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Sun & Moon

19612d472e8692598f41607f969ce5e5--hippie-sun-tattoo-sun-drawingThe Sun–

The sun is symbolic for our ego. The mask that we wear the most often-during the day-the person within us that we show others. It isn’t necessarily a fake aspect of ourselves. But it should rather be the driving energy that motivates us during waking hours. The one whom strives to accomplish all that is needed to do to fulfil the core self.¬†images (5)

The sun is the “first planet” though technically its a star. It is the center–and as the center it is symbolic for our primal fire. More technically–who we are learning to be! The sun corresponds with the solar plexus–the yellow-orange vortex of energy at our midsection. This is the place where we illuminate¬†and/or heal fears. However I am not one who believes we should be completely healed in order to be happy or even healthy. Awareness is enough in many cases in order to move beyond.¬†842067jcakchkadr

The Sun rules Leo. The sign of the Lion. The main spirit that Iarchangel_michael-1 work with that is associated with the sun would be Archangel Michael.

However many do not see him as a God–it is true he is a self made-God. Not to be mistaken by a fallen angel–however fallen angels have many different reasons to why they fell to Earth. I will explain this on another post!

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Planetary Gods


842067jcakchkadrThe way that¬†I was¬†thoroughly introduced to them was with¬†Hecate when she took me on her full on journey. She is the one whom¬†holds the¬†keys to the upper & lower planes. Soon I shall tell you about the lower planes but for now… it is time to meet the Gods of the Heavens!¬†



The largest & oldest planet.¬†On a spiritual level this planet is all about expansion. The most¬†benevolent¬†& loved planet. Even back in the day when people saw things in a stricter sense–it was called the¬†Greater Benefic.¬†It is said that this planet brings boundless of good luck and prosperity when working with it in ritual magick. I’ve heard that in Eastern traditions of astrology that this planet is associated with the guru–the teacher and even the¬† “higher self”.¬†



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Wand Exercise!


On the day of Mercury,Wednesday, would be very appropriate for this exercise!tumblr_ou99bbuPBa1wtzx7ko1_500

If you have the incense, herbs, or even oil, sandalwood, dragons blood, or nag champa will work.

If you do not have a wand you can use an insence stick instead. 

Take your wand into your dominant hand; if you havent charged your wand yet now would be the time.

Charging- Holding the wand in your dominant hand as you focus & send your chosen energy (enchantment) from your dominant hand, through your palms & fingers then into your wand.

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The Art of Witchcraft



I would like to speak about the Art of Witchcraft and all the magical & wonderful things that I feel it consists of! 
I would like to first start this with a quote by Aleister Crowley–I feel he said it well with this!¬†
It takes practice however, and focus in order to understand what you’re doing, depending on your methods! Much of¬† how I perform my magick is by way of working with the Underworld–if I am looking to change something about the way that I think or perceive reality then I go straight towards my subconscious mind in the Underworld. If I”m looking to change things in the physical realm I go to the uppers–I work with the planets,¬†themselves! 71bb3728c0cbdb50fefe94e28f79b6bd
However these aren’t my only ways but they are my ways if I’m looking to cause change with depth or long lasting! But I shall start by explaining something much more practical.¬†
When I first began witchcraft back in 2006–I simply began by lighting an incense with the appropriate scent–for example I wanted to purify the energies of my home and/or my aura–So I chose Dragons Blood. They say that the herbs have magickal properties. This is true but whats even more magickal than simply believing that the herbal incense is purifying you–is
the fact that you have set your intention, then you release that intention by lighting the incense. You brought your wish into the physical by performing a sort of¬† small “ritual”.
Yes, simply lighting an incense can be seen as ritual! 
What this does is programs your subconscious mind into¬†carrying out your will as it is sent out into the cosmos by the smoke of your incense. But on a more practical level—it also trains your mind to¬†switch its own experience from whatever at the current moment into whatever feeling it connects to feeling purified. Or the process of becoming purified. Some would ask does this make the magick real?¬†



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