Holywood & GAOG Era (Pt Two)


Bowling for Columbine–

Mr. Manson says and I quote:


“The two by-products of that whole tragedy were violence in entertainment and gun control. And how perfect that that was the two things that we were going to talk about with the upcoming election. And also, then we forgot about Monica Lewinsky and we forgot about the President was shooting bombs overseas – yet I’m a bad guy because I sing some rock-and-roll songs – and who’s a bigger influence, the President or Marilyn Manson? I’d like to think me, but I’m going to go with the President.”

 April 20, 1999-Columbine High SchoolDisposable-Teens-Music-Video-marilyn-manson-39278910-500-281

Two young male students murdered 12 students & one teacher while injuring 21 additional people. After exchanging gunfire with the police—the two reportedly committed suicide. 


DirectPossibleElectriceel-max-1mbAccording to Wiki–“the massacre sparked debate over gun control laws, high school cliques, subcultures and bullying. It resulted in an increase emphasis on school security with zero tolerance policies, and a moral panic over goth culture, guns, social outcasts, though the perpetrators were not outcasts, the use of pharmaceutical anti depressants by teens, teen internet use, and violence in video game”

But Wiki forgot one more thing—


..our Dear Mr. Manson was heavily accused of being the influence over these two young boys whom ended the life of many! The media assumed him to be the influence over their anger–taking matters into their own hands–and their… trench coats? pfft!

Our beloved Marilyn was asked many times to comment or to schedule an interview with reporters and what not. But I personally would have said “fuck you fuckers!” Which is in essence what Mr. Manson did. However with sophistication–of course! Mr. Manson refused to comment nor would give an interview. 


marilyn_manson_logo_by_llexandro-d991m6nInstead he waited–


He then responded with his album Holywood–the third of the trilogy about his character–Marilyn Manson–based off of himself yet exaggerated as well as downplayed. Only Marilyn Manson could pull off such a feat!


He then commented on the Columbine Massacre in “Bowling For Columbine”. 





–And provided defense with the utmost class with Bill O’Reilly–


 And one of my personal favorite appearances after Columbine!

Marilyn Manson DisinfoCon 2000




Marilyn Manson wallpaper (16)Holywood

(In the Valley of the Shadow of Death)

{…is a personal favorite!} 

Released on November 11th, 2000–Right away this album is magickal because it was released on 11/11! If you don’t know what that means–you better ask somebody! -smirk- I’m kidding but seriously–I cover that topic on another page on this very site!  


30b86f5ab9e3623abfc4fad9cbbdb8a3Marilyn Manson stated that this record was/is “Declaration of War”.


Holywood begins the story of the trilogy about Marilyn Manson, Mechanical Animals is the second Act–and Anti-christ Superstar is the final act. It is supposed to be viewed/listened to backwards. 


607611-33421On November 10, 2010, British rock magazine Kerrang! published a 10th-anniversary commemorative piece in which they called the album “Manson’s finest hour … A decade on, there has still not been as eloquent and savage a musical attack on the [news] media and mainstream culture … [It is] still scathingly relevant [and] a credit to a man who refused to sit and take it, but instead come out swinging.


“Ninety-nine was a pivotal year — as was 1969, the year of my birth. The two years share many similarities. Woodstock ’99 [where rape and mass looting were rife], became an Altamont [the Rolling Stones concert in 1969 where the Hell’s Angels beat a fan to the death] of its own. Columbine became the Manson murders of our generation. Things happened that could’ve made me want to stop making music. Instead, I decided to come out and really punish everyone for daring to fuck with me. I’ve got a big fight ahead of me on this one. And I want every bit of it.” -Marilyn Manson


The Concept of the Album–Holywood

tumblr_oua1w3Bdrt1v79uhlo1_500Quotes from Manson, himself!gnashingandtrampling

“The album’s plot is a parable that takes place in a thinly-veiled satire of modern America called “Holy Wood”, which Manson has described as “very much like Disney World … I thought of how interesting it would be if we created an entire city that was an amusement park, and the thing we were being amused by was violence and sex and everything that people really want to see.”–Marilyn Manson


LeolYOWThe central character before becoming (the antichrist superstar)–his then name: Adam Kadmon. An entity borrowed from the Kabbalah, described as  “the Primal Man”.

He is described as the “Perfect or Complete Man”—an archetype for humanity–in many scriptures. la_inside1

He undertakes a journey, similar to the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra & Biblical parables–Out of Death Valley and into Holy Wood. 


He becomes a revolution using music as a medium.



In his own words–


marilyn_manson_logo_by_llexandro-d991m6n“Christ was the blue-print for celebrity. He was the first celebrity, or rock star if want to look at it that way, and [dying on the cross] he became this image of sexuality and suffering. He’s literally marketed—A crucifix is no different than a concert T-shirt in some ways. I think for America, in my lifetime, John F. Kennedy kind of took the place of that [as amarilyn-manson-decal-sticker-marilyn-manson-800x800 modern-day Christ] in some ways. [After being murdered on TV], he became lifted up as this icon and this Christ figure [by America].” —


edd27a0adb8b803b8310a376b52c8439“Well I think that’s a very valid point and I think that it’s a reflection of, not necessarily this programme but of television in general, that if you die and enough people are watching you become a martyr, you become a hero, you become well known. So when you have these things like Columbine, and you have these kids who are angry and they have something to say and no one’s listening, the media sends a message that says if you do something loud enough and it gets our attention then you will be famous for it.

Those kids ended up on the cover of Time magazine– the media [and the American audience] gave them exactly what they wanted. That’s why I never did any interviews around that time when I was being blamed for it because I didn’t want to contribute to something that I found to be reprehensible”butterfly-stickers

“This is the final piece of a triptych that I began with Antichrist Superstar. The marilynmansonsitcharacter of Omēga has been disposed of, as he was a ruse to lure the commercial mall-goers into the web of destruction that I’ve always planned since the beginning.”–

tenorIn Conclusion– in my own words (By Violet)

..Before I move onto the next era–Golden Age of Grotesque..0b0da8adb3b2e11fe32236de367fa1ad

The Omega was a mixture of what he stated above but also along with being the most wanted (out of ignorance) and sought after by his character as a child. The child version (Adam) of the character whom- the Anti-christ Superstar is the final act of the transformation— from everything he witnessed and experienced within this world that resembled “Disney World”–so called the “happiest place in the world”–one can see why Manson chose the parallel-

-This Adam character, I feel, was an extremely intuitive, compassionate, and sensitive young human being. Fresh and new! Symbolic for the Adam in the Garden of Eden. But then turned very primal in response to the pain and shock he felt.

ThirdBruisedGuanaco-size_restricted “Mechanical Animals” is then the next Act. This is the young Adam but as the revolution or revelation in music. The next best thing. The hot face on the covers of all the magazines. The character had finally “made it”. In his opinion he was untouchable-unbreakable because he had reached a high status. 

But this was his ignorance. His desperate need for adoration, love, admiration, and to be a hero. The glamour and everything that sold this to his very own heart was all a lie. Misguided direction and truthfully an escape from his own hell! hell

Mechanical Animals is still a piece of the puzzle. A crucial point of the story in fact. It was the lie he bought into. He thought he needed to be the hero, to be above the chaos… somehow this was to bring him peace… and focus so that he could lead man into a new world. 

Black-Metal-black-metal-14806419-100-120However it didn’t pan out that way—during the duration of the record. At some point then–the Omega disconnects from the world that he thought he loved and wanted to save. He began dreaming or perhaps literally travelled–astrally–into the stars and gazed at Earth from above…

This began an introverted & true process of growth and is what lead him towards becoming the Anti-Christ. So instead of being everything he hated–OMega… he faced his inner world instead of the outer world-believing that to be the issue.3604881hzsa2sipkt

0755bc6a1a5cf03cb62d5bf15eb73ce9--occult-demonsThis resulted in him becoming stronger than ever. Made Adam realize many of the present truths, past truths, and future truths. He annihilated everything within him by facing his fears, the insecurities, etc—

Therefore he then could only become what he destined to be

Antichrist Superstar- The destroyer & Creator. 

Creator of himself–destroyer of the others. 


The Golden Age of Grotesque Era–


The Golden Age of Grotesque released in May 7, 2003–this album had a brand new approach! Very fresh and exciting new look and concept art to the visuals that Marilyn Manson had produced for this album! 

The sound of this album was much different from any other prior–as it had a more industrial and even nu-metal sound to its textures and rhythms! 


The band members also were changed as Twiggy had left due to creative differences and was tim-skold-04replaced by KMFDM member–Tim Skold. 

It was also around this same era when Mr. Brian Warner had agreed to provide vocals for the song, “Redeemer” that was featured upon the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack produced and written by Korn’s Lead–Jonathan Davis. med_1518569460_image

Also Mr. Warner had met up with Tim Skold for the second time after their work together upon the score for REsident Evil–this is when they spawned their cover of “Tainted Love” for the movie Not Another Teen Movie. 


Concept & Artwork of GAOG–


The visual artwork and style of this album was very much influenced by Mr. tumblr_p1rgm0zvJR1uo2yzno1_1280Warners then girlfriend of 6 years-eventually turned wife on the date November 28, 2005–just two years after the release of GAOG. The marriage didn’t last long as the relationship as a whole lasted about 7 years reportedly! But Dita Von Teese filed for disease and it was official on December 27, 2007. After knowing that our beloved Brian had been involved though claimed as platonic-in a relationship with Evan Rachel-Wood. 



 More on this later! 



tumblr_ld3wufIaEh1qabdjmBut the concept and art of this album was influenced by the burlesque work of Dita von Teese & the 1920’s era in Germanys art culture! However Mr. Manson took it a step further as he also explored the decadent swing, burlesque, cabaret and vaudeville movements of the Weimar Republic–which was expressed in the style, dance and sound of the album and look of the videos! Mr. Manson felt that the era tumblr_mo9slddrOH1rewinao3_1280of when degenerative art came into the mainstream in Germany this was something that he could relate to. He attempted to understand it and even his lyrical content mirrored a society that had felt as if they had “seen it all”–there was nothing new and nothing left to create. It was a time of silent boredom—until degenerative art came out like a movement from swing dance-itself! This movement got the people all riled up and excited! It hinted at danger and rebellion as swing dance was prohibited and could only be done as well as the music could only be listened to behind closed doors and in secret! 

giphy (3)

This era is and was a time that Mr. Manson could relate to so who better than he, himself, to recreate it—but with his own eccentric twist? 

In his own words–cf70f5161624999d5559e8493e3ba362

He explained to Kerrang! that the album’s content was inspired by “the lengths that people [in pre-Nazi Germany] went to in order to live their lives to the fullest and to make their entertainment as imaginative and extreme as possible.” It is said that Mr. Warner also found inspiration in the flamboyance of Dandyism & the life of the Marquis de Sade.giphy (2)

The lyrical content of GAOG is actually pretty straightforward compared to Manson’s earlier work. It primarily deals with relationships–however this is an extended metaphor. As it deals with the relationships even between two different ideas rather than a relationship between two people. 

As Manson stated-

“This record is broken down to the simplest, most important thing, and that’s relationships — whether they’re between people or between ideas. I use analogies of art and decadence. How things in Berlin in the ’30s got to such a great point, and some of the greatest things were created, and it was crushed by evil, jealous, bitter conservative powers. And the same thing happened in America, several times and continuously, with art and with myself.”


Early twentieth-century German composer Kurt Weill was also claimed as an influence, along with the lucid dreams Manson was having during the album’s production, elaborating that he would “wake up and say, ‘I want to write a song that sounds like a stampeding elephant’ or ‘I want to write a song that sounds like a burning piano’.

nk_doppelherz_siamesespiderThe record utilizes the narrative mode of stream of consciousness as 200px-Marilyn_Manson_by_Gottfried_Helnwein_Rock_and_Roll_Hall_of_Fame_and_MuseumManson examines the response of the psyche during times of crisis–focusing on the mindset of specifically lunatics and children. “they don’t follow the rules of society” says Manson. Several songs incorporate elements commonly found in playground chants and nursery rhymes–which Manson would “perver into something ugly and lurid”—stated in the words of Manson himself! 


Mr. Manson is speaking of his short surrealist film that came as a bonus DVD with the purchase of the album GAOG-titled–Doppleherz–26 minutes long!  


The album, Manson study of the past eras and textures proved itself nicely to the fans more so than the critics even though Manson opened up an art museum at this time to show off his paintings and other artwork done that was inspired by the past eras and styles! Manson was more than inspired and delivered very well considered his trilogy of a story was complete and express with the release of the prior three albums.


Now it is time for my rant of the century! If you don’t care to hear it I’d advise you to move onto the next page! Because I am very much attached to the love life of Marilyn Manson—Its something hard to explain however I will try to at a later time! But I must rant about this Dita–woman–whom I do not need to respect at all! 


135ed05f01a74b03b0574fa4390b4704All Manson had this time was the inspiration of his girlfriend then wife, Dita Von Teese whom appeared in the video–Mobscene. I am not at all saying that she is the only inspiration however I do believe she jump started his mind into motion!


As she seemed the type that demanded herself to be high up on the list of priorities and attention seeking. However she appeared as though she was in no need of a significant other–so much so she would take back her vow of marriage as if it meant nothing.



After being together for 7 years–Dita filed for divorce in 2007. However if you ask me this was one of the most shittiest things a human can do to another human that you claim you love them—and marry them even!! 

giphy (4)

I know most people seem to have a larger and deeper hatred for Evan Rachel Wood–even Manson himself still, to this day, seems to have a resentment towards her. Though I believe this resentment is more towards himself and more about how he feels about his decision making in the past. 

1519312836-dita-von-teese-hair-color-2-7335She may look like she deals with sophistication and class though she doesn’t see her vows, promises, nor words in the same fashion! Instead she sees them with conditions even if they weren’t stated in the vows—they have been! This is no way to treat someone you’ve spent nearly 10 years with. 


She simply wanted him to change and she thought–pardon my “french” that her pussy was so sparkly golden that Manson would conform to her ways. However the problem seemed to be more about the company he keeps and the environment rather than his own actions!


I say—that’s bullshit! What do you expect, woman??? You’ve landed pretty much one of the most sophisticated yet edgy men out there. One of the most intelligent and self aware human beings–ever! His image was exaggerated for a reason—the img-thinglife of a rockstar is messy. Even in the most structured of scenarios! You cannot judge this man by his company! Or lack there of–controlling words coming out of his mouth in order to clean up an environment that she, willing to bet, was rarely ever present for anyways! 


I dont give a shit! Manson did himself a favor in ridding himself of her. Now was it a wise choice to become involved with Even RAchel Wood? Well I will explore that when the time comes!


But for now—I will end this era with this–

downloadManson– dont you dare regret any choices you made regarding Dita Von Teese! She made choices also! You aren’t the only one to blame! She gutted you—she revoked a promise that is sacred! And something that meant more to you than anything other than your art!star-clipart-16

Not only that but her bullshit came to you also at a very sensitive and dramatic time in your life! Dealing with Columbine—you had to prove your loyalty to your art once again. But this time it was a human who had already made a promise to you—she demanded you to make a choice between something relating to your career versus the list of priorities that she is on—questioning your commitment towards her! 


She asked you to prove to her that you’re someone you had never even been nor had any knowledge on how to go about morphing into that person! And she stated this with a cold heart that is apart of a woman that you should thank your lucky fucking stars that you’re no longer with!!nk_mm_dita_gaog

It doesn’t matter what your rose colored glasses make her appear to you as now—you made the right decision! She treated you with an inhuman coldness that you did not and do not deserve! 

Learn from this—do not regret its occurence or see her as “the one who got away”. She can’t be taken seriously—her words mean nothing.


But yours do and did!



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