print-tattoo-wolf-paw-tattoosHecate has assigned me with the responsibilities to do what i just stated above. To BlackWolfinform and educate people of the magick, memory and truth of the land we walk upon. She wants people to remember how things started. The wisdom we are all born with but because of the separation that was made between us and nature due to the changes in religious freedom and political movements–we are lost, confused, and feel as if there is nothing to believe in or we are forced to believe in something that doesn’t feel right or true! These-5-Yin-and-Yang-themed-artworks-enabled-me-to-make-a-living-as-an-artist-with-22-5846d9d32ef5d__880

Hecate is a Goddess of EArth, Sea and Sky! She enlightens her people. She is a liberator of the oppressed, and poor! She holds many responsibilities and the keys to domains and realms that many other deities would rather not hold. But she does so with pride and commitment that I’ve never seen anywhere else! e1bacee1b27476429d8979dcfd3611b0

Hecate may seem very trivial to many people, as if working with the realm of the Dead, helping others find what they’ve lost, attuning people to their true will, informing us the truth of the land, the laws of the spirits of nature, teaching mediumship, how to see the shadows of your life as allies, etc. The list could go on and on—she is far from trivial! She is a Goddess whom is necessary but overlooked as if she couldn’t teach someone something other than what they read in books! frogs-green-red479x531

This makes me laugh! Because sure—many things of topics can be found in books but what the difference is that she holds the keys and power to invite you along with a journey as she takes you to these realms so that you may experience the truth of all of these things within yourself! 

She also knows of the past, present, and future more so than any other and will personally remind you of what you’ve forgotten.


hecate.wolfA priestess is a female whom serves her Goddess as fea69ac4e45bee90b55dd3c2e1ff0a10--wolf-print-tattoo-wolf-paw-tattoosthe said Goddess has directed her to! And no High Priestess or any other can take that away from you! Do not look for a certificate in this area! Because you will be forced to conform to the ideas of the one who is giving you the certificate in some way or another. 

I am not a conformist. I don’t care about titles that much! 


You may be a social butterfly, serve the Goddess and be worthy of a priestess certification or you may be a hermit and only serve the Goddess online or for people whom ask it of you!



WHat many people forget is that serving your “community” also includes the spirits of the land you reside upon! Serving the spirits of the Underworld. Helping the realm of the Dead in whatever manner they need even if its just shining your love and light upon them or helping them learn something in order to “move beyond”. 

Do not allow anyone tell you this doesn’t count! 

This is one of the most important messages from Hecate you could ever share with others!! 


Many times we are meant to help the realm of the dead as the living in order to aid


humanity in awakening to these spirits! To see them as they are! Which is NOT scary or ignorant or always “in trouble” or burning in a lake of fire. But are reaching out desperately to contact their living relatives, or seeking guidance from the living because of one reason or another–out of fear of the guides that approach them in the Underworld or fear of punishment, many times they are attracted to the light of the living because they miss being alive! 

If you find yourself attracted to the realm of the dead or vice versa, there is a purpose for it! And it was allowed through the will of Hecate for you to be contacted! Accept the gift and learn from it! And don’t let people tell you how to do your job or manage this responsibility you were given! 

My work with the masculine aspect of Venus–Lucifer is 51zwAjnKdGLthis:

Lucifer is a being who is very much complex and whom has a much larger in depth story to tell of himself, his origin and past which I am documenting and sharing with others on this website. However I am aware that I can only tell the story that my perspective understand from his communication with me. Since we all wont get any story from the Gods or Goddesses completely right. Our perspective taints the truth–all truth! But we can get better and clearer! 

531533007Lucifer encourages me to evolve though, emotion, and the spiritual stories of the realm of the otherworlds as a whole! Because humanity seems to shy away from this feat very much! Most of us still follow old stories and will war with one another over these old stories that only tell half truths if that! The intention of the story by the author is what counts! If it is to gain control or change something that is natural or to steer a human away from their own truth? These authors are setting up karmic dept! And not just for themselves but for everyone who chooses to leave something real behind in order to follow through! Because the truth is denied! 


Also any new religion that is created or formed has its mark on the spiritual realm as well and more than likely originated in the spiritual realm—however the story isn’t always told accurately or even for the right purposes! Humans need to get their muses straight! See the story as it is as much as possible and do not tell the story for selfish reasons—like world domination! lol This fucks with everyone! INcluding the spiritual world!


But even so, that isn’t the point I’m attempting to make! My responsibility that I’ve agreed to relating to my relationships with Hecate and Lucifer is to first and foremost listen to the truth of my heart and those two as much as possible! Do not allow another to come in between or tell me what is right or wrong about them. Nor will I do this to another. However suggesting new ideas to others–that is a must!  

I am here to work in the realms that are commonly and sadly rejected, feared, or underestimated by the majority of the population–even by pagans, and other priestesses themselves! I was rejected for certification and told that mediumship isn’t priestessing!!


This is wrong and I’m reaching out to all of you who claim to be a priestess and/or particularly a high priestess—This rule needs to change, urgently, and quickly!!! 

hecate___dark_goddess_by_hreidstudios-d308by6Mediumship is a valid, extremely important skill that needs to be acknowledged as priestess work asap! I will push this as much and as loudly as possible!! It is ignorant for it not to be!! 

For that matter so should connecting humanity with the fae and angelic world! All of these things are the domain of the Goddess of Witchcraft! The Mother of Witches–for the love of Hades! What is wrong with you?? WAke up! 

Check out what I wrote concerning a High Priestess who considered the certification for myself I as utterly unprofessional & rude! Click the picture below! 


Otherwise move onto reading “The Art of Witchcraft”

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