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Doreen Virtue Conversion

Before I begin I would like to apologize for the poor grammer & typos. The overall disorganized writing in this post but it is what it is!

I would like to take the time to speak about Doreen Virtue. This spiritual teacher was important to me during my early seeker days of exploring all paths, right & left hand of spirituality & religion! She was the first spiritual teacher whom combined communication with Angelic beings & Deities of Celtic & Greek Mythology. I credit this spiritual teacher for much of my realizations over the years of my early years in trying to find my place with all of this.

As I am a very different sort of breed. So I required a bit of every path but teachers whom were also trail blazers of their own kind!

And she definitely was! She was into a bit of everything as well but much more stationed within the realm of right hand spirituality. She wasn’t religious per se but very white light tradition spirituality.

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My contribution to Spiritual/Theistic Satanism & the People (revised)

I know that some people aren’t going to resonate with my ideas, and more people aren’t going to understand my ideas, stance, nor how I can mix such opposites into my path. That is because people are conditioned to think that they have to chose one or the other. This limits you. That is just my opinion. But from my perspective, just like with anything else that we are taught, we are limited! Nearly everything is corrupted, telling half truths, leaving important information out, even though right now we are living in the day and age of information. We are blinded by this… wanna know why? Because the government for much much longer than you think has been planning about 80% of everything we have ever been through and are going through now. You don’t think they can see far into the future? Do you really believe that they wouldn’t be corrupted or creating nearly every single one of your problems? 

Come on! Wake the fuck up!

How can a Satanist be a Lightworker? 

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2018 Equals 11

2018 = Master 11 Year


A reflection of my past with Eleven Eleven Awakening!


It’s humerous, the longer I’m in this amazing cluster fuck of a violet Vortex- the more I see, and that means the more I predict or simply put curtain things to the test…

My path truly started when I was born, like all of us. But my awakening became something I wasn’t expecting in 2007 all because of the number 11, and other numbers. The influence they had on me, the directions I heard, the visions, the dreams.

I was convinced I was going crazy after a certain point. Because when the 11 vibration came into my life–first off my concept of time changed. Things appeared to move faster. I began to awaken to every possibility instead of denying them. However I had to work to find a balance with that.


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Satanic Demonology



I’ve already written an essay on what I think Demons aka Daimons to be. And this essay will be similar but I suppose sharing a bit more on the topic as well as my own personal experience when it comes to working with so called “Demons” as apposed to Angels and/or Gods. I will also share what I think about another opinion I’ve heard on Ceremonial magicians whom work with both or all of these types of entities!

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Archangel Michael Speaks!

I’ve been aware of the Angelic Realm my entire life however I didn’t understand it nor had full faith in it until a few years ago! My faith in it was on & off and included alot of confusion!

The very first angel I ever saw was Azrael. Then Michael & Lucifer!

However these days of full faith and for the past few years I see all of them! 

And Michael is here to tell all of you that many of you are wrong about some of your perspective on angels.

Let him speak.

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