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Brian Warner, a sensitive child whom was born to Hugh & Barbara Warner on January 5, 1969; growing up in Canton, Ohio. The now, shock rocker, grew up as normal as any child. His father, Hugh Warner, son baring middle name, was involved in the Air Commando Squadron; as a flight engineer, in which he sprayed agent orange through Operation Ranch Hand. The relationship between the two was described as very close. They seemed to be very open with one another, as Brian Warner’s parents, both, Mother and Father were extremely supportive towards their son no matter what dreams he had or what sort of trouble he found himself in. 

Hugh Warner stated, “I wish everyone had the same kind of relationship with their son as I do.”


MmbarbaraBarbara passed away on Tuesday May 13, 2014.

“Mother, to the first and greatest believer in me … I hope I see you again someday. But not now, because I have more things I promised I would do. I’ll make you proud and satisfied that you know that you made the son you wanted. I love you.”–Marilyn Mansonmusic-notes-transparent-tumblr_mggbfkcNVP1rgpyeqo1_500The mother of Brian Warner, named Barbara, was too very supportive and extremely protective over her son. She demanded that her son, Brian, to be refered to as, Marilyn Manson, once Brian had made the name for himself. It is said by Hugh Warner, himself, that if anyone called Brian any name other than Manson, Barbara wouldn’t hesitate to call them out on it. Barbara was a very big fan of Elvis which is whom influenced Brian to dye his hair black.


tumblr_osr1rmzN451w4ubhmo2_500Hugh Warner passed away on Friday July 7, 2017. 

“Today I lost my father, Hugh Warner. He taught me how to be a man, a fighter and a survivor. He taught me how to shoot a gun. How to drive. How to lead. He will always be the best dad in the world. Somehow and somewhere, I know he is with my mom now. I will keep my promise and never let you down. I miss and love you dad.” –Marilyn Manson16jt2yu1de_music_notes_swoosh_pc_1600_clr

Hugh & Barbara’s wedding picture



Brian Warner..

..attended a Christian school growing up, the name, Christian Heritage School. It is said that Brian enjoyed this school, genuinely, aside from his innate fear that was inspired by the stories of the Antichrist & the Apocalypse.

However despite the young, future, Antichrist’s fear of coming home and seeing his parents dead as well as the death of the end of the world happening before his hazel eyes; Brian Warner, calmed his fear and gave what he was taught by the school a real chance. Especially when he decided to bring a photograph into school for “show and tell”. 

The defining moment of transition..

This photograph was taken by his Grandmother, who was on an airplane, flying from West Virginia to Ohio. In the photograph there appeared to be an angel in the clouds. It is said, in the book titled, 37847Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, that it was one of Brian’s favorite possessions and he was excited to share it with his teachers. 

But when his teachers set their eyes on it they chastised Brian for bringing it in and believing it to be a true picture of an angelic being. Stating that it was a hoax, and sent Brian home for being blasphemous. This hurt little Brian as he this was his honest attempt at fitting in with their idea of Christianity, to “prove his connection with their beliefs”, but he was “punished for it.”


This moment with his teachers at this Christian school set the stage for Brian, starting at that young impressionable age and through out many years to come, I believe. 

Since that moment he rebelled and made a quick and large turn around at this said school. He began selling candy and made sure to experiment with everything the teachers at said school preached of not experimenting with, particularly certain bands in the rock music genre, amongst other things.

The Rebellion;


1428114043_Yuki_MusicNotes_01This is when Brian and his father Hugh, I believe, began to grow even closer. As they both listened to bands such as Kiss and did their make up as the band members. 



This, of course, spunned a new chapter for our beloved Brian Warner! If you listen closely to the album, Antichrist Superstar, you will hear hints of this tale and many others that played their part in Mr. Warners transformation!  

But Brian had one other large influence in the many roles he has played in his then future! Particularly in the Antichrist Superstar Era, which was his Grandfather. The first man whom he grew to be afraid of then. The horrors he saw as a child in his Grandparents basement would scar him until he decided to become what he feared just then at such a young age.

Those of you who know Brian, know that which I speak of.  

JPW07HyfFast forward many years, as I am not here to rewrite his entire book nor life, only those most potent moments that shaped him into whom he became and a little beyond! 


marilyn_manson_and_the_spooky_kids_poster_by_tmnt1984-d5ygixjThe Spooky Kids

It was 1989, residing in Florida, and the big controversial movement in music was, Miami’s, 2 Live Crew! Brian had become increasingly annoyed with the music industry, particularly, the rock genre, as well as, America’s content that was shown in their talk shows. The things that made America gasp in shock & horror only pushed Mr. Manson into creative mode but highlighted his innate anger that was his drive that ushered him into the spotlight! 

It is 1990; After many changes, decisions, ups & downs, our Brian finally had a band, his tumblr_n7ykk0plYJ1toud2uo1_500magical ideas were being set in motion, a band name as his vehicle in order to express his free will that consisted of blasphemous ideas that was designed not only to make those whom loved him, think/exercise their own free will; but also to blow off steam, using his created persona, Marilyn Manson, to induce a sort of karmic dept  into the law of nature. The intention was to slap America in the face, without really trying, but solely by being who Marilyn Manson was, to punish all for the coma of ignorance that was being encouraged by most of what was seen on Television, in America. 



Attempting to wake America Up! 



The name– Marilyn Manson, like the magical word it was and is– as he stated the main point, aside from creating another persona/character,  he was choosing this as the name of the band for the fact that it was symbolic for the dichotomy of positive & negative, the ugly & beautiful, as well as the fact that these two polarities are also within each other, the appearance, first glance of Marilyn Monroe, as she was beautiful but on the inside she was suffering. Where as Charles Manson, the ugly, or fearful, on the inside he was very certain of his point of view & stance. I believe this was also stating to those whom are paying attention to continue paying attention. appearances do not tell the whole truth.



“The Urge towards love, pushed to its limit, is an urge towards death.” — Marquis de Sade


XMNHm1GMIt was 1994, an off day for the band, during the NIN tour in San Francisco, in October. The era being in the middle of the transition between Portrait of An American Family & Antichrist Superstar. 


Mr. Warner’s hotel phone rang, according to his book, Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, a stern & husky voice said,

“The doctor wants to meet you.”

“We’re off to see the wizard”


There are many people, fans, and non-fans whom debate whether or not our beloved Reverend Manson is indeed a Satanist or not. And I am here to set the fucking record straight! I have his book right here in my lap. It clearly states—

“I’m not and have never been a spokesperson for Satanism. It’s simply part of what I believe in, along with Dr. Seuss, Dr. Hook, Nietzsche and the Bible, which I also believe in. I just have my own interpretation.”


It is my personal believe that the quote of his that I posted above will be comprehended differently depending on who reads it–which was his point amongst attempting to speak his truth. As the fans should know this about Marilyn Manson.

His constant play on words. His constant way of playing with his audience.

Brian once said about his persona, Marilyn Manson– “He was a character who, because of his contempt for the world around him and, more so, himself, does everything he can to trick people into liking him. And then, once he wins their confidence, he uses it to destroy them.” This simply says to his audience– Look deeper into what is in front of you; no matter if its ‘me’ you think you see, or someone else.


I believe the intention that was meant by his quote before the last that I posted is this–

He has some shred of believe concerning everything that he reads. Whether it is the bible, philosophy by his favorite philosophers, the bible, or the satanic bible. There is no difference between one or the other.  This doesn’t mean he blindly believes per se, this means he is exercising his will to resonate with whatever view-point whether it’s a work of fiction or otherwise..


Because imagination and logic can and often do go hand in hand with each other. As all of us, write from our imagination anyways.. especially concerning opinion. Whether it is religion or philosophical or our opinions about either. 


It is my view of Manson, that he isn’t an atheist nor Satanist, nor a Christian, or otherwise. He doesn’t label himself like many people do. Sure he has much in common with a Satanist or other like writers or philosophers, however that doesn’t make him the same nor does he deserve to be labeled when he hasn’t done so himself. Its presumptuous of those fans or otherwise that label him as anything. 

Allow him to speak for himself. 


Satanism 5

Back to the heart of the matter–

Mr. Manson was finally able to meet Anton Lavey, the man whom brought Satanism to the public. Caused as much controversy as well as made valid & much-needed points that America needed to witness & hear! 

This man was certainly someone whom Brian was deeply influenced and inspired by! But did he necessarily “take on” all of his view points or proclaim himself a Satanist? 

No. Yes, its true, Anton Lavey did give this card to Manson but it was only out of a sort of respect and/or admiration as well as a resonance towards what Manson had been doing and planned to do! Not an actual role nor job for Manson to fulfill!


1996-97 AntiChrist SuperStar 267 After the success, shock, horror, and bliss that Antichrist Superstar had delivered to the American people and beyond, Marilyn was back at writing, creating, and preparing for his next album in which no one could have nor did they guess he would come out with after the image/message he sent the people with his prior nihilistic album; the album that he worked as hard as he did to finally get to express, & basically went into, through, then out of hell to do as he did & was able to.

imagesYes, Brian Warner went through many  trials & tribulations to express himself as he thought was appropriate. Did he push buttons? Hell yes! Did he do what most others were too afraid of doing? Yes again! Even the other rock artists from the 70’s and/or 80’s, I believe, Mr. Manson did even more than they did! As Marilyn Manson did have a gimmick, yes much of it was make-believe. But it all came from his heart. He did truly feel everything that he wrote, created, then expressed to his fans, whether they admitted they were his fans or not.

He entertained everyone, even if he pissed them off, they were fully engrossed within him!


maxresdefaultOne of my favorite things about Manson is and was that he was always so calm during his interviews during his peak and most controversial era! He was never out of sorts, he never argued, never raised his voice nor even truly became offended by many, many of the words his interviewers had said as most of them seemed to be his opposition. Marilyn Manson always kept his cool because he knew who he was, had a strong grip on that as well as his purpose! img-thing

As someone with a satanic flair as he had and still has, I feel the most important trait of someone who shares satanic ideas is the very fact that people like him, me, or others will always run into opposition. By being our very selves we will instigate it even without trying and most of the time it is without trying. Because we do not conform. We are ourselves… no matter what opposition we face. But Mr. Manson did so beautifully and without flaw in my eyes. He never appeared out of sorts because he knew…. his opposers were revealing themselves as he had planned, even before the mainstream shined a light upon him! stare-clipart-divider-16


Between October 8, 1996 to September 14, 1998; our Marilyn Manson had gone through many changes, a girlfriend or two, a change of residence perhaps, and of course, the largest change of all, his message, style, and lyrical content made the largest change of all! 

Perhaps one of the most shocking transitions of changes, messages, lyrical content, and sound by any band or artist ever before him aside from Madonna but arguably even more shocking than she!

Nobody could predict this era to come!


Even I was shocked and I was rarely ever shocked by our Mister Superstar! If anything I was inspired by him, I was intensely curious, and I also saw myself within him. Even future things, as well as present things. This man was and still is magical to me!

The Comparison..

tumblr_n9e8yo8BLJ1rvrq85o8_r1_400Here it is, September 14, 1998, and Marilyn Manson had released Mechanical Animals. His look? Perhaps even more androgynous than prior! As he wore a body suit that proclaimed his anatomy with breasts as well as hinting at some sort of alien nature towards the character, Manson. The sound of the band had changed as well as had already gone through a change of members since A Portrait of an American Family. The sound had changed from Alternative–Industrial with Manson’s lyrical content blatantly speaking of nihilistic ways–Mechanical Animals had a more pop-rock sound, mirroring David Bowie in ways however had its own sound that it wanted to express simultaneously.

284027_bigManson’s lyrical content that lived and breathed its own life & will within Mechanical Animals spoke of much more depth, emotion, an admittance to embracing pain as its felt instead of being intellectualized. This album spoke of a blatant codependency on whatever the audience related themselves towards it– it could have ben drugs, sex, fame, acknowledgement, being the hero, love, or whatever else. I believe Marilyn’s point in creating & expressing this album was exactly the opposite of his motives with Antichrist Superstar. It showed his emotion, his love, his decency on these things, a broader scheme of positive & negative. As we spoke of before regarding the name Marilyn Manson–more of that intention was expressed within Mechanical Animals. It was far less bitter–however definitely showed the characters negative reactions, or habits that were formed by feeling rejected but only when the character believed in what he was doing the most! 

9etV1kyAntichrist Superstar was much less emotional and more so ready to take on the world–by any means necessarily! The character within this album had already gone through what he had experienced within Mechanical Animals and was now reborn as the final aspect of himself! Antichrist Superstar is an empowering album. It is written in hopes to help anyone who feels similar, to help get them through negative feelings. To help one see that they are merely stepping-stones towards becoming who you are destined to become! But only if one is to choose that destiny for themselves! 

It is said that Antichrist Superstar, mechanical Animals, and finally, Holywood is a trilogy in his story and is meant to be listened to in the backwards order. We shall touch on Holywood when the time comes! 


Holywood.. The final act of the trilogy…Click below!


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