The Spiritual Realm of MM


Hello there! While I know I am not finished with Marilyn Manson’s career timeline in this project of mine. I said I would finish the three bands career timeline but I’ve been focusing on other things pertaining to this blog. lol But I have been listening to alot of Marilyn Manson lately & thinking about my long interesting journey I’ve had with this rockstar. So I figured I would go ahead and start this part of the project. Those of you whom are reading this I’m sure you are well aware of his career or you may be someone who hates him but overly curious about what the big deal is. lol

The purpose for this project is first & foremost because I love music! It is a very big part of my life. Secondly these three bands are my all time favorite & have had a heavy amount of influence over who I am today & will continue to do so until they or I die. I always said that KoRn is symbolic for the nature of my spiritual signature. Type O negative is symbolic for the nature of my emotional realm. And Marilyn Manson is symbolic for the nature of my mental realm. 

If you have seen my front page to the Holy Trinity yet– you can find that here.

Marilyn Manson’s story is almost done–you can find the starting page to that here.

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THEOL & Born Villain

nachtkabarett_marilyn_manson_the_high_end_of_low_era_albumThe High End Of Low..


…is Mr. Manson’s seventh (my lucky number) studio album & was released on May 20, 2009. This album in my opinion is definitely his most personal emotionally expressed album to date! As much as I do love it, and as much as it has helped me through some very troubling times I have had with dealing with codependent relationships, it is a very difficult album to listen to as a whole. But that is not to say it isn’t good! Just very emotional as our beloved Mr. Manson bares his broken soul that he was forced to face & deal with the demise of both his marriage to


Dita Von Teese as well as the ending of his engagement to Evan Rachel Wood. 


This time in Brian’s life was the most darkest I do believe as he had, what was in my eyes, a near suicide attempt. As he also made public that he cut himself 158 times during his weakest moment in dealing with this turning point in his transition to becoming whom he is today! 

Queen-Sophie-AnneThe High End Of Low wasn’t all negative however, during the album there is a twist and turn towards becoming full of strength & a rebirth of strength, a new identity was nearly found by the end of it as he accepting all blame for the ending of the relationships. However that didn’t stop him from relishing in his fantasies of ending the life of Evan Rachel Wood. As I am sure he sees as a huge mistake, and still does today as he has stated even recently.  Many criticize him for feeling those strong feelings of resentment 359full-evan-rachel-woodtowards the actress & singer Evan Rachel Wood–however I feel it to be very honest. 

Who hasn’t fantasized about killing someone whom has hurt them deeply or ended up being a huge mistake in ones life? We all have fantasized about killing someone at least once (and probably more) in our lives. To deny that is to deny being human! 

It is said that Manson began the work on this album with Tim Skold but then shortly after beginning he was reunited with his former guitar bassist Twiggy Ramirez. The album was produced by Manson, Twiggy, & producer–Chris Vrenna. 


Marilyn Manson confessed that–

“Some of the things I say here, it’s sad to say them—they’re relationship-destroying statements. Some of it is stuff I should have said to my ex-wife. Some are things I’ve never said to the world.” 

The album gained mixed reviews from critics but debuted at number four on Billboards 200–and was their second  number one on Billboards Top Hard Rock Albums.


MOre to come soon!


The Holy Trinity




I am a lover of all sorts of music but there have been three bands that have been with me starting at age 12 that I credit for the largest influence towards becoming who I am today! Whether it was directly or subconsciously, these three bands were always and still are there for me no matter what it is I am going through.

No matter if they influenced my imagination, my creativity side, or were simply my only friends during very hard times, good times or otherwise. They were always number one and still are!

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