The Holy Trinity




I am a lover of all sorts of music but there have been three bands that have been with me starting at age 12 that I credit for the largest influence towards becoming who I am today! Whether it was directly or subconsciously, these three bands were always and still are there for me no matter what it is I am going through.

No matter if they influenced my imagination, my creativity side, or were simply my only friends during very hard times, good times or otherwise. They were always number one and still are!

sweet_tunes_by_missjediflip-d5n3o41Even in death, as one of the lead singers of one of these bands are now on the other side. Peter Steele, he still haunts me with his green mist swirls to this day and I listen to the band as if he never left the living!

Within this website project of mine that I am sharing with you.

When you go to the individual pages of my three favorite bands. labeled as the “choir of dark angels”, you will first read my words as if I am a music journalist, which is what I have wanted to be a time or two. ha. I am telling you their story from my own perspective however as accurate as possible!

Then in following pages, once i am completed (or maybe before… depending on my pace & inspiration) you I will find a more personal 82e71021bb09e154c6bd3a37e8303087experience of these bands! I see Music as spiritual, as it was used in Shamanism to induce a trance state! In order to journey into other worlds so that the traveler could learn about these worlds around them but also within them!  Healing & self knowledge is very possible by simply learning from the music we listen to. 

I will speak more of this in other pages. 


And while we are on the topic–take a look on my relating essay– “What is a Maenad?


Enjoy my Trinity of Music that has been there for me through thin, thick, happiness and sadness!

-Choir of the Dark Angels-

70These pages are filled with my writings about the band or front man from beginning of their story to the end. After these are completed I will then begin pages of how they have influenced me–spiritually & otherwise. I will explain thoroughly how they became the choir of the Dark Angels! 

-Coming Soon!

The Spiritual Realm of MM

Technically Marilyn Manson was the very first rockstar that grabbed my attention to such an intensity and even though I didn’t become an avid fan immediately–… Continue reading →

Antichrist Superstar|MM

The lovely Mr. Manson & his story from beginning to the end. “I am the alpha & omega!”… Continue reading →

Follow The Leader|KoRn

A story about a little band called KoRn–focusing more so on the “leader” so to speak– Jonathan Davis. … Continue reading →

The Green Man|TON

A memorial & tribute to a precious favorite–Peter Steele of Type O Negative. … Continue reading →

These pages will be under construction for a while until I am done with it. So please continue to come back to check for updates!


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Violet MoonShadowz

Recently converted from Hekatean Satanist to a Christian Witch! Currently rebuilding my website in order to explain my story in full! This isn't what 90% of you will assume it to be, I am certain of it!

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