Lest We Forget & EMDM (Pt 3)

Disclaimer! First I would like to note that EMDM is a very personal favorite of mine so I will probably get very fiesty when I share my own personal views, opinions, and thoughts upon it! So I’m going to ask in advance for you to excuse any and all that you may find to be wrong! But even if you do find me wrong–feel free to spark a challenge! It is a favourite debate! However I will not debate Mr. Manson’s love life with anyone! I see it how I do–and thats that! Which isn’t negative! 

41DBR0N7PQLIn September 28, 2004,inremembranceredpoppy1

Mr. Manson’s so called “farewell compilation” was released! It is said that it was going to originally feature a duet with the lead from Band, Garbage, Shirley Manson. This did happen but neither Manson was happy with it so it was never released! Instead the band covered the song, “Personal Jesus” originally written & performed by Depeche Mode in 1989. This was the only single from the album as it was the only new song on it. 7871bacdea0927c3d57f47cfb687f050

s-l225It is said that– Prior to the album’s release, Manson said that he was going to abandon music in favor of becoming a visual artist & pursuing other non-musical outlets. In

Manson’s words–

“You get frustrated sometimes when you know that your heart is really buried in your art, and you know more success equals being more mediocre. So you have to redefine success, and you can’t compete with people who don’t do what you do.”


However I feel the reasons were a mixture of this, Columbine, and issues with Dita Von Teese, but that is my personal opinion. 



A Personal favorite–Under rated & Unforgettable album!


Eat Me Drink Me

October 31, 2006 – February 26, 2007

..in a rented studio–in Holywood, California–by only our beloved Brian Warner & his guitar player at the time–Tim Skold. Produced by these two & mixed by Sean Beavan. 

It’s the first album recorded by the band that was no longer a five piece band. John 5 had departed in 2004.



tumblr_nmnc4fCUQD1r743hxo1_1280Instead of replacing Five–Tim Skold remained playing Bass & including his high talent by playing Guitars–comprising 3 minutes, 39 seconds of the album in total–Skold also played keyboards! Yes, John Five is highly talented & with Holywood being my number one favorite Manson album—even still–this one takes number three perhaps even tying number two favorite Manson album with Antichrist Superstar! I know, I know, this is a very unpopular opinion! 

In our beloved Manson’s words–

“I was writing in the way you would write a diary” and as a result thinks that the record was written from a more mature musical point of view.”

The band continued on as a four piece! 


It is said & quoted that–

Marilyn_Manson-Eat_Me,_Drink_Me-CDManson has stated that he sang most of the album lying down on the studio floor with his hands cupping the studio microphone, resulting in a very distinctive vocal sound. Of Sköld’s compositions a further two are said to have been turned into fully-fledged songs with lyrics, music and vocals completed but were not put onto album for fear of making it overwrought.



Rape Of The World Tour–


The band supported the album with the tour named “Rape Of Red_G__clefThe World”. A very memorable & distinct tour! The album debuted at number eight on Billboard 200. 


The Rape of the World Tour is the eleventh tour Marilyn Manson embarked on, under management of major record label Interscope Records. In my opinion this tour was one of Mr. Manson’s most intriguing yet! Was it mysterious & hard to figure out? Well, no. What is predictable? Not really. Was it worth decoding? Yes, definitely, if one felt they needed to do the research! But that was enough if you weren’t familiar with what was going on Red-Butterfly-And-Lips-Graphicin Mr. Manson’s life at the time of the writing & release of Eat Me Drink Me! 

The tour was packed with references & symbolism from Alice &giphy (2) Wonderland that Manson, himself stated that he related to as he was writing about the author of Alice & Wonderland–named—Lewis Carroll. Our beloved, Brian, had also been focusing on turning his written word about this author into a film–titled– ‘Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll’. Manson– also inspired by the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov–by an action made by then platonic friend–Evan Rachel Wood-when she appeared at a party that Manson was also present for–wearing the Heart Shaped Glasses. She did so as a way to make fun of themselves as well as others–whom would be quick to judge their age difference.

giphy (1)

giphyThe then friendship quickly became an affair that ultimately KCCU_Music_Note_0was the final blow that pushed Dita Von Teese into filing for divorce in On December 30, 2006, due to “irreconcilable differences”. According to sources–  Teese also stated she did not agree with his “partying or his relationship with another girl”. Manson’s “heavy boozing” and distant behavior were also cited as cause for the split.


Heart Shaped Glasses

original (1)


The first single that was released from the album Eat Me Drink Me was, of course, titled, “Heart-shaped Glasses”. This idea came from the  story/reference I have included above. But I also believe it synchronized with Manson’s prior projects also and inspired him in a new way. A more positive way than how img-thinghe had been “inspired” into writing his other songs, the other more darker themed songs on EMDM. The Album is, indeed, a confession–so to speak. Our beloved Dark Prince of Thorns had lifted the mask of the character, Marilyn Manson, he had been EMDM_Promotional_35writing about particularly in–Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, and Holywood. 


Some sources would say that his act had became c4a0a647103debfa52732f92801caeb9--evan-rachel-wood-gothic-beautypredictable but I completely agree–while GAOG was totally different from what he had been doing prior. And since he had finished his (more or less planned) trilogy.

He decided to write about other things–another time as we began–even then–to move closer to his more “real life” situation. He was of course mostly inspired by the work of his then wife, Dita Von Teese, and made her a large part of his centerpiece! 


My Two-cents on this matter?



I believe that EMDM saved his life! He may not tumblr_p1xpiiFfV91w6p5czo1_500admit it then but if you do the research and read the words that came out of this mans mouth–yes–THEN–you would see that EMDM was exactly what he needed and it came at the most dreadful yet perfect time!


Untitled-5bbbfI know that EMDM is very controversial amongst the fans! As itLesFleurduMal should be–its a Manson album! Mr. Manson can have whatever regrets he wants to have relating to Evan Rachel Wood that he wants. I respect that. I know he feels regret for it. Plus I do know that it wasn’t the most healthiest of relationships. But…the truth of the matter is that it was 10 plus years ago. I’m sure Evan isn’t that same person just as he isn’t the same person he was then. And I will explain more later–but for now–what I will say is this:

Headphone-Heart_EmblemMr. Manson had contemplated on giving up on his musical career prior to the release of Lest We Will Forget. He claimed it to be he wanted to focus on other artistic outlets but I believe the culprit was the complaints of his lifestyle by Dita. And I know its none of my business–however since he did involve these two women a great deal in his art–including the controversy–I cannot help but to have formed opinion. e682a111e067bf101227f3f5fe693efc

Columbine fucked him up–I know that it did. That coupled with the issues between he & Dita. As well as she would like to claim to be professional, intelligent, and a business woman. She cannot say with a straight face that it was very intelligent to demand change out of him–considering that at first–she didn’t blame him, necessarily of the lifestyle she had a problem with. It was more about what he was surrounded by rather than he being or behaving in a way that she didn’t agree with. However once word came out about Evan & Manson–suddenly he was the problem & she had to speak of his drinking problem, lifestyle, etc was out of control, just as Rose Mcgowan did so as well! 



..of these women seem to understand this man–whatsoever! And to make complaints & ultimatums, particularly after speaking vows & making sacred promises seems to me, that they are the ones whom actually had the problem 1378221528instead of Brian Warner himself! e682a111e067bf101227f3f5fe693efc

If he wants to regret anything, I would suggest him, reflecting upon the choice to split with Missy–the one he was with prior of becoming famous–instead! She was the only one that truly understood him–he said himself that he would never have what he did with her–with anyone else! 


Winged-music-noteBack to the heart of the matter! Yes, I will deep dive and spend 5 long cyber pages speaking of Mr. Manson’s love life! This is the section about Eat Me Drink Me, afterall! 

This album is our Brian Warner showing his true face beneath the mask of Marilyn Manson but using the language of Marilyn Manson in order to express himself. He said himself that he wrote this album as if it were a diary! KCCU_Music_Note_0

If it wasn’t for EMDM–who knows where Manson would have led him! Sure, alot of bad came from this album–but alot of good including self exploration, honesty (brutal), risk taking actions, and more came from it! 

6c34ff95d7038d3fb530e2703a4e3aacThis is indeed the heart of Brian Warner, whom enjoys wearing masks, but he let his true identity reveal itself–for his fans–making fun of himself, expressing harsh truths, saying his flaws, his faults, and speaking the truth but also saying—“its too late”. As well, I think the now Mr. Manson, forgets he didn’t have a choice in the matter but he still did the best he could! The others had already made up their minds. He was a passenger in his life at this time because love was seen as it should have been–sacred. 

He made no mistake! 

He was healing! 

“This record is definitely so crucial to my life. I think this record shows a human side of me, shows a vulnerable side of me, which is linked to Lewis Carroll. It is like the Christ’s mythology with the vampires’ mythology.” —Marilyn Manson on the album’s concept. 


anti_wood_love_by_beanartsPutting Holes In Happiness

The second single from EMDM–I will now attempt to give my translation of the meaning behind this video! 

–Translation will be completed–


Coming Soon!


Pictures from

the Rape Of The World Tour! 


Some of Manson’s Paintings!

maxresdefault (1)


giphy (2)More of my thoughts! 

Bite me!Lipsss

I’ve heard from other sources that EMDM was way too produced and–WRONG! It wasn’t produced in that smooth professional way. Perhaps the message was clearer! Perhaps Manson lyrical content–while still heavily expressed with metaphor–it wasn’t hard to decipher as it was much more relatable because he was speaking from a heart of a human being! Instead of a character that while yes it was based off of him–it still wasn’t him–and was something more than human; experiencing life in a way that most humans cannot relate to. Only related to his darker themes & the trilogy I speak of in the closest and relevant way that one could! Which had more to do with pressure felt by a higher power–mainly in government form or the form of a God but not ones own true God! Manson spoke of “God” in many different senses however and his character Marilyn Manson was and had worn the identity of many! Including human–I do believe–but wasn’t ultimately a human, more of an observer–some say savior–I would say an Angelic of sorts! An Angelic with a very strong message!


images-1This version of Marilyn Manson was Brian Warner peaking through the mask. The mask was a different version of this so called-Marilyn Manson–but through out the album and starting very promptly–Brian revealed his humanity. His weakness. His sadness. His heartbreak, his obsessive need for love, even codependency. He expressed the commonalities he felt he had with other artists who expressed their disturbed desires, thoughts, etc. The very problems that this prior MM from the trilogy did at one time experience but very quickly as it seemed to only pass through–though felt deeply–the being let go of it and only studied it–and then became more than those human emotions and responses. 

This time it was Brian Warner–saying to all of us– and i’m quoting myself here:

“okay, you got me…I’m weak just like you. But it doesn’t mean I’m stupid, doesn’tEvan-Rachel-Wood-Nude-Naked-6 mean you’re stupid. In fact if you let these feelings destroy you–you wont die or become the weakened human I did see in many others at one time! But instead it will kill all that is false within you and urge you to be reborn to a version more truer to yourself! But the trickster spirit here is—that it will never be over! You will never find the finish mark! You wont and cant win. So here I am with all of my flaws, call them weaknesses if you will, hell, even call me ignorant–I’m admitting now–that I don’t know all that I thought I did.”

Listen to “Car Crash Away” and you’ll hear it!

(It is worthy to mention that this was one of the first songs he wrote for EMDM and allowed ERW to hear and she cried. Which was all he wanted at the time. The only thing that made him happy in his life!)

So while many may think its a usual confessional album about an affair. Or something much less meaningful or light with metaphor or without shock value or too polished?? You need to have another listen!! 



More coming Soon!


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