Hekatean Satanic Bible (Outline)

This book will be geared towards those whom feel a resonance or call from the Goddess Domain but still feel a simultaneous satanic edge to their path, philosophy, & even speak genres. It is also for anyone whom feels they are at a crossroads of their spiritual evolution.

Whether you are satanic or not there are still things you could gain by reading! All therein is channeled from the Goddess. The many heads of ultimately, Tiamat, who dwells within the deepest of watery depths! The perspective of the Goddess will be be written of here. The Feminist will also be clearly defined & possibly redefined on some level!

Ultimately & above all this version of the Satanic Bible is of the old but modernized–updated by channeled sessions of Hekate & Lucifer her & himself! Welcome to the Satanic Feminist era! 

This is the rough draft of the index & chapters!

Earth Dragon Guardian Crowned Princess

  1. Book of Persephone
  2. Earth.North-Persephone/Innocense
  3. Pure/free spirit
  4. Persephone Speaks
  5. A)Natural Magick
  6. B)Sun magick
  7. C)Fae Magick
  8. Life takes a turn that is out of ones hands as Darkness calls. Fate, etc.


Fire Dragon Guardian Crowned Princess

  1. Book of Lilith
  2. Fire.South-Lilith/Nihlistic/rebel
  3. Exploring individually.
  4. Fact finding.
  5. Learning free will & consequence
  6. Feared, abandoned
  7. Magick
  8. A)black magick
  9. B)moon magick
  10. C)Sex Magick
  11. D)Tree magick

Water Dragon Guardian Crowned Princess

  1. Book of Tiamat
  2. Water.West-Tiamet/Suppressed
  3. Sorting through emotion.
  4. Facing fears & opposition
  5. Isolation to developing empathy.
  6. Magick
  7. A)astral travel
  8. B)invocation/evocation
  9. C)water magick
  10. D)Curse/healing spells
  11. E)psychic defense magick

Air Dragon Guardian Crowned Princess

  1. Book of hekate
  2. Air.East-Hecate/Evolution/
  3. (Becoming & Rebirth)
  4. Crossroads meeting
  5. Excerising your free will to chose to become greater than you believe yourself to be.
  6. Owning yourself
  7. Putting your skills to the test.
  8. Becoming the Necromancer
  9. Become the witch
  10. Become Queen


  1. A)grey magick
  2. B)air magick

Hekates Labyrinth-

Hekate Dragon Guiding chariot into other worlds meditations.

Queen of Heaven-

  1. Mother of angels
  2. Claiming your throne/seat in the “heavens” (upper plane)
  3. Sun/Angelic magick
  4. Pact with Lucifer

B)Queen of Hell-

  1. Mother of demons
  2. Claiming your throne/seat in hell or Underworld (lower planes)
  3. Magick of seasons
  4. Moon/Daemon magick
  5. Necromancy
  6. Pact with Satan

Book of Akasha (wholeness)

  1. Balancing all elements within.
  2. Owning your own chariot.
  3. Meeting Khaos/Akasha


  1. A)The altar/items
  2. B)Planetary Magick

Rough Draft

Published by

Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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